Now it was Sarah's turn to be wrapped up in the blankets as a fever raced through her. She had a pounding headache despite Jareth's attempt to sing away the pain her throat ached and every bone and muscle felt as if it were being stretched. Jareth sighed and drew himself from the bed and Sarah, reclining in his desk chair he put his head in his hands and tried to think of ways to make the change easier for Sarah.

He snapped his fingers and several books from his library appeared on his desk. He placed his hand on the cover of the first volume and searched through it using magic rather than by hand.

"Turning a mortal into one of the fae folk is a dangerous and temperamental process. Never should it be attempted by those of faint heart. To invoke the change the mortal must consume a piece of food from our world. After this they either become addicted to it or the changing process begins. Within this world the change should be relatively quick, but if the mortal is taken above then their features will become frozen. If they return then the process will continue but the transformation will be much more painful. If magic is used to lessen the pain through the change, the mortal/fae will enjoy a much worse sensation throughout the rest of their change. If more powerful magic is used then they may not complete the change due to a sudden convulsion resulting in death. However…"

Jareth paled, he had put Sarah in more danger than was necessary. He rushed back to her side and removed all of the enchantments he had placed on her. Sarah moaned in pain and began to struggle against the tight blankets; she called out to him but could not seem to hear any of his replies. "Sarah, talk to me, listen to me…" Jareth repeated again and again, not certain what was happening as the change should have been completed by now. Sarah's skin had gone past the pale complexion of his race and she was deathly pale. Dark green markings had formed around her eyes and her hair and grown longer, her fingers thinner and her cheek bones were slightly more pronounced. As he stared at her beauty he held tightly to her hand and kept whispering to her with the same mantra. "Stay with me, Sarah. Stay."

They stayed like that for hours until the sky outside had become dark. Sarah's body felt much cooler, her breathing more rhythmical and her colour beginning to come back to her. Jareth dozed off, still holding her hand. But it was still quite some time before she awoke and sat up. She looked down at the Goblin King, who would probably never let her go ever again and sighed. She glanced round the room... then looked again. Her eyesight was sharper, she could even see the small, cramped titles of the books on his desk even though she was quite a way from them. Letting go of Jareth's hand she struggled out of the bed and stood before his mirror.

"What have you done to me Jareth?" She touched the markings around her eyes, trying to smudge them to see if they were drawn on, but they weren't. She reached behind her and felt her hair which now fell at her waist rather than on her shoulder blades. She traced a finger over her shoulder seeing how pale she was and feeling an itch scratched a line across her back but was met by something. "Shit! Jareth!" Sarah screamed and ran back to the bed, poking Jareth awake. He awoke with a start and seeing her beside him she gave her a beaming smile and picked her up, enfolding her in his arms, seeming completely unfazed by the wings that now protruded from her back.

"You're alright, you're alright!" He spun them both around and laughed, Sarah suddenly felt the urge to laugh too but her anger outweighed it.

"No I'm not alright, idiot! I've got wings!" She pummelled him as she fought to get down but he held on and just laughed harder. It was not an unkind laugh, more like one of relief and now she could not resist joining him in laughter. They spun again, and dizzily the fell into the bed, still laughing they embraced each other. When they finally got their breath back Sarah scowled mockingly.

"So what happens now?" she asked. He smile faded from Jareth's face.

"Well, either you go back aboveground…or you stay here with me." He looked at her as if he was fighting an irresistible urge to simply make the decision for her. Sarah thought for a long minuet as she lay sprawled across his chest.

"Um…can I think about it?" Jareth nodded, and tentatively put his arms around her, wondering if she would allow him this small thing. He was delighted when she snuggled closer, the silky fabric of her night dress slid across his chest and the skin of their arms, legs and faces touched, warming each other. "Jareth?" He hummed to show that he could hear her. "Don't ever start something like this again without telling me."

"No, precious."

"If I stayed…" He opened his eyes and listened more carefully. "…what would happen to me?"

"You would stay as you are, grow older and eventually-after a very long time- you would fade and die."

"I mean what would I do? Stay to entertain you, that's why you brought me here after all." Jareth frowned.

"Actually, that's not why I brought you here. Do you remember the book Sarah?" She nodded. "What was it Sarah, the thing that only we know?" She thought for a moment then answered.

"But what no one knew was that the king of the goblins had fallen…" He nodded and tightened his grip around her in case she tried to leave.

"Then I guess I'll have to stay, won't I." He pulled her away from him slightly to see her face. She looked up at him not blinking, and smiled, pulled him closer and returned them to their relaxed position.

"Thank you." He whispered and placed a small kiss on the top of her head.

"Can I still visit Toby? And my friends? What about my degree?" Sarah was suddenly flustered and sat up wringing her hands.

"Sarah," He purred and pulled her back to him. "You can still see your brother and your friends, you can still go to school. But live here, with me. Two days have passed, and if you'll let me I'll stretch out one more so that you can recover and learn how to deal with your new powers and appearance. Which by the way, is even more gorgeous than I imagined." He nipped at her slightly pointed ear and ran his hand through her hair and down to her legs, resting for a moment on the curve of her bum.(1)

"Thank you." She breathed as she turned and kissed him as best she could. He smiled into her mouth and turned her over to that they could be more comfortable.

"You just made my dream come true Sarah…but you have to make it official. Just tell me Sarah, do I have power over you?" Sarah frowned slightly, but understood that there would be a great weight on her in future based on the next words she would speak.

"You have power over me because I love you." She slid her hands across his chest and traced his muscles and collar bone softly, down to his hips and smirked. "So Goblin king, will I have to wait forever to truly be with you?" Laughing together, Sarah could hardly believe what she was saying, but she knew that she could not continue to hate him and would just have to give in and love him. Gratefully, happily, they did.

The end


So taa daaaaaa! What did you all think? This was my first M rated fanfiction and as I haven't exactly had experience of the content of most m rated fics ;) I didn't realy know what to put, use you imagination! It's finished now!

(1) This sounds so weird but I really didn't know how to put it!