Title:Who are you?

Author: Emi-chan3192
Pairings: Sarah/?
Rating: Mature for later chapters

Takes place once Sarah has gone to college, once night as she drives back to campus after visiting Toby & co…but while driving though a particularly quiet town she is taken from her car by a stranger cloaked in night.

I don't own the Labyrinth or it's characters, I'm just a huge fan of Brian Froud's artwork and projects!


As Sarah felt a blindfold snake round her eyes she panicked, but as she opened her mouth to scream she heard her attacker place a finger on her lips as he whispered to her. "Don't make any noise, you'll regret it later." The stranger behind her finished tying the piece of cloth around her head then leaned forwards and enveloped her with his arms. All Sarah could think was how warm and kind this person was being considering that he had just grabbed her from her car while she was driving back from campus. "Don't think, let me give you your dreams."

Sarah felt as if she recognised the voice. Shocking herself she leaned into the stranger and let out a small sigh. Then she started to wriggle away once she realised how stupid she was being. "Let me go! What are you…" she couldn't finish her protests as the man spun her round and bent his head to kiss her, the kiss was brief and his lips simply met hers showing her that she was there. Nothing more, nothing less.

The wind began to pick up and Sarah shivered then almost lost her balance but the stranger picked her up bridal style and whispered again into her ear, his breath tickling against her ear. "Would you like to go somewhere safe?" Unable to string a decent sentence together, Sarah merely nodded. The wind increased suddenly and she clung to him. She then felt herself being lowered down onto something soft and had an uncontrollable desire to sleep. Behind the blindfold she closed her eyes and gave in, the last thing she heard was a soft chuckle and the words "I have power over you, don't ever forget it."