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Tyki watched the attack from his own ship, smiling as he spotted their target. With one quick leap, he was onboard Allen's ship and on his way to their goal.

"Tyki." Allen murmured, glaring as the man came up to them.

"Allen Walker…" he replied before turning his gaze from the boy to Lenalee.

"Miss Lee." He said, smirking, "It's very nice of you to come out into the open. It makes my job a lot easier."

Allen realized that he must know about Lenalee's abilities and stepped between the Noah and the girl. Tyki looked surprised.

"You're going to stand between me and my target?" he asked, the smirk slipping back onto his face.

Allen's eyes were determined as he glared at Tyki. He wouldn't allow this man to take her for…many reasons; not just the fact that he wanted her abilities.

Allen pulled his glove off, revealing a blood red hand. Lenalee and Lavi both stared at the green cross imbedded there. They'd had no idea that this pirate accommodated an Innocence.

"You dare stand between me and my prey?" Tyki asked, "I want that Innocence."

Allen glanced at Lenalee. So it was an anti-akuma weapon that allowed her to walk on water. The news made everything simpler. He was in no position to take another exorcist's Innocence. It would reject him. It also explained why Lenalee and Lavi didn't react to the idea of being attacked by the Earl's ship. They already knew about it.

"You can't have her." Allen told him firmly, activating his weapon. The newly freed prisoners stared at the claw.

Tyki sighed unhappily. He had known that he would probably have to fight for the girl, though he had been hoping that he might not have to.

"A-Allen...why are you fighting for me?!" Lenalee cried suddenly, unable to stay quiet any longer. "You know that you can't take my Innocence by force! You couldn't possibly be fighting to take my abilities!" Allen glanced at her sharply, smiled softly and turned back to face Tyki.

Tyki had drawn his sword, ready to face Allen. The white-haired exorcist didn't want to face the man but soon realized there was no other possibility. If he did decide to abandon the duel, Lenalee and Lavi would be exposed to Tyki's blade.

"Hurry up and make your decision, Walker." He muttered. Allen nodded slowly and turned to Tyki.

Lenalee realized he was going to fight. She looked around for her own weapon; her sword had been discarded when she was kidnapped. Lavi had found a curved blade and was slashing at anyone who came near him. He knew how to weald a sword.Lenalee kicked someone in the stomach and took his weapon.

Allen heard the commotion behind him, smiling slightly as he realized that they were no longer weaponless.

"Let us begin." He murmured, smiling at Tyki. He drew his sword, deciding to use his claw as a last resort. The Noah nodded and lunged at the boy, bringing his blade towards Allen's face. The exorcist blocked with ease, starting the elegant dance of sword fighting.

Lenalee kept her eyes on Allen, wondering who would win. They seemed so evenly matched and she knew for a fact that Tyki had other abilities reaching far beyond swordsmanship.

"Wh-what?!" Allen cried out, stumbling backwards as the Noah fazed through his blade. He didn't understand it. How could anyone pass through metal?

"I'm not a mere human, boy." Tyki smirked, bringing his blade down, wanting to finish the duel. Allen was lucky enough to fall to the ground and out of range of the Noah's blade.

Allen scrambled to his feet, missing Tyki's sword by inches as he launched another attack.

He looked around, needing an escape. He didn't have the time to finish their duel. His ship would be destroyed by then.

"Allen!" Bak's voice rang out across the ship. "Allen, get out of the way!"

"Out of the way?!" The ship deck exploded under Allen's feet. He landed some ten feet away. "My ship!" he cried as he got to his feet, "Bak, you idiot! You've destroyed the ship!"

"Shut up! I saved your butt!" Bak snapped.

Tyki got to his feet with a groan, already healed from the flames that had consumed him.

"Is that all you've got?" He asked, grabbing Bak's and Allen's attention. "Is this all that the infamous Captain Allen Walker has to offer, an explosion and fancy sword work?"

Allen gritted his teeth, sending a death glare at the Noah. Before Bak could stop him, Allen had activated his Innocence and was charging Tyki.

The insane smile slipped onto the Noah's face right as Allen reached him.

"Get…off…my…ship!" he emphasized each word with a slash from his claw. Tyki easily dodged him.

"We don't have time for this!" Lavi yelled as he extinguished a small section of flames, "The ship is burning up, Allen, we need to get off!"

Allen glanced over his shoulder at Lavi, "Then find us an escape!"

"Pay attention when you're in a fight!" Tyki growled, grabbing Allen's arm and tossing him off the side of the ship.

"Allen!" Lenalee screamed, watching him fall. She raced to the edge, taking a flying leap off the side. Lavi spun around.


"Oh, poor Captain Lavi…left all alone." Tyki taunted. Lavi turned his vicious glare on the Noah.

"Shut up."

"Don't worry, I won't leave you." He leapt towards Lavi, sword drawn to the side, ready to slash him.

Tyki was becoming desperately bored as he fought the redhead. The boy's movements were slower than Allen's. He had been given specific orders to only go after Allen and so he tried to harm Lavi as little as possible. With the target no longer in sight, Tyki gave up.

"You're boring me." He muttered, causing Lavi to make a hissing noise of anger.

"Then go back to your ship!"

"You know…I think I will. There is no point in fighting you if you don't even give me entertainment." Tyki smirked at the flash of fury in the boy's eyes. With a small wave, Tyki had stepped off the side of the ship, walking across the air to the Earl's ship.

"Until we meet again, Lavi." Tyki had lost his target and left empty handed. He knew that it would not set well with the Earl.


Allen knew he was in the water and he knew that he had to breathe. Yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't move his limbs. The pressure of the water around him was too much. It was making his vision blacken and his head throb.

I'm going to die. He thought to himself, grim realization filling him. I'm going to die.

"Allen!" his body jerked as the voice stabbed into his mind, "Allen!"

What? Who's there? He wanted to cry out the words, but knew all he could manage was to think them.

"Take my hand!"

What hand?

"Take it!" someone grabbed his arm. "I can't make it back up…we've fallen too far."

Make it back to where?

"I can't…make it…" Allen could feel the presence losing conciousness. "Innocence…activate."

Allen's body screamed for air, causing him to jerk violently. It was it's last attempt at life. Then the darkness consumed him as his mind shut off.


"There is no sign of them anywhere, Bak." A crew member informed, approaching Bak and Lavi.

Bak watched the redhead's hand clench into a fist.

"Thank you." He murmured, dismissing the crew member.

"Damn it, Lenalee." Lavi whispered, his teeth clenched together, "Why'd you have to jump in after him?"

"If they aren't at the surface yet…" Bak didn't need to continue.

"I know!" Lavi snapped. The other nodded, pursing his lips.

"We can still hope."

"They're dead."

"They could still be alive."


"They both have an Innocence, correct?" Bak asked. Lavi glanced at him sharply.

"Yes…what about it?"

"Well, they both have one don't they?"