Greetings everyone and thanks again for all the great feedback while I was going on my journey that was, "The Constant". The huge gap forced upon us by the writer's strike (Yippee for the writer's btw, I supported you all the way) gave me the chance to find my inspiration again.

I hope you enjoy this sequel as well but for different reasons. Every time I've ever written a story, it has been with the idea of challenging myself. "The Constant" was my first '24' story and my first delving into a story based far more on character and the human psyche than events or action. Other pieces I've written were usually more involved with intrigue and adventure and in the realm of science fiction. So, this time, in a somewhat sharp turn from the focus of "The Constant", a challenging plot and making real a singular setting are my goals and take me back to my more familiar realm of action and the very pale shades of science-fiction we get on '24'.

As always, the main characters are not mine. I have nothing worth suing for and Fox is welcome to any and all elements presented here-in, just call anything they might borrow a "thank you" gift.

You don't need to read "The Constant" for this to make sense but it would help to explain some of the deeper dynamics between the characters. In brief, the story was an Alternate Universe to the events after Day 5, where Jack is captured and tortured, but found after only a month, rescued from the Shanghai, and sent to a safehouse to recover with Chloe. Under the care of a high-placed and high-powered psychologist from Washington, he recovers emotionally enough to leave the safehouse, but instead of going with Audrey or Kim, leaves with Chloe's formerly estranged sister, a tough, quick-mouthed Vice Detective from the LAPD.

Jack leaves Chloe's sister's home eventually, to go stay with Audrey and resume his life, only to find the darknesses that have touched his mind and body will never truly find acceptance there. When an incident of violence explodes around him again, he finds Chloe to be…. Well, ;-) that'd be telling absolutely everything. I do recommend you check out the backstory but again, this will stand alone if you just assume Jack and Chloe are (finally) together.

So… exposition over, this time the goal in intrigue, adventure, action, and even the occasional bit of humor. I think you Jack and Chloe folk will truly love the first chapter ;-) but hang in there with me if you're in it for the action!

Welcome to the "24" Alternate Universe story: "From the Beginning – This Was My End."

Chapter One

One very warm night, the first after weeks of teasing, was all it took. Chloe O'Brian walked out of the house with a scowl on her face that Mother Nature forced from it slowly and surely as she stood on the steps of what she was still working on calling "my house".

Spring had erupted all around it this morning, from the azaleas under the porch to the cherry blossoms in the neighbor's yard to the new haze of pink and white that blurred its way down the suburban Los Angeles street. The pansies that lined the driveway never seemed to die but they were doing their fair share of competing for attention under the brilliant glare of sunlight. The flowers were part of the scenery that she could have resisted smiling over; she'd seen them struggling toward this day plenty of times before now. Her undoing was the two hummingbirds who, startled by her exit, stopped their mid-air duel a few feet from her face and turned to seemingly stare at her. They held still long enough for a multi-species glare of surprise then the tiny birds parted to resume battle elsewhere. The smile on Chloe O'Brian's lips twisted pleasantly as she dashed toward her car thinking about how she would sound explaining to Mr. Buchanan that she was late because she'd been staring at hummingbirds.

In the car, however, she stopped again, staring up at the house she now shared with Jack Bauer with a still fading fragment of disbelief. She shook herself and untwisted the skirt of her dark green suit, then pulled out of the driveway, past the empty space. As it did every morning, it told her Jack had already left, off to the campus that CTU shared with Pepperdine University, had gone to teach tactics at the underground facility there to students who were not on the register; some, in fact, didn't exist anywhere.

A text message warning beeped on her phone. She would check it when she wasn't driving, when she would need to start her day with a touch of reassuring peace. The message was what it was every morning: Jack telling her he was at work on the campus, that he was safe. He'd send another at noon and another on the way home, using the code they agreed upon the night before, pillowtalk for people who courted danger. She would answer him back and both would get on with their day without the shadow of worry. In the months that they had been together it had been the same.

