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I needed a new story idea. My friend kind of pointed out that I only do future stories of DGM. I hadn't really noticed that before but its true. So here is another idea! PIRATES! I was staring at a poster of pirate books in the library and randomly shouted out "Pirate Allen!"

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Allen stood at the bow of the ship, the breeze tugging at his hair. The chase was on. They were closing in on the enemy ship Myndria.

The whole crew was holding its breath in anticipation to see who was fastest; who would win this race?

A grin stretched across Allen's face as Myndria's form became larger, closer.

"Ready to board!" he called loudly as they approached. All the men took their placed at the starboard side of the ship, hooks ready.

As they came up along side of it, they threw them, the grappling hooks digging deep into the port side of the enemy ship.

With several cries of triumph, the men boarded.

Screams came from the rich occupants of Myndria. It was a nobles' ship and bound to have many treasures stashed away in its depths.

The savage fight on deck continued until everyone was either killed, injured, or restrained. That was when Allen himself boarded. He would take care of whatever was below deck.

He went to the small cabin door and opened it slowly, the creaking sound lost in the waves.

He beckoned to two men and made his way down the steps. They followed silently, eyes still bright from the fight.

Allen stopped outside the door of the main cabin, signaling that the men should wait outside.

With a slight turn of the knob, Allen opened the door. He was almost positive that no noble would dare try to stop him now that he had defeated all the guards on deck.

With a quick glance around the room, he approached the chests at the far end.

"No pirate has ever gotten this far before." A woman's voice stated, closing the door with a slam.

Allen flipped around, taken completely by surprise. He relaxed slightly when he saw her.

She was wearing a noble woman's dress. The gown had a huge skirt which made movement harder and she was no doubt wearing a corset. It would be difficult for her to cause trouble.

"Hm…I would suggest leaving, Miss." Allen said, smiling. "You wouldn't want to stand in the way of a pirate."

The girl chuckled, seeming calm. It made Allen uneasy. She seemed to know something he didn't.

"Oh, don't worry…pirates don't bother me." She drew a sword from somewhere behind her voluminous skirt.

Allen's eyes ran along the blade, noting that she knew how to hold it correctly and seemed comfortable with it in her hand.

"If that's the way you want it." He murmured, drawing his own blade, "I don't think I've ever fought a Noble woman."

Her eyes glittered with excitement as he took his stance. Their blades brushed, sending a metallic sound ringing through the room.

She lunged, maneuvering her sword towards Allen's chest. He blocked it with ease, attacking her.

She danced away from his blade, moving considerably well in her dress.

Their swords came crashing together, clanging loudly. From what Allen could hear, it sounded like his men outside the door were also in battle.

"You're good." Allen noted, pushing her away. The girl smiled, slashing at him again.

This time Allen had predicted her move before she made it. He trapped her blade against the floor before knocking it out of her hand.

She gasped as he pressed the tip to her throat, driving her backwards into the wall.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Why would I tell it to a pirate?" she spat.

"You tell me…I let you live. That seems like a good deal to me." He told her. The girl's eyes flashing angrily before she answered.

"Lenalee Lee." She almost whispered. Allen's eyes widened.

"Komui's relative?"

"His sister…"


Lenalee watched his face for a moment, confused by the look of amusement."He's a good friend." Allen told her.

"He's no pirate." She growled, causing him to chuckle.

"You really have no idea do you?"

"No idea? What do you mean?" she asked, genuinely curious. Allen shook his head slowly.

"See you around, Miss Lee." He pulled away, turning his back to her as he made his way to the chest of treasures.

Lenalee lunged for her sword. There was a thunk of metal on wood. She stared at the knife in the wall, holding her sleeve there.

"I can't have you getting in my way." Allen murmured, getting the chest unlocked. He ran his hand through the gold coins before closing it.

The commotion outside the door had ceased. He called to his men to come in and help him with the chests.

The door opened slowly, someone entering with soft foot steps. Allen tensed, sensing that it wasn't one of his own.

He heard the shifting of weight and quickly flipped around, meeting the other's sword.

"You're fast." His new opponent remarked, grinning.

"How'd you get passed my men?"

"I had a few back ups…" He told him, the grin still prominent on his face. Allen gritted his teeth as his arm strained against the pressure of the other's blade, "You're not going anywhere, Captain Walker."

"I take it you're the captain of this ship?" Allen said, pushing the other's blade away.

"Yes…Captain Lavi." He told him, grinning. Allen's eyes narrowed.

"I suggest leaving…I'm here to take these chests."

"You're not going to leave." Lavi told him firmly, attacking again. His eyes widened in surprise as Allen dodged his blade, making a run for the door.

Allen gave his now lifeless men a regretful glance before racing up the stairs. It seemed that the deck was still in his favor.

"Burn the ship!" he yelled, a bit angry as he heard the many feet of Lavi's 'back up' coming up the stairs behind him.

The men did as they were told, sloshing oil across the deck as the men started to pour out of the stairwell.

"Back to the ship!" Allen ordered, grabbing one of the ropes they had left for getting back onto their ship.

He swung across, followed by his crew. He heard angry yells as the nobles saw the fire.

He turned to watch it burn as they shrieked and attempted to put it out. A slight movement at the stern of the ship caught his attention.

"Miss Lee." He murmured as he saw her climbing out the window.

She climbed down a bit, hanging by her fingertips before letting go. What a dumb thing to do. He thought. She'll just get left behind and drown.

To his great surprise, she didn't fall into the water but landed on top of it as though it was only an inch or two deep.

Someone else jumped out of the window, sinking into the water like a normal human would do. It was Lavi, he realized.

Lenalee held onto his hand as they watched the ship sink.

Allen wasn't paying attention to Myndria, he was watching Lenalee. He was fascinated by her. She now had something he wanted.

Bak came up next to Allen.

"Captain, we didn't see any survivors."

"Really? What about her and Lavi?" he asked, pointing. Bak's eyes widened.

"Is she….walking on water?" He asked, staring. Allen nodded slowly.

"Capture her."

"Y-yes, sir." He hurried off to give the orders. The ship aimed itself at Lenalee.

"Lenalee, behind you!" Lavi cried, staring. She looked around and gave a small cry.

Pulling Lavi through the water, she managed to move them out of the ship's way.

"Lenalee, just go!" He told her. She shook her head stubbornly.

A crew member swung down, grabbing Lenalee by the back of her dress and pulling her back up onto the ship.

She screamed in surprise and terror. Lavi just watched from the water, gaping.

"Get him too." Allen ordered with a wave of his hand. Lavi was retrieved from the water.

Lenalee looked around at the crew, regaining her composure.

"What is all this about?" she hissed as Allen came forward. He smiled slightly.

"You have something I want."

"What could that be? I don't have anything of great value on me!" She retorted.

"Oh really? What about your ability to walk on water?" He asked, causing the crew to shift restlessly. They had all seen her on the water and wanted to know her secret.

Lenalee flushed slightly, angry that she had been found out.

"Will you tell me?" Allen pressed, still smiling. Lenalee didn't speak, giving him her silent answer.

"Very well…take her below deck." Allen ordered, turning away.

The crew grabbed Lenalee roughly, dragging her down the stairs to the hull of the ship along with Lavi.

Once they were alone, Lavi turned to Lenalee, worry clear on his face.

"They found out?" he whispered. Lenalee shook her head.

"They don't know how I can walk on water."

"Don't tell them. It's our greatest weapon."

"Of course…" she murmured, looking down at her feet.