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Yugi effortlessly placed the rest of his belongings into the back of his aunt's car. Making sure that nothing was sticking out; the young teen closed the trunk and slumped into the passenger's seat, now waiting for his Aunt to join him.

As he waited, Yugi remembered what had happened within the past week. It all started on a dreary Thursday, when his grandfather had a sudden heart attack. The poor teen called 911, but by the time the paramedics had shown up, Solomon Motou had slipped away.

His Aunt had arranged for a funeral, and had stayed with Yugi for a week at the Game Shop. They had gone to calling hours, and Yugi's friends had shown up to pay their respects, as they did when they arrived at the actual funeral, and laid Solomon Motou to rest into a six-foot deep hole for all eternity.

Mai, being the actual last relative left, had to close the shop down, and it saddened Yugi to no end even further. Yugi had packed the games that he wanted, and called up one of his Grandpa's close friends, who was also deeply in love with games, and openly took over the business.

"It's going to be about an hour drive, okay hun?" The blonde Aunt slammed the door shut, and then buckled up. "You okay hun?" she asked her nephew.

The broken hearted teen's eyes drooped, but snapped back open when he felt his Aunt's tender hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, I'll be fine," he answered, not totally sure with his own answer.

Mai blinked thoughtfully at her nephew, then backed out of the driveway, and then Domino all together.

-One hour later-

"Have you ever been to Tokyo Yugi?" Mai asked, making yet another right turn down another street.

Yugi looked out the window, viewing the part of Tokyo he'd never seen before. He swallowed hard. "Only once," he replied in a solemn voice.

Mai made a couple more turns before entering a large driveway that led to a large house. "We're here hun," she announced, parking the car, and taking the key out of the ignition.

Yugi glanced through the windshield at the large home his Aunt owned. He'd been here only once with his grandpa, but that's when he was very young.

The home wasn't crazy huge, but big enough to probably house ten people. The two-story home was made of stone, white paint splattered neatly on top. There were six windows in view, but there were probably about twenty or so more covering the whole house. Yugi noted the multiple vines creeping up the graying walls.

Opening his door, Yugi stepped out onto the pavement, and walked to the trunk.

"Here hun," his Aunt said, handing him his things. "The movers should be here soon with the rest of your stuff," she stated, literally slamming the trunk close.

Yugi watched as he Aunt's feet walked away, probably going to the front door. Heaving a heavy sigh, Yugi trudged to front door.

"You go in hun," Mai instructed, letting the wooden door swing open. "You can go upstairs and pick any available room you like. I'll wait for the movers to arrive," she added.

The depressed teen bobbed his head twice, and headed in. The place was actually smaller than it looked. Polished wooden floors under his sneakers, and olive green living room walls surrounded him. There was antique furniture scattered all about the room, but there were many modern devices as well.

Making his way to the white painted staircase, Yugi climbed thirty something stairs to see a rather long soft blue walled hallway.

Dragging his feet a little, Yugi opened door after door, each something new.

After about fifteen minutes of searching, Yugi had found three bathrooms, most likely his Aunt's studio, three guestrooms that looked like they were made for newborn babies, his Aunt's room, and five closets.

Opening the last door in the hallway, Yugi casually stepped inside. It didn't look too bad. There was dark blue walls, an actual semi-white carpet; thankfully nothing girlish. There was no furniture in this room, so he'd be able to keep all of his things. That included his bed, Yugi's one way ticket to nothingness.

Noticing two other doors, Yugi opened the closest one to him, and it revealed an empty walk-in closet. He closed the door slowly, and then tried the other. It revealed a private bathroom.

Finding nothing of interest in the room anymore, Yugi placed his bag down on the floor behind the door, and hobbled back downstairs to wait with his Aunt.

Mai closed the door after the two men that hauled Yugi's stuff up the stairs.

"So, what would you like for dinner? I can order pizza, we could go out…" She glanced away from her fingers to her quiet nephew. "…Or we could just eat something that's in the kitchen."

Yugi shuffled under his Aunt's gaze, and stated flatly, "We could order pizza. I really don't mind what kind of toppings there are."

Mai nodded, and walked behind Yugi, and took a hold of his shoulders. "Then you can just sit here, and watch some TV if you want." She maneuvered the teen around the ancient furniture, and softly pushed him down onto the flower decorated sofa, and handed him the small remote.

Yugi smiled weakly, and grasped the remote, hating the fact that Mai was handling him like a useless rag doll. He didn't want his Aunt thinking that he had lost all sense in moving by himself. Looking up, Yugi shook away his bangs and showed his Aunt his eyes for the first time that day.

She smiled and stated, "I'll go order that pizza then," and headed off to the kitchen where the phone supposedly was located.