CTU's parking lot was twice the mess it usually was; O'Brian muttered a word of thanks to whatever deity might be listening for her reserved parking space; being a department head had its small privileges. …and today she would have traded them all in to be down in Tech One rewiring a circuit board instead of being forced to play dress up and make unintelligible chatter at a bunch of government officials. She could have strangled Jack herself for being able to escape it. It wasn't supposed to be an official inspection, technically it really wasn't, just a chance to show off before a bunch of D.C. suits before the ceremony tonight… where the torture would continue over drinks and the waste of taxpayer money that was the Inter-Department Intelligence Symposium, held, of course, where they could get the most service and draw the least attention. They had registered the event as a convention of geologists, a good cover in Southern California even if she or Jack hadn't thought of it.

Chloe pulled out her ID and flashed it at the second security guard as she walked toward him and into the cavernous concrete mouth of the doorway. "Hey, Rick."

"Morning, Chloe. Ready for toni---?" The morning person smile faded off his face under the glare he suddenly received. He shrugged and smiled. "Hey, they sent me the schedules. Get through this and you'll be off for a few days, right?"

Chloe managed a smile at the reminder. "I might even come back."

"If we're lucky."

Chloe offered him a less sarcastic smile then. Rick was a good sort, too smart for this. How the hell could anybody sit in one space for eight hours and check IDs? She'd seen his test scores. He'd probably be more useful down on Level Two scanning internal dailies now that he knew the habits of the staff so well.

When she arrived, there was a crowd in front of her station, a half-dozen Senators she recognized from the news amongst them, each surrounded by at least two aides. A few members of the Secret Service were hovering around them all but focused mostly on the tall, Hispanic man who was the current Speaker of the House. She flashed her ID and made her way through the crowd with a few mumbled phrases and finally stepped up onto her station. That turned into a mistake the moment her head was above the crowd. Bill Buchanan, looking unhappily like a tour guide, spotted her with what looked like relief on his face. God, if he was about to turn to her for social help then the situation must have truly been getting to him. She started to sit down and yanked herself back up in irritation and duty when he began speaking.

"This Chloe O'Brian, our senior analyst responsible for tactical field operations and external override interfaces."

The crowd of twenty or thirty men and women in dark suits and demure dresses turned toward her on cue and she flicked a smile that translated to Buchanan as a glare, one he ignored as he sighed to himself, glad to be out of the fishbowl. Chloe wondered how many of them knew he had just told them she hacked other people's computer and security systems. "Hi,…" she muttered, forcing herself to smile, keeping the grimace off her face when she suddenly thought of her sister's suggestion that she work on a proper smile, hold it till she got to the clinic and then get her face shot up with Botox, just enough to get through the visit and the party. "Like Mr. Buchanan said, I run live support feeds for field operations, analyze satellite stuff – uhm… data, and do forced data interfaces."

The Speaker of the House moved toward the front of the crowd with a generous smile. "How long have you worked here, Agent O'Brian?"

Chloe bit her tongue, keeping it from replying, 'too long as of two minutes ago', and counted back. "Seven years, three months and …," she bit off the scowl at herself and shrugged. "A while."

"And you're the senior analyst in charge of field operations. That's very impressive."

Chloe managed a more genuine smile at that. "Thanks. Uhm… I… I hope you get re-elected." She stifled a nervous smile again and looked at the crowd of suddenly amused politicians, "All of you." Well, not Senator Paxton but she had enough sense to say that at least. Chloe's eyes left the now twitching glances of the Senators and the Speaker back to go back to Buchanan, begging a silent reprieve, only to see the empty spot where he'd been standing.

Stifling her panic and irritation, she put the smile back on her face and decided that if she couldn't dazzle them with brilliance, she would just baffle them with bullshit while Bill Buchanan made his likely escape to the men's room. She knew he wouldn't leave her long, for her own sake and CTU's, and so turned back to the crowd and pointed upward. "That's the DOD feed," she said of the large screen to the left, "and the one over here is from the NSA. The FBI usually activates that one over there if they get something we should know about in a hurry. It's kind of like breaking news on TV if you see it come on. Something pretty bad has happened or they think it will." She flicked the smile at them again and wondered how long Bill was going to hide.




