8.16 Found In Transmission

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

(Scene from 1.14 — That Damn Donna Reed)

LUKE: You know, this place hasn't been painted since my dad was alive.

LORELAI: No, I didn't know that.

LUKE: He painted it before he opened it and once more when the roof caved in one winter. I think that's probably it.

LORELAI: The paint lasted a long time. He got his money's worth.

LUKE: Yep. He really loved this place, you know. (Looking around the diner) This store was his life. Mine too, I guess. I spent every minute I wasn't in school here. I spent a lot of minutes I was supposed to be in school in here too.


(Scene from 8.15)

LORELAI: Zach and Lane want to know if you'd be willing to let out the apartment.

LUKE: (Thinks, but shakes his head) No.

LORELAI: (Raises her eyes) No?

LUKE: I have no plans of renting it out. Sorry…

LORELAI: (Tries to reason) Luke… come on… it's Lane and Zach we're talking about.

LUKE: Look, I'm sorry… but it's not for rent. I will help them find another place… but that apartment is out of the question.

LORELAI: (Tries to object) But…

LUKE: Lorelai, I don't want to talk about it.


A stranger enters the diner.

STRANGER: (To Lorelai) Hey, the sign says "Luke's Diner"…

LORELAI: (Nods) Yeah, Luke owns this place.

STRANGER: (Curiously) Hmm. You don't happen to mean Luke Danes, do you?


LUKE: (With a smile, explains) Lorelai, meet Debbie Hogarth. She went to high school with me.

DEBBIE: (Smiles at Lorelai) Nice to meet you Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Smiles and sighs at the new knowledge of the stranger) Nice to meet you too.

Scene quickly cuts to Debbie in the kitchen with Sookie having a pleasant conversation, Debbie and Luke at the diner reminiscing about the past, and last to a scene of Debbie and some townies chatting.

Scenes cuts to Lorelai observing it all.


(Scene from 8.14)

NATE: (He looks down at his smart-key, then up at her) I'm leaving the Courant, Rory. (Clearly surprised, Rory tries to hide it)… some time in April will be my last day.

RORY: (clearly not happy with the news.) I'm assuming you're taking a job at the Times?

Nate nods.

(Scene from 8.14)

LORELAI: …we haven't really chat about you-know-who since your epiphany last week.

RORY: Well, there's not much to say about 'you-know-who'.

LORELAI: Have you decided what you want to do about it?

RORY: (Nods) Yup, and the decision was easy. (Lorelai looks up curiously) I ignore it until it goes away.

LORELAI: (Hides a chuckle as she continues sarcastically) Oh yeah, very effective.

RORY: (Explains) The decision was made easy since he has no clue that I exist in that capacity.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Well… his loss.


(Scene from 8.13)

RORY: More sex during the month of February, huh?

LANE: Imagine that.

RORY: (Sighs) Not happening in my neck-of-the-woods.

LANE: Start dating! Get yourself out there, Rory.

RORY: (Frowns at her best friend) You make it sound like I should be wearing tramp shoes.

LANE: (Kids) If it helps. (Adds) Sex or not, it's always nice to have someone around…


(Scene from 8.15)

EMILY: (To Rory) You need to start dating.

RORY: What?

EMILY: I know the perfect person for you.

RORY: (Whines) Grandma!

EMILY: (Smiles)… dinner at our place at 7 o'clock Sunday evening.


TREVOR: (To Rory) Apart from our mutual fondness of hybrid vehicles, and distaste for golf… (Takes a card from inside his jacket) if you find anything else worth exploring, give me a call (he hands the card to Rory).

RORY: (Nods) Thanks.


NATE: (Looks down at Rory) What about you, Rory? What do you say? You, me and a few others at the Golden Theatre… (with a hint of sarcasm) watch a bunch of puppets getting it on.

RORY: …that's great. (She tries not to blush at the timing of her comment) I mean, I'd love to join you. (Nods)

NATE: (With one nod, he pushes himself off the table and walks towards the doorway) Great. I will let you know the details. (As he leaves) Hey, bring a date. I've got plenty of tickets.


NATE: (looks at the female and the two other gentleman) Stacy, Gus, and Phillip… meet Rory and Trevor…

They nod at each other.

GUS: (An older, slightly flamboyant gentleman) Glad to finally meet you, Rory.

NATE: (Explains as he takes a step to the side, and towards her) Gus and Phillip (it becomes obvious that they are partners) work at the New York Times.

PHILLIP: (Nods) Photography over here.

NATE: (Adds) And Gus heads the team that's going to Africa this summer.

RORY: Oh wow… the project sounds amazing from the little I've heard…


TREVOR: (To Rory) Hey, thanks for inviting me. And if you want to hang out again sometime… don't hesitate to call.

RORY: (With a curious smile) Oh… "hang out"… ?

