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Gritting his teeth, Atemu tried to push Anzu off from his person as she literally hung onto his neck, peppering him in kisses. "Please Atemu! Please don't do this!" she pleaded, a doleful expression spread across her face.

Finally able to unhook the girl's interlaced fingers from the back of his neck. "I don't care Anzu," he spat, pushing the female teen a good three feet from him.

Not even looking to see if she was going to advance toward him again as he spun around, going back to the task he was previously doing before Anzu had shown up.

Moving the large cardboard box to the side and grabbing another one, Atemu walked over to his desk, passing Anzu along the way. Unplugging the lamp and gathering many papers that resided in folders, he carefully walked back to the box, and deposited them away.

It was a day before his birthday, the day he turned eighteen and was allowed to leave the house. He intended to leave the moment the sun rose, and catch the earliest plane back to Japan.

So now, he was packing everything away. He had already contacted some movers to take the larger things separately, along with contacting some real estate agents to help him find a suitable apartment.

"Atemu!" Anzu shrieked again, coming up behind him, thankfully keeping her hands to herself this time. "You can't move away! How do you expect to make us live by ourselves? At least take me with you!"

"My parents invited you, not me. You're their responsibility, and I don't have to take you with me," Atemu responded, not even turning to face his girlfriend.

Anzu frantically searched around, her fists clenching in frustration. She remained silent for a while, as if trying to calm herself down, but it only resulted in her getting even more upset than before.

Stamping her foot down on the clean carpet below her, Anzu shouted, "I'm telling your parents about this!"

Wincing at the screeching noise behind him, Atemu stopped at the threatening words. He wasn't going to fall for it this time. Standing up from his crouching position and turning around, he towered ever so slightly over Anzu.

His eyes narrowed, but Anzu's didn't falter at the glare. "Go ahead, tell them," he said coolly. "There won't be a thing they can do about it. Tomorrow, I'm officially considered an adult in society."

Her jaw jutted out a little, making the brunette seem even more outraged by his declaration. "You - you can't - Atemu!" she stuttered out, unable to find the right words to scold him with.

Both slender brows rose into the model's hairline, and a small smirk graced his lips. "Speechless I see," he said, examining the shocked girl before him. He slowly pointed toward the door to the right. "Go along; tell my parents what I just said." Oh how he loved the ability to tease.

Power seemed to flow throughout his body now that he knew he could obtain such a level of superiority. It made Atemu feel so much better now that he knew he had control over what he did and didn't do anymore.

But Anzu just stood there, her mouth agape at his words. Leaning slightly forward so that his lips hovered just by her ear, he said barely over a whisper, "I dare you."

Pulling back and busing himself with the task of packing again, he listened as his now ex-girlfriend stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her in a huff.

Relaxing, Atemu stopped his work and listened as Anzu rushed down the stairs and he strained to hear the girl run across the ground floor, charging into the study where his parents were. He no longer had to strain to hear as Anzu's shrilly voice made it through the floorboards.

Chuckling to himself as he realized just how much authority he had around his parents now, Atemu quickly fetched his bed sheets and folded them up, packing them into the boxes as well.

Surprisingly, his parents made no appearance the rest of the night. Atemu shrugged to himself as he listened faintly to the footsteps below, occasional muffled conversations being tossed around.

Everything was now packed except his bed and desk. He had everything stacked neatly in a corner where it was all labeled, ready to be picked up by the movers he had specifically hired. A simple suitcase was all that was left that he would take with him, along with a small carry-on to keep him occupied on the flight.

The model ran a hand through his slightly messed up hair, wondering if he had done everything that was needed to be done. The apartment in Tokyo was ready to be moved into, most of the payments already done.

He had cancelled his contract with Mirrored Images, saying that he was transferring to another agency; back to the original one in Tokyo that is. The whole school thing was also sorted out, and he re-rolled back into the public school he was previously attending.

Everything seemed to be in place, and Atemu couldn't wait to leave. He had confirmed with himself that he didn't want to be a part of this horrible family anymore; he didn't want to be the only support his parents had either.

The mere thought of his parents getting actual jobs made a half smile, half smirk to Atemu's lips. Neither one really had experience in the work place, although his father had some, but that was before his son was even born. Atemu wondered what they'd do after he was gone, their son's income cut off from them.

Anzu would have to figure things out on her own; though, she'd have enough money to spend to get herself back with her own family, as she was from a fairly wealthy family as well.

Walking over to the large window his room was provided, Atemu gazed out at the other homes across the crowded street. Most of the lights were on, creating a yellowish glow to everything. Car horns below bellowed out loudly, the traffic backed up again due to a broken streetlight. Dozens of people dressed for the night walked the streets as the sun went down, darkness filling the spaces.

