The Origin of the Clans

This is the tale of the beginning, before the coming of the Twolegs, when the forest was bigger, and prey was not so scarce, when the clans lived in harmony in the forest.

And if you believe those last two, you're no better than a kittypet.

Stormclaw of Stoneclan

Prologue-Troubled Dreams

"Jadestar!" The black she cat turned to face the voice. It was Doomfur. She walked slowly to the Stoneclan leader's side. Jadestar grinned softly.

"What is it?" Doomfur shook her head sorrowfully.

"Death. Death for the clans. Once there were nine, now there are only eight. I see a great hill, surrounded by dead, of all clans. And then, I see four great cats on the hill. Just four. There will only be four." Jadestar gasped, her happy mood fading away.

"Four… four clans?" Doomfur nodded.

"We… must tell the clan." Doomfur quickly interrupted.

"No. Do not tell them. Do not ruin Sunleap's day. Tell no-one. Maybe that is all we will need to stop it." She paused. "Maybe ignorance can save us." The Medicine cat limped off towards her den, leaving Jadestar, alone amongst the happy clan, to worry.