CTU recruit Nikolas Mathison closed his eyes and, as always during his training, did as he was told, his stomach lurching as he fell backwards off the tall platform into oblivion. It lasted only for a few seconds and then the fall gave way to a gentle impact onto the stretched canvas that had been four yards below him all the time, at the base of the wooden tower that now loomed overhead. On its first platform, a compact, sandy-haired man wearing jeans and a long-sleeved black pullover stood, a tight, approving smile on his slightly weathered face with its weary and guarded but still kind blue eyes. He nodded once and headed for the metal ladder, skipping the last few rungs as he dropped to the dry grass, his eyes shielded from the sunlight by a pair of dark glasses that also kept his class from knowing which of them he might be watching.

The collection of men and women who had been holding the canvas turned toward him expectantly, eight of them aside from Mathison, a motley group who were obviously not field agents. Nevertheless they had held up their part of the exercise well, had faced their own doubts as well as those of the lanky, auburn-haired youth who had trusted them to catch him.

"Agent Simon, you're first for the next round."

The young black woman stepped away from the others and faced him. "Yes, Sir, Mr. Bauer."

Jack nodded at her as he leaned over the equipment bag and retrieved from it a simple strip of black cloth with a strange indentation cut in the middle. Simon closed on him immediately and waited as he signaled Mathison to join them with a twitch of his head. When the were standing side-by-side, Bauer turned to the other group of people who had been watching the exercise, the other fifteen field recruits who had already had their turn at taking the backwards leap. "Form two staggered lines, each of you about five feet apart, face each other. Agent Simon, go to the far end of the corridor they form and get where you can look straight down it. Agent Mathison, wait at the opposite end."

They moved as he directed and when they had finished assembling themselves, Bauer closed on Mathison and from behind, blindfolding him with the strip of cloth. The younger man took a quick breath but said nothing. Jack waved for the other group to come closer, "The object of this exercise is… trust. When you're out in the field it's your strongest ally. Now, I don't want a word from anyone over the course of the next few minutes, anyone except Agent Simon."

A flurry of curious looks flashed between the group he was addressing and he turned from them to walk down the two lines of CTU recruits facing each other, whispering a near silent order to each. After he had spoken to all of them, he went to Agent Simon who looked up with suspicion in her dark, expressive eyes. Jack Bauer looked at her for a long moment, wondering if she were up to the task, if she would give into her own doubts. Well, now was the time to find out. He placed himself directly in front of the recruits, blocking her view.

"Agent Simon, I want you to guide Agent Mathison toward you. Your voice will be the only thing he'll have to go by."

The short, slender woman nodded and wiped her hands on her jeans before taking the field comm from him. "Seems simple enough."

Jack smiled to himself and stepped back, watching her expression as she saw the chance in circumstance. Mathison, clad only in a uniform T-shirt and a light pair of pants in the summer heat, was still facing her at the far end of the corridor of thirteen young men and two women, unable to see, and waiting for her instructions.

Between them now, held firmly in the hand of each field recruit, was a combat knife, gleaming danger back at the sunlight, each braced at different angles and heights, forming a corridor of razor sharp blades through which Mathison would have to be directed through to reach her. Cordelia Simon glanced at Jack Bauer with apprehension and bit her lip when he turned back to the others and spoke.

"Ten points off to any recruit that moves their weapon. Agent Simon, you have fifteen minutes to guide him over here… starting now."



Bill had left her alone for twenty minutes, apparently having dodged in for a cup of coffee when he left the men's room. No doubt the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee was wondering what CTU's standards were for senior analysts, most of the aides hadn't stopped smirking since she'd made her awkward little wish that they all be re-elected. A glare that this time caught Buchanan's attention said "you owe me" when he'd managed to come back and lead the delegation away to the interrogation rooms and Medical.