He wouldn't miss any of it. Most of the time he only received five to six hours of sleep from all of the constant noise, and he had to work extra hard to keep everything together during school, work and his parent's constant complaints about him falling over from exhaustion.

Back in Tokyo, most of the time he was able to gather enough sleep to keep him going throughout the day. School wasn't as rough and bleak, and modeling at the agency had become less and less as Mr. Daniels realized how over scheduled he was, telling him to see Mai once or twice a week instead of lugging himself back and forth to the agency.

But the one thing Atemu was looking most forward to be seeing Yugi. It had been a good three and a half months since Atemu had seen his boyfriend last, and Atemu knew that the moment they met again, Yugi wouldn't mind losing his breath in a crushing hug and kiss.

Leaning against the small window sill provided, Atemu drifted off, daydreaming of Yugi. His stomach twisted and swirled at the thought of the other, and his chest swelled with emotions directed toward the other.

If only his plane ticket allowed him to leave tonight!

Suddenly, there was a sharp knock on his door, and Atemu had no trouble in guessing who exactly it was. He got up slowly, taking his sweet time in reaching the door. He smiled devilishly as the knocks on the door became more furious and demanding.

The power to tease, how wonderful it was!

Pulling the door open, he was met with the sight of his parents squashed together tightly, scowls on their faces, glares of death clearly directed for him. Behind them, Atemu could hear Anzu sobbing pitifully.

"Why, hello mother, father," he said sweetly, loving how both of their faces contorted into even more anger.

"Atemu, we need to talk," his mother said gruffly, apparently trying not to start clawing his eyes out with her long red-painted nails.

The model rolled his eyes a little, but the second he saw the small glint in his father's eye, he backed up, his smile faltering. He was still wary of what his father was capable of, knowing for a fact that he could be quickly overpowered.

He crossed his arms as the trio cautiously stepped in as if the roof was going to come down on them like a trap. "Okay then, what about?" he asked, somehow trying to keep the coldness out of his voice for the meantime.

Anzu only sobbed harder, and Atemu suppressed the urge to smile at the comical sight. His mother spoke first.

"Anzu here has told us that you are planning to move back to Tokyo, are you not?" the woman spoke, a glint of anger still in her eye as she spotted the stacked boxes.

Atemu nodded.

"You are not allowed to move from this house, Atemu," his father said sternly, his glare burning a hole in his son's forehead.

Atemu sighed shortly through his nose, his eyes slanting a little. "Tomorrow as you hopefully know is my eighteenth birthday. As law states, once I turn eighteen, I am allowed to move away from you two, and go where I please."

The model noted that his father's hands clenched into even tighter fists, but also that his mother gently placed a hand on his arm as if to hold him back. Atemu wondered if that meant what he thought it meant.

"You are not leaving this house Atemu," his father stated again. "We had an agreement that you were to stay here until no longer needed."

"What 'agreement'?" Atemu snapped. "You're making things up! And what exactly am I needed here for? Can you tell me that?"

His parents both stayed silent, their anger visibly boiling.

"Great!" Atemu shouted mildly, throwing his hands up. "Then I suppose that my suspicions are correct, I am only useful when I get a paycheck!" His parents had never said that to him in his life, but by the age of twelve, Atemu had figured it out for himself.

His parents looked rather flustered despite the rage they were overpowered with.

"If you want to know, I'm leaving tomorrow morning, around five-thirty in the morning," he said coldly.

His father seemed to snap at the statement, and Atemu backed up as the man advanced toward him. "You will not leave this house, Atemu. You will stay here, go about your modeling, and you will be married to Anzu by the time she has finished college!" he raged, face becoming so red that Atemu faintly wondered if steam would start slipping out.

"You can't make me!" Atemu shouted, deciding to stand his ground all of a sudden.

His father seemed surprised, but nonetheless retorted back, "No, you're not!"

"Don't make me bring the authorities in. I can charge you of kidnap, you know."

That seemed to get the man to stop, and a small smirk pranced eagerly onto the model's lips as his father seemed to be in a stupor.

Neither one of his parents ever really liked the police, nor any force of it's kind. Atemu never really knew why, but there must've been something to trigger it back long ago. All he knew was that if he mentioned it, his parents would be trapped, just like now.

His mother walked up to the two, her rage somewhat gone. Then, the unexpected happened, and Atemu never thought that he'd see the day.

