George walked into Jerry's apartment wearing a frog costume.

He went to get some food.

George looked around in the refrigerator for some fly butter.

George found the fly butter.

George made a fly butter sandwich.

George poured himself a glass of milk.

George got some potato chips.

George put lettuce and tomato on his sandwich.

George took a bite of his sandwich.

George decided to be a pig and put potato chips on his sandwich.

George took a huge bite and then started to choke.

George's glasses flew off and so did the rest of his hair.

George's face turned as red as a tomato.

"Kramer! Jerry! Elaine! Somebody! Newman!" George yelled as he was choking.

Jerry flew into the apartment wearing a bee costume.

"Buzz!" Jerry yelled with a ridiculous look on his face, "I'm a bee!"

"Jerry!" George yelled, his face turning purple, "I'm choking!"

George turned into a grape.

Kramer walked in. "Hey, it looks like George!" He said when he saw the grape.

Kramer ate the grape.