Here are some more drabbles, from both movies. Some are set pre-movie, some post-movie.


They walk away from The Charlotte, thankfully unharmed. But he can't help but think about that gun, pointed at Riley's head. He can't help but think that if it had gone off nothing would have mattered any more, not getting to safety, not even the treasure. Because Riley wouldn't be there to share it with him. The computer enthusiast is complaining about the cold, about his feet hurting, and about Ian. A day ago Ben would have told him to stop whining and to grow up, now he welcomes the sound, because listening to Riley whining is better than silence.


Ben sits on the park bench, two weeks after discovering the City of Gold. Riley is sitting next to him, reading over his shoulder. He used to find that irritating, now he's just glad that he's there. Ben knows that he's lucky that Riley was so understanding. He turns the page and sees the header 'Author's Dedication', only Riley would put it at the back. But that doesn't matter as he reads the words, 'this is for my very own treasure hunter, and for my converse.' Ben laughs and turns to face Riley, but somehow ends up kissing him instead.


Before he meets Ben Riley hates his job, hates the cubicle that he sits in all day. He hates the other workers, who don't allow him into their circle, for reasons that he doesn't know. Before Ben Riley hates people who know more about history than him, because they make him feel inferior. Before he meets Ben Riley hates himself, because he must be the reason why people don't seem to like him, the reason his father used to beat him, and his mother used to watch. Then he meets Ben, and realises what everyone else thinks no longer matters.


After finding the City of Gold Emily full expects her son to marry Abigail, what she doesn't expect is for him to stand up during the wedding rehearsal and announce to the whole family it's Riley that he really loves. From the look Riley's face he doesn't expect it either. Surprisingly doesn't seem to upset, in fact she seems to be encouraging it. Emily turns to her husband who is nodding an approval

to her son. From the look on Ben's face he hadn't been expecting Riley to stand and run out of the hall, Emily knows Ben will follow.


The President hadn't ever met anyone like Ben Gates before, had never met someone who was so passionate about history that he was willing to go to any lengths to protect it. He respected Gates, the man fought for what he believed in, but he didn't like his accomplice. Riley Poole. With his conspiracy theories and his book. Upon reading the book he had been surprised at how accurate Poole had been. That had made him dislike him more, but Gates had insisted that Poole be given credit for finding Cibola, Poole was obviously something else Gates was passionate about.