A pleading look was immediately substituted in his mother's crimson eyes, and the same look reluctantly slid into his father's stern ones. "Atemu, please, reconsider," his mother literally begged. "Don't move back to Tokyo. Move to another place in New York if you don't like it here.

"If you must know the truth, we really depend on you when it come to financial things, we really do. We're sorry we've treated you so badly over the years, and if you stay, we promise not to be so harsh. We're truly, deeply sorry."

Atemu wanted to laugh at the change of things, but didn't. Although some sympathy seeped into his emotions, he didn't pay much attention to it. So this was what his parents really were. Shriveling, weak, greedy rats.

He had no intention on letting them go so easily, but he didn't want to be totally heartless and make their lives a total living hell. Although...Atemu shook the dark thoughts from his mind.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Atemu glared lightly at his parents. "Although that was considerably convincing, I'm not changing my mind about moving. I'm not going to send any money, so you'll have to work for it yourselves. I wish you good luck on that." His parents seemed to be scared at his declaration, and Atemu mentally cheered in his mind.

"Anzu is not coming with me, as you must've heard, so you'll have to support her until she decides to go back and live with her own folks." He paused, taking a breath, finding some confusion in his parent's eyes.

"I'm probably sure you're wondering why I have decided to move away from you, as you two obviously can't see why for yourself. You both have treated me badly ever since I was a mere child. You forced me into something I originally didn't want to do up until recently." He directed his gaze toward his father. "I've taken many of your beatings, most of which you haven't really cared about."

"But, Atemu, sweetie, please-"

"You have no idea how horrible my life was, hearing all of your screams and demands that I had to meet in a certain amount of time. You overscheduled me countless times, and you wonder why I've collapsed in the middle of something important because I was exhausted.

"For a long time, I've hated both of you. Dragging me to do things I didn't want to do, and meet people who I didn't want to meet. Anzu, for example." He gazed over his father's shoulder to see that the girl was trying not to burst out in tears at his last comment. "But now, I almost, I repeat, almost, pity both of you, but I see that you two are nothing but greedy pigs that need to be taught a lesson.

"As I said before, you'll support yourself now, and you shouldn't expect me to help you in any way until you're weaker and feeble, possibly on your deathbeds. That's when I'll care again. But as of now, all I have to say to you two is: goodbye."

His speech of reasoning ended, and silence engulfed the room in an awkward kind of way. The only sound was the small cries and sniffles from Anzu near the door.

Atemu felt overly smug as he gazed at his almost hollow looking parents. He wondered faintly if he did the right thing, and if he should have treated the two not so harshly.

'It's for the best, they deserve it.'

"Oh, Atemu!" his mother suddenly cried, out, surprising Atemu a little at the unexpected plea. "Don't go, we'll be nicer, I swear on it!" she tried, but to no avail.

Atemu backed up as she attempted to hug him, and he pushed the woman away, warily watching his father, who straightened up, his gaze still empty.

His mother attempted to hug him for another five minutes, but Atemu kept pushing her away. Finally, his father came up, placing a calloused hand on her shoulder. "Rana..." he said in a voice that sounded defeated to Atemu's surprise. He pulled her away as she kept desperately trying to beg Atemu into staying.

He ushered the sniffling Anzu out through the door, handing his wife to the girl. He took a hold of the shiny doorknob, going out himself, but as he slowly closed the door, he stared at his son, a grave look on his face.

"You'll regret this Atemu, you will regret this." And he was gone.

Atemu seriously doubted it.

Yugi bounced up and down as he watched the plane land from inside the airport, hoping that Atemu had successfully made it. Otogi stood next him, a small smile gracing his lips at Yugi's excitement.

"You think he's on the plane?" Yugi asked for the hundredth time.

The smile still planted on his lips, Otogi looked down at his friend's boyfriend. "Of course he is, he called earlier, telling us that he was at the airport in New York," he assured, excitement also building in his chest.

Suddenly, people started to filter out into the large waiting room, and Yugi and Otogi started to desperately search for their friend. It was when Yugi started to bite his lip in worry did Atemu appear from the growing crowd.

Without any warning, Yugi somewhat launched himself onto the model, smothering the other in various kisses, not caring whether or not people were watching. "Atemu, you're back," he breathed, a smile glued to his lips permanently.

Atemu chuckled, kissing Yugi at the statement. Pulling back and chuckling again as Yugi moaned quietly in protest, Atemu said, "I'm here for good too..."

Yugi looked like he was going to cry, and Atemu kissed the other again and again until a small tap was put on his shoulder. Hesitantly, he pulled his lips off from Yugi's, but he still kept an arm around the smaller's waist.

Turning around, a goