95. Sneak

Author: rogueandkurt

Rating: K

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Okay, double apologies this time around. First, I'm sorry this isn't the next part of the Reid-on-drugs miniseries (I've been beating it with a stick but the last three sections refuse to be written. I'll keep trying). Second, I'm immensely sorry for the delay between postings. My muse has decided to be cruel and give me new ideas for stories just about every day but no inspiration to finish them, leaving me with over one hundred incomplete Criminal Minds ideas on my laptop. Sigh. I'll do my best, but at this point I'm considering starting a plot bunny adoption farm. ;)

This is just a short, silly piece that popped into my head a few weeks ago.

Disclaimer: If I did own them, there'd be more kevlar vests and we'd know JJ's backstory by now.

The blonde-haired technician rolled her swivel chair across the office, opening the door only slightly to survey the morning traffic of the bullpen. Agents were just trickling in, bright eyed and bushy-tailed for another day of service in their country's name. She watched them carefully, each of them unfortunately meeting her silent approval, a small glimmer of disappointment growing as she wondered if her hunt was to be in vain.

At last, she spotted her prey near the coffee maker, his lean form unmistakable. She smirked, watching as he inspected a muffin, completely unaware of the attention he'd drawn. It was time.

She made her way silently out of the lair, her eyes never leaving her target. He had started a fresh pot and was now surveying the coffee maker with undue interest, oblivious to the growing threat behind him. The tech's eyes narrowed in anticipation as she drew nearer.

Suddenly, her prey was joined by another. She watched as the unit chief made small talk while the pair of them waited for the pot to finish brewing. His eyes roamed the bullpen lazily and for a brief instant his gaze landed on her. The computer technician froze in place, her eyes locking with his. A tense moment passed and her heart pounded, certain she'd been caught.

Instead, the unit chief looked away again, the thin traces of a smile on his lips as he turned his back to her, his focus returning to the coffee pot. She allowed herself a quick grin of surprise before resuming her task, her target still ignorant to the exchange that had just occurred.

Almost there...

Just a little closer...

The lanky genius gave an undignified yelp as two fingers pinched the tender flesh of his behind. Turning quickly, Spencer Reid came face-to-face with the satisfied grin of Penelope Garcia, the technician giving him a mischievous wink.

"Good morning, sweet cheeks."

"Garcia! H- Wha-" Reid's face turned a deep shade of red as he attempted to splutter out an indignant response. Unfortunately, the blonde tech didn't wait for him to finish and instead turned back in the direction of her lair, a bounce in her step at a job well done.

The young doctor gaped after her, his coffee long forgotten. Beside him, Hotch hid his amused smile behind a fresh cup of steaming goodness, only a hint of smugness in his actions as he adjusted his dark green tie with his other hand.

"Looks like someone forgot it was St. Patrick's Day."


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