Yugi clicked the remote once, and the large television screen came to life. Flipping through the channels, Yugi finally decided to watch some odd, new cartoon, and settled back into the softness of the sofa.

"The pizza should be here in about thirty minutes they said, I hope you like peppers and sausage," Mai announced, reappearing back into the living room. "If you need me, I'll be up in my studio finishing some things up." She started for the stairs, but stopped, and pulled some cash out of her pocket. "Oh, here's some money for the pizza when it comes."

Yugi nodded, not really remembering what his Aunt did for a living. "What do you do exactly?" he asked shyly, looking up at his Aunt who was halfway up the stairs.

Mai smiled, and walked back down the stairs. "Photography. I usually take pictures of models, but sometimes when I have free time, I'll just go out, and take pics of nature." She pointed to a close up picture of a small bird on a log, probably somewhere in the woods, above Yugi's head. "And even sometimes, I travel, and I get really interesting shots."

Yugi nodded, thinking that it was a pretty good occupation to have. It even sounded like Aunt Mai. "That's cool," he muttered, watching as Mai made her way back upstairs again.

Yugi continued to watch the cartoon, and as Mai had said before, the pizza delivery guy arrived, and the teen paid the acne-covered teen the money, plus a small tip. He placed the warm pizza box on the kitchen counter, and raced upstairs to tell his Aunt that the pizza had arrived.

Knocking on the open door, Mai turned around in her seat, and away from the computer, and asked, "Anything wrong?"

Yugi shook his head, and came in, almost slipping in the process as his socks met with an extra-waxed floor. "No, the pizza's just here." He looked over Mai's shoulder, and glanced at the computer's screen. "Who's that?" he asked, looking at the model.

"Oh, he's just one of the models I shoot for. You see, I have a contract with a modeling agency, and they asked me if I could do the photography for a couple of their models," Mai explained, clicking on the small magnifying glass with a plus in the middle so that the picture could come closer and clearer.

"What's his name?" Yugi asked, looking the model over.

"Atemu," she stated. "He's Egyptian, but he and his parents moved here when he was twelve; or so I've been told. He learned Japanese, and according to all of the gossip, he had this obsession with modeling, but his parents didn't approve. So he ran away and somehow got into the modeling business." She laughed. "Overall, he's a nice guy, and now when I look at him, I think of you."

Yugi studied the picture again, and instantly realized what she meant. This Atemu looked like his long, lost, older brother. He had the same hair, and seemed pretty small in height, but he couldn't be completely sure. His facial features were much sharper, and had crimson colored eyes, unlike Yugi's amethyst ones.

It was quite obvious that he worked out, because you could see a flat and toned abdomen quite clearly. But one thing Yugi wondered was if he was anorexic like all of the other models he heard of in magazines and on television.

Yugi sighed through his nose, and noticed that Mai had stood up, and was heading for the door. He quickly followed after her, and headed downstairs to eat the ever-growing cold pizza.

The morning sun bore down through the large windows, and Yugi woke from the piercing rays. Squinting, Yugi shoved off the blankets, swung his feet over the bed, eventually stood up, and took a quick shower.

Pulling his hoodie sweatshirt over his head, Yugi quickly brushed his hair, and walked downstairs to meet his Aunt reading the paper, and sipping at some coffee.

"I have microwave meals, and cereal. There are at least four juices in the fridge, along with some milk," Mai stated, pointing to the cabinets and fridge, all the while her gaze never leaving the paper.

Yugi nodded, knowing that Mai didn't see it. He walked over to the counter, and opened the cabinet, and grabbed a box of cereal, and a bowl right next to it. He opened the fridge, took some milk out, and poured it into the bowl. He searched through numerous drawers looking for a spoon, and by the time he had found one, all his cereal had gone soggy, and not too appetizing.

Slumping into one of the stools that was situated around a high table, Yugi hesitantly at the cereal, and skimmed some of the articles on the back of the paper his Aunt was still reading.

"You don't mind if I have some company come over, do you Yugi?" Mai asked when Yugi was almost finished with his breakfast.

"No, not at all."

Mai smiled, and downed the rest of her coffee that she had left, and put the newspaper down. "Oh, and I got your uniform for school this morning. You'll be starting in two days, just so that you can get adjusted to everything first."

Yugi swallowed the lump in his throat, and placed the spoon into the bowl. He leaned back, and put his hands into his lap. "Alright," he stated lowly, his eyes downcast.

Mai stood up, and looked at her wristwatch. "It's ten thirty-two, and they should be here around noon," she stated. "We'll be downstairs in the basement, just so you know."

Yugi stood up from his chair as well, and took his bowl over to where the dishwasher was, and placed the dish and utensil inside. "Okay."

He made his exit, and grabbed his new, gray uniform that was the on sofa and dashed upstairs to his new room. Closing the door shut, Yugi opened his closet, and grabbed a hanger, and hung his uniform on it, then put it back into the closet until it was needed.

