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Chapter 1

"We are gathered here to give two clan kits their apprentice names." Jadestar intoned the ritual words slowly and carefully, and then glanced towards the two young kits.

"Come forwards, please." The two kits trod towards the leader, one of them a white furred with shining gold eyes; the other with fur of shining golden-red, with eyes of deep, hazel brown. The white kit walked eagerly forwards, her fur flashing in the bright sun. Her brother was more cautious, walking slowly up.

"Hawktalon, you have told me that you are ready to take on an apprentice. You will be mentor to Hawkpaw." The golden brown warrior walked forwards and sat proudly, next to the golden kit. Jadestar continued.

"Hawktalon, you have shown yourself a brave and intelligent warrior. See that you pass on your courage and wisdom to your new apprentice." The two touched noses gently, and withdrew to the edge of the clearing. The white kit was left alone on the stage, fidgeting slightly.

"Frostalon, you have told me that you are ready to take an apprentice. You will be mentor to Dreampaw." The large, icy white warrior walked slowly to the stage and sat next to the white kit.

"Frostalon, you have shown yourself a great warrior, able to think quickly. See that you pass on these qualities to your apprentice." They touched noses, as ritual required, and walked slowly to the edge of the woods. Dreampaw could barely contain herself.
"Er, what are we going to do first?!" she said. Frostalon looked a little irritated.

"First we're going to patrol the border." he said. "Follow me."
Dreampaw watched him travel out of the stones of the camp, and followed him, thinking He needs to warm up…

* * *

"Do you smell that?" asked Frostalon.
Dreampaw curled her nose up.
"Yeah. What is it?"
"Shoreclan scent." said Frostalon shortly. "And very strong. You should return back to camp."

Dreampaw drooped a little.
"Now." said Frostalon.

Dreampaw nodded, and turned around, running into the trees.

It was a few seconds later when she smelt something, almost at the camp.

A pair of cats came out of the stones.

"Lookie here, is it a lost kittypet?" said one of them.
"Stop messing around." said the other, a large white furred tom-cat.
"Come on, it's not like it matters…" wheedled the smaller cat, a black furred tom with characteristic brown feet.
"Hn." said the larger one.

He flashed forwards, getting a claw around Dreampaws neck.

She bit down.

The icy tom cried out in pain, letting her go. She scratched him, jumping over their heads into the bushes.

Frostalon appeared behind her, attacking the two toms.

They ran.

"Troublesome." said Frostalon.

"You did well." he said. "Maybe some fighting practice next."

He smiled.

Dreampaw's heart soared.

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