TREVOR: (Smiles) Yeah, I hear I make a good friend to some unsuspecting poor souls. (Subtly gestures at the group — mainly at one particular person) besides, it seems like you're somewhat into… someone else.


NATE: (To Rory in the DiLuca kitchen) So it's a shame Trevor couldn't join our midnight snack.

RORY: (Sighs) Yeah.

NATE: (Casually) So, what happened there? He didn't like us?

RORY: (Lets out a sigh combined with a chuckle) Oh no… he really enjoyed tonight. But… (shakes her head as she ponders)…

NATE: (As he cuts the sandwich in the middle) But what?

RORY: (Chuckles) Nothing… really.

NATE: (Not wanting to push it) Okay.

RORY: (Intoxicated by the very late hour, and the one drink she had previously) He thinks I have a "thing" for…. (adds as she looks up at him) you.

NATE: (Looks up quizzically, then a moment later — he laughs) Is that so?

RORY: (Taken back, she makes a serious expression — which Nate catches) Well…

NATE: (Any sign of a smile vanishes…) Rory?

RORY: (Not sure how to revive the situation, she decides to be forthright) Well, there may be some truth to it…

They are interrupted by Stacy (in what is presumably a t-shirt owned by Nate - and nothing else). Rory, looking a little flushed, looks at Stacy enter the kitchen.

STACY: (Completely oblivious) Hey guys… (slightly pats Nate on his upper arm) I'm starving! Oh, good… you've made something…

The two uncomfortable characters in the scene watch her as she takes half of the sandwich, takes a bite of it, and walks over to the refrigerator.

RORY: (With a sudden expression of embarrassment, she gets off the stool and stutters her way out of the kitchen) I-I think I'm starting to f-fall asleep. (Forces a smile but fails to look at either of them) Goodnight.

STACY: (Occupied with the refrigerator) G'night!

As a blurred Stacy walks around in the background, camera slowly zooms in on Nate's expression of regret.

Scene fades.


EXT. STARS HOLLOW – SUNDAY EVENING (The day after the Nate/Rory/Stacy scene) – AROUND MARCH 9th.

With her car parked near Luke's Diner, Rory is inside with her cell phone held up to her ear.

RORY: (Still has an expression of embarrassment) Hey, it's me.

LORELAI: (Holds up her phone as she walks around the inn) Hey there. So are you ready to talk to me about whatever happened last night? Or are you going to leave this conversation abruptly like you've done twice today.


RORY: (Pouts a bit then sighs) I'm ready to talk about it. (Shakes her head) Mom, I can't believe I did what I did!

LORELAI: (Sits in a chair in the great room) What happened, babe?

RORY: Long story short, Nate asked me why Trevor left us – and I told him it was because he thought I had a thing for him…

LORELAI: (Makes a surprised face) Oh no.

RORY: (Sighs again) I know. But it gets worse…

LORELAI: (Repeats) Oh no.

RORY: Nate was fine with it, I mean he even laughed at how ridiculous it sounded… and seeing that, you would think, I'd keep the rest of my feelings to myself, right?

LORELAI: (With a sympathetic expression) Honey, what did you do?

RORY: (Swallows) I told Nate that there is some truth to what Trevor said. And mom… (shakes her head) you should've seen Nate's face. He was completely taken back. (Adds) And to make matters worse, Stacy…

LORELAI: (Confused, she holds up her hand) Wait a minute, who is Stacy?

RORY: (Shakes her head and carries on with hand gestures) I have no clue, except for the fact that Nate and "Stacy" seem to be "seeing" each other. And in which capacity was very clear to me once she walked into the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt which clearly, Nate owns.

LORELAI: (Curiously) How do you know it's Nate's t-shirt? Besides, maybe Stacy needed something to wear to bed.

RORY: (Nods) Oh, I know it's Nate's t-shirt. Apart from the fact that it was a little big on Miss Skinny, and it had the words, "I Am Kloot" on it…

LORELAI: (Confused) Who is "Kloot"?

RORY: (Explains) It's a band Nate's into. He plays them at the shelter every now and then.

LORELAI: Honey, that doesn't prove anything. Like I said, she probably just needed something to wear…

RORY: Mom, I know I was a little behind in getting the concept of the Birds and the Bees…

LORELAI: (Nods) Yes, you did have trouble grasping that one. (Grins) But what you lacked in that arena… you excelled in others.

RORY: … but I'm pretty sure, no matter what they are to each other, Stacy and Nate hooked up that night.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Well then… what else happened?

RORY: Not much. I just left the kitchen. (Adds) And let me just say, the train ride this morning was probably the most awkward and uncomfortable commutes I have ever had.

LORELAI: (Sympathetically smiles) Aw honey, what do you plan on doing?

RORY: I don't know. (Looks over to her right, at the diner) I'm actually at Luke's.