Chloe fell back into her chair with a huff and waited for her screen to come up, glad for the electronic company of criminals and terrorists when she opened the first work protocol and refined the feed on the Afghani camp. It had been unknowingly feeding them information for months courtesy of a Trojan Horse subroutine that she updated every day twice a day at the beginning and end of her shift. With any luck, they'd never find it and hadn't the resources as near as she could tell to trade their hard drive out as some of the others had learned to do. Guess she had to think of it as security job security.

At noon her phone beeped as she knew it would but the smile came to her face nevertheless. She flipped it open and looked at the text message with a smile that twisted one side of her lips.

:: C – call me. J. ::

She did when she left for lunch. He didn't often ask her to call so her curiosity was piqued. O'Brian sat back from the strips of chicken in front of her and hit the speed dial. Bauer answered in only three rings, the blur of wind around his voice letting her know that he was outside, somewhere on the campus of Pepperdine University where CTU did its physical training and whatever exercises it could that wouldn't draw suspicion. "Hey, how are you?"

Chloe frowned quickly. "They're gone, at least till tonight." No need to ask or tell who "they" were. "We can't get out of this, can we?" She scowled again when she heard him laugh quietly.

"No, we can't. You'll have to get used to being important enough for Buchanan to parade around."

"He owes me, Jack. He stranded me with them. Of course, I said something stupid when I was trying to be nice. Maybe they'll just avoid me tonight."

"Not when they see that dress you'll have to wear."

Chloe's head dropped and she smirked at her lap. "I'd think you of all people wouldn't want dirty old politicians staring at me. If they do start staring remember you picked it out."



Two deep nicks but nothing more, one at his ankle and another on his left bicep, earned early on when Cordelia was adjusting to thinking for both of them, that her left was his right and vice versa. Once she had overcome that hurdle, she had guided him through the corridor of outstretched knives without further incident. Nikolas Mathison toweled himself off quickly and finished dressing, his dark red hair still dripping as he rushed back out into the heat to catch the bus that would take them all back to CTU, the field recruits who were in his grouping and the data analysts who might someday be running field comms on them.

He swung onto the bus and dropped down into the seat next to their almost legendary instructor. Bauer acknowledge him with a flickered smile and went back to staring out the front window of the bus. After a few minutes, Mathison realized he wasn't seeing the palm tree-lined boulevards moving past them …if he was seeing anything at all. It wasn't the first time he'd seen Bauer seem to detach once the day was over, nor had it escaped the notice of the other trainees over the past few months, all of whom left him alone at this time of day unless it was something that couldn't wait.

Chloe had left by the time they had returned and sorted themselves out, going down checklists and taking home briefs for their next day's assignments. There was a note on his desk and two pieces of left over chicken in the small refrigerator in the corner. Fingers still greasy he opened up the folded piece of yellow paper and looked at the short but fluid strokes.

"Jack, tried all day to get out of tonight. No terrorists when we need them. See you at home. C."

The motor pool was nearly empty when he finally left the building, the limousines that had been taking up more than their fair share of parking were gone as were the other vehicles that had comprised the motorcade and forced the lower ranking employees to go elsewhere for the day. Only by virtue of being in at five a.m. had he been able to park where he normally did in the executive lot.

Twenty minutes of traffic later he was walking slowly up the steps to his front door, the ever-present blur of memories trailing his steps and leading them, falling to silence as he entered the upstairs bedroom. He stood in the doorway watching her for nearly a minute, trying to figure out which bra to wear with the low-cut black dress with angled hemline laid out on the queen size bed. She was barefoot and wearing one of his robes, her fine, dark blond hair caught messily in a clip, looking as beautiful to him as always. "How about forget the bra and it'll be our little secret?"

Chloe O'Brian looked up only long enough to twist her lips at him. "Since when did you become my pimp, Jack?"