Sitting himself into his desk's chair, Yugi took out his sketchbook, and started to draw the first thing that came to mind.

Three hours whizzed by quickly, and Yugi finished two drawings in that time. One of a half-dead tree, and the other picture was of the sea's salty shore. His stomach growling and demanding that it be fed, Yugi tucked away his drawing pencils and headed to the kitchen.

He made a small sandwich, and had a glass of milk. Leaning on his elbows when he demolished the food, Yugi couldn't think of anything to do. He was so far away from his friends that he hung around regularly, and here in Tokyo, he knew nobody except his Aunt.

He thought of one of the games that he had brought, and decided against playing one of them, even if he could play it alone like he used to.

"There's nothing to do…" Yugi spoke aloud, his chin now in his hands. "Nothing to do…nothing to do…" he complained to himself, drowning in his own boredom.

He reached out for the small box of crackers that his Aunt seemed to like, and read some of the labels to keep his amusement up. But his ears perked when he heard laughter float from the basement.

Furrowing his brow, Yugi slipped out of the stool he was currently sitting in, and tiptoed to the open doorway that led to the basement, voices becoming louder now.

"No, I'm serious Atemu, just do the pose," Mai's voice came first, sounding like a playful demand.

"But it's stupid Mai, nobody will praise it!" came an unbelievably smooth baritone voice next, making Yugi shiver with slight delight.

"I will."

"You always do, you're the one who makes up the poses!"

Yugi listened to the light argument with amusement, faintly remembering what the model looked like from last night. He remembered that the teen looked slightly similar to him, but more mature features.

Yugi smiled as the teen with the smooth voice went silent and he heard a click of Mai's most likely priceless camera.

"There, that's all for today," Mai stated, sounding rather tired all of a sudden.

Yugi listened to different movements from below, and skidded away when he heard one of the two starting to climb up the stairs. Halfway into the kitchen, Yugi's heart thumped loudly when the teen with the baritone voice called out, "Mai, you never told me you had company!"

"Oh, that's just my nephew, Yugi, he's about your age!" Mai's muffled voice called back, sounding distracted at the moment.

Yugi stood stiffly as he dared himself to move but couldn't. He hated the fact that this guy was obviously staring at him, and wouldn't stop, and the fact that Yugi didn't really know the guy. "Turn around," came the curious command.

Yugi's breath came out hard, but not very noticeable. Clenching his eyes shut, he quickly opened them and pivoted around to see the model from the computer screen starting at him with a smile on his face.

"Um…hi…?" Yugi tried awkwardly, feeling totally lame, and forgetting that this guy was his age. Maybe it was because he was a model he seemed to be older.

"You look like a long lost brother or something," the model stated, taking a few steps forward, making Yugi realize that he looked older because he was wearing some makeup.

"W-well, I can as-assure you that I…I'm not," Yugi stammered, doing everything in his power not to. This guy was a teenager just like him! Why couldn't he talk normally?

The model eyed with a half smirk, half smile look, and Yugi's heart raced even more. How he hated being a shy person with people he didn't know! Why couldn't he be outgoing or something so that he wouldn't be in this awkward position?

"I'm convinced," the model spoke, coming closer to the smaller teenager. "Well now at least I can call you cute."

'What's with this guy!' Yugi screamed in his mind, staring wide-eyed at the model. Not only had he given Yugi a hint of his own sexuality, but also it screamed that his guy was obviously outgoing, unlike himself.

To Yugi's even more surprise, the model burst out laughing. "I'm only kidding, I don't mean it." He held out his hand for Yugi to take. Yugi hesitantly took it, and the model introduced himself. "I'm Atemu Kano, and you're…"

"Yugi Motou," Yugi quickly answered, shaking the model's hand, and took it back.

"Oh good, you two finally met," Mai's voice chimed in as she shut the cellar door shut. "Hopefully you two will get along well," she finished as she took the camera that was in her hands upstairs.

Yugi wanted to follow her up, but Atemu was in his way. "Um…so…" he started, but quickly lost what he was thinking.

"Yeah, I know it's weird and all, you're meeting a model that's famous in Japan, and you don't know what to say because he's in your Aunt's house, and blah, blah, blah," Atemu stated, making Yugi smile at his bored tone. "But there is no need for shock, you'll be seeing me quite often, and I do hope that we'll become friends in the near future."

Yugi's smile faltered as the model backed up, and walked to the front door, going to wherever he came from.

"Well, that was weird," Yugi, mused to him as he remembered the scene that just was played out from him being absolutely nervous to smiling at a used tone.

Shaking his head, Yugi smiled to himself again, and made his way upstairs to ask his Aunt more about his 'Atemu Kano' person.

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