LORELAI: (Gasps) You're in town?

RORY: (Explains) I had this overwhelming need for some good coffee. You know, Luke's coffee should be on the top of the list of comfort foods. (Asks) Can you meet me here?

LORELAI: (Stands up) Sure, I was on my way out anyway. See you in a few minutes…

RORY: (Opens her car door and gets out) See ya.

Rory enters the diner.


As Rory enters the diner, she notices how busy it is with the Sunday evening crowd that prefers to eat dinner at the diner than cook themselves a meal. Luke spots her as he carries a couple of plates to a table.

LUKE: (Surprised to see her there) Hey!

RORY: (Smiles) Hey Luke. (Gestures towards a table by the window) Taking that one.

LUKE: (Nods) I'll be with you in a minute, Rory.

Someone familiar hears the name and looks up. Debbie, sitting with a couple of townies at one table, looks over at Rory as she settles herself down. While her companions chat away, Debbie slowly gets up from her seat and moves towards Rory.

DEBBIE: (Politely) Hey.

RORY: (Looks up and smiles curiously) Hey.

DEBBIE: I'm sorry to barge, but I thought I heard your name… Rory? Is it?

RORY: (Nods) Yeah, that's me.

DEBBIE: (Smiles) Lorelai's daughter, and Luke's…

RORY: (Nods again) Yeah…

DEBBIE: (Holds her hand to her upper chest) Debbie Hogarth, I'm just visiting… and staying at your mom's beautiful inn.

RORY: (Remembers) Oh yeah, mom has mentioned you. (Explains) You used to live here.

DEBBIE: Yeah, I did. Long time ago. (Sighs) Anyway, I just wanted to say 'hi' and introduce myself… I will let you go…

Rory smiles. Debbie's exit is interrupted by Luke's arrival at the table.

LUKE: (Comes over with coffee) Here you go Rory.

RORY: (Welcomes the cup of coffee) Thank you, Luke.

LUKE: (Looks at Debbie, and then at Rory) Oh hey, have you two met?

RORY: (Nods) Just now in fact.

DEBBIE: (Chuckles) Yeah, I just imposed myself…

RORY: (Shakes her head as she swallows a sip of coffee) Oh no. I'm glad we met tonight.

LUKE: (Smiles at Rory, then continues) So, what would you like to eat?

RORY: I will wait till mom gets here.

LUKE: (Nods) No problem. (Walks away, back to his work)

Rory takes a take breath, and then takes another sip of her coffee.

DEBBIE: (Notices) Boy, you look like you really needed that coffee.

RORY: (Chuckles) I so did. (Looks down at her mug) I so do.

DEBBIE: (Concerned) You okay?

RORY: (Dismisses it by shaking her head) Oh yeah… it's nothing really. (Mutters to herself) Except the most embarrassing weekend of my entire life.

DEBBIE: (Rolls her eyes) Believe me; I've had more than my share of those.

Rory smiles at this friendly stranger. Then, softly continues…

RORY: I admitted my feelings to someone only to find out it isn't mutual.

DEBBIE: (Sympathetically smiles) Aw. (Takes a seat at Rory's table) Let me tell you, Rory… this won't just be the first, second or third time this happens to you.

RORY: (Laughs) Gee, thanks.

DEBBIE: Believe me… thirty-eight years, a boat load of suitors, three pets, two engagements, and breast implants later, I have yet to find a man that's willing to take me for who I am… with all my flaws. (Adds) And what seemed to be the first embarrassing moment that occurred my Freshman year in high school, is only bound to happen at least another 100 times before I finally get it together.

RORY: (Curiously smiles) I'm almost afraid to ask what happened.

DEBBIE: Trust me, it can scar you for a while when you tell a guy you like him only to find out that he has only thought of you as a little sister.

RORY: (Chuckles, but sympathetically) Oh yeah… that is a tough one. What happened?

DEBBIE: (Chuckles as well) Twenty-some years later, I look back at that one particular moment as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. (Adds) But I grew up and moved on… and then I had bigger fish to fry… like losing the man that could've been "the one" to probably someone more suited…

RORY: (With a sad expression) Aw, when was this?

DEBBIE: (Sighs) A couple of years ago. I chose career over "the one"… (Smiles) Anyway, see what I mean? Embarrassing moments never stop. (Chuckles) I'm sure I didn't help your situation though.

RORY: (Chuckles as well) Not exactly encouraging, and I'm some years older than a high school Freshman, but I get what you mean…

The ladies chuckle, and go on chatting.

Scene cuts to the EXT. STARS HOLLOW…

Lorelai is walking towards the diner, but abruptly stops as she sees Rory through the window… with Debbie. They seem to be laughing and chatting (with a backdrop of some townies and Luke – behind the counter).

Scene fades on Lorelai's face.

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