He finished coming into the bedroom as she tossed the four bras she had out back into their drawer and retrieved out of it a pair of stick-on gel cups that were flesh-colored. "There, no straps," she muttered with a satisfied smirk…one that faded as she felt Bauer's arms encircling her from behind. "I guess I'm supposed to say that if we waste any time we'll be late but I'm the one who doesn't want to go to this thing so...," she stopped talking as a kiss fell on the back of her neck, her eyes rolling toward the opposite wall as her head fell forward. "Don't tease, Jack. I know Mr. Duty-First isn't going to be late to a stupid party that'll make sure we get better funding."

Jack Bauer straightened up and turned her around, relieving her of the robe. "I'm trying to save time. I need to shower and change; you need to shower and finish changing. I thought we could do everything we… needed. It might help our mood having to be there. I'm not thrilled with this either, you know." He stopped talking and lifted his arms as she pulled back enough to tug the sweat-damp shirt over his head and started to work at his pants as soon as she'd tossed it to the floor.

"Yeah, one of us definitely needs a shower. Come on."

They stepped into the large tub as soon as the water falling from the showerhead was warm enough, Chloe finding herself pressed against the wall, her wet hair sticking to her face as she opened her mouth to Bauer's insistent tongue. Once she knew she wouldn't slip she let go of the side of the enclosure and reached forward, her hands snaking around his waist to reach up as far as she could on his back.

Bauer's sighing moan vibrated down her throat as she slowly stroked her wet hands down from his shoulders to his narrow hips, over the scars that torturers had left upon him, massaging the tension from his back. The next breath he took caught in his throat as her hands paused for a moment and worked at a particularly tight spot and then gently continued downward, teasingly stroking his buttocks as he gripped her shoulders and ground his pubic bone against hers. That alone almost made her come before they'd gotten down to business.

Jack shook his head to clear it and released her lips to arch his face back into the shower spray, looking back down to find Chloe with her lower lip in her teeth beneath the strands of darkened hair that that had escaped from the clip she'd yet to take from her head. He removed it for her and tossed it over the top of the white curtain to clatter to the tile floor. The rest of her hair obligingly tumbled downward and he buried his fingers in it as he brought his mouth to hers once again. One of the hands that had been stroking his buttocks slid forward over his hip and down between his legs, toying with his slowly engorging erection in the warm flow of water, bringing him along with firm but careful strokes.

When she reached to move her hand to stroke between his testicles, Jack accommodated her, lifting one foot to the side of the tub, growling into her mouth again as her touch lightened to almost nothing and her fingers began to tease and stroke his already aching-for-attention scrotum. Her touch was barely there, just enough to leave him desperate for more, which was, of course, just what they both wanted. Her skilled fingers had programmed the soft, vulnerable folds of his most private flesh as well as any computer. The growling gave way to a moan down her throat that sent wave of pleasure though her own groin as her other hand left his back to pump his erection, her thumb circling the still flaccid tip.

He was hers… there were times she still couldn't believe it, but now wasn't one of them.

Chloe O'Brian chided herself for thinking too much even as her senses were being overwhelmed. Jack's tongue was still in her mouth, hers was still in his, and both of his hands were now occupied with the breasts she had been unsure how to clothe just a few minutes ago. They only had two hours before they were supposed to be at the hotel, including L.A. drive time, and Mr. Duty First would inevitably come to his senses and leave them both crazed if this didn't go more quickly. She opened her eyes for a moment and saw that his were still closed in concentration; she suffered a moment of flattery, then with withdrew her wet hand from between them to stroke the outside of his upraised leg, rubbing the taut muscle there for just a moment before sliding it over his hip and tickling his backside.

Jack Bauer was a hard man to distract but his guard was down now, allowably so, as Chloe O'Brian's one hand gently gripped and stroked penis and the other teased the stretched out cheek of his upraised leg. His mind cluttered with numerous pleasures, the mild sting caught him completely off-guard as a long, slender finger suddenly entered him and then slowly and firmly proceeded upward.

Jack grunted in surprise at the intrusion, his hips bucking into Chloe's groin, his now even more madly stiffening erection thrusting into her still attending hand. He found O'Brian ready for his reaction, however; she quickly but gently leaned forward and pinned him to the shower wall with her torso as her teeth closed gently on his lower lip just enough to keep it and the rest of him securely, if pleasantly, trapped. Both actions were forgotten an instant later as the throbbing and energy already consuming his groin suddenly approached overwhelming. Chloe relaxed her grip on his erection and straightened so that she was no longer gently pinning him against the slick wall. He followed her, leaning forward, his head over her shoulder and gasping, willingly helpless to the pleasure of her finger pressuring his prostate. She gave him no mercy, stroking the hidden gland deftly and firmly as he held himself against her, his hips and thighs twitching and his toes clenching the safety mat.

Chloe grinned to herself when she felt Jack Bauer's stomach suddenly spasm and tighten away from her; he growled and pressed further forward to restore the contact, hip to hip, groin to groin, the hand still working skillfully on his penis caught between them. He surrendered gladly, biting his lip, moaning, panting. Each reaction from him bringing O'Brian pleasure in return. Jack's swiftly completed erection rubbed across her own aching sex when she let go of him from the front; his hips pumped with the rhythm she set for them from within as her arm snaked around his lower back.

The surprise over, he found himself enjoying her ministrations as her touch became more precise and playful. Her hand no longer between them, Jack rubbed against her as she controlled the organs now controlling him. When his pace quickened enough, she withdrew from his most private place with a last maddening tickle. Inspired and ready, Bauer's hands closed around her waist and she gripped his shoulders as he lifted her up, her legs closing around him tightly.

Chloe felt only the smallest twinge as he, in turn, easily entered her. She was more than ready for him; his moans and willing submission to her intrusion and stimulations had caused her to have one superficial orgasm already.

Jack regained his voice as he turned and leaned her against the wall, now back on two feet and twitching his hips as he held her steady, enjoying the sensation of being cradled so deeply within her but fighting his own need to thrust long enough to growl up at her. "For a second there I thought I should cancel your "Cosmo" subscription. Paybacks are hell, by the way."

"Depends on what you call "hell", right Jack?" she huffed, tightening down on him and squeezing his ribs with her thighs as she caught his lower lip in her teeth and reached down his wet back to stroke the ridged and scarred flesh. The constantly falling water forced their hold on each other to be tighter than it might have otherwise, limiting their movements, forcing them to a slower, more frustrating rhythm that in the end would prolong their pleasure.

Chloe reached behind her and grabbed the safety grip of the tub enclosure, letting go of Jack with her arms and holding herself up with her hands. As he leaned back, his lips went immediately to her nipples, his teeth grazing them to rocks as a shuddering chill went through her even in the warm shower spray. She smiled at his ability to multi-task as his thrusts into her sex never lost a beat. She could feel herself starting to climax again, this time far more significantly, and moaned in a way that caused Jack to thrust into her even more quickly. Their ragged breathing echoed off the walls of the stall.

Jack Bauer, however, was a man of far too much self-control and a sadistic streak that had its small uses right now. He looked up at O'Brian to see her head thrown back, sliding up and down the wall as she welcomed the erection he drove into her over and over. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. Her breasts were rock hard and the muscles of her arms rippled as she rocked against his thrusts. Her legs clenched in time with his movements, which now were taking their turn at controlling her reactions; mathematician that she was, she had already, perhaps unconsciously, timed the intervals of his thrusts so that she clenched down on him each time. He hadn't thought it was possible to want a woman this much again since Terri had died, or to know one as well, not only how to simply please her, but drive her insane.

His arms clenching her middle, Jack bit his lip and paused for a long moment, certainly he was about to black out but thinking it would be worth it. The slick iron and velvet hold she had on his penis clenched and rippled rapidly, telling him she was on the edge. A small squeak of impatience strained from her throat as he held her there… two seconds… four… six… She started to lower her head… first to see if he was all right and if so… to give him one of THOSE looks.

The glare that he was inviting never came. It was usurped by a look of shock and disbelief as he suddenly lifted her clear and withdrew from her, still powerfully erect and leaving her gasping and angry. He thought she might go for his throat as he carried her, both of them dripping, to the bed. He laid them down on it on the opposite side from her dress for the evening and then shoved it to the floor out of harm's way. Chloe, legs still locked around his waist as he leaned over her, finally gave him a ferocious glare. "Okay, you win. Your paybacks are hell. Damn it, Jack, come on or I'll spend until the next time we're here planning revenge."

Jack reached up to stroke her clenching jaw with a slow grin. "Threats only make me more determined. You know that."

She gave him a reluctant smirk then. She knew that better than anyone. "Okay, how about "please" instead of "damn it"?"

Jack blinked genuine shock then. "You can't be begging? Not Chloe O'Brian? Should I be that flattered?"

"No, you should be that worried. I only… uhm… did what I did… to get things moving faster; you're just being mean now, to yourself, too, don't think I don't know that either." Chloe arched her hips up then, bringing her sex back against his swaying, engorged organ and feeling him respond involuntarily. She unwrapped her legs from around his back and locked them around his thighs, pulling him down and closer to repeat the maneuver. This time Bauer gave in, reaching down to position himself to enter her, teasing her wetness with his fingers before he did.

Chloe growled as he toyed with her, everywhere beneath her ribs aching and spastic and…worst of all, waiting. Reaching her limit, she slid her hands down his back again, still mindful of the brutality he'd suffered even now, and curled her fingers over his buttocks, driving her short nails into the sensitive flesh there with slowly increasing pressure. Jack growled quietly down her throat as her coiled fingers moved further and further inward over flesh increasingly more sensitive. His flexing hips bucked and swayed tantalizingly in her grasp as she in turned tickled and gripped him, firmly pulling him closer and closer, taking advantage of the fact he was balancing on his knees… and then he was back inside of her, fully encased in the frantic warmth and energy that he had created.

Already preparing to lose herself in the rebuilding orgasm, Chloe arched against him, grunting, and used her heels on the back of his thighs and the fingers coiled over his backside to pull him even closer. Jack instinctively twitched away from the pricking sensation of her nails and lay down on top of her. "Careful. We'll be even more late if I have another exam from Doctor Chloe."

Grinning now despite herself, Chloe withdrew the "threat". She flattened out her hands on his well-muscled and now rapidly clenching buttocks, enjoying twice the feel of how hard he was working for her as she drove herself against him as well, their pace quickening again. "Just that sperm sample then, right, Mr. Bauer? Then you and Doctor Chloe can get dressed."

Jack Bauer took a deep breath to prepare himself and gripped her shoulders firmly as he drove himself into her one last time, his toes digging into the mattress as he held himself as far inside of her as far as he could go and felt the fury of hot contractions madly stroking his shaft. The sensations simply began there, however, consuming the rest of his body as he came. Her responding orgasm sent a shock wave though him before he collapsed, trembling and spent

Coming with him was a concussion of pleasure. Her vision black and starry, Chloe O'Brian was barely aware of Jack sprawled, his consciousness blurry, on top of her, pushing him off only when the buzzing sensory explosion of her own orgasm faded and she became aware it was also black and fuzzy because it was difficult to breath. She backed away from him slowly and reached for the container of moistened wipes beside the bed, taking care of herself first, and then cleaning him gently as he watched her with a relaxed and dazed expression. "We are gonna' be late, Jack."

Minutes later, mostly recovered, he sat up slowly, then kissed her nose. "Probably, and we never did get in an actual shower. Don't worry, they're mostly politicians. We'll be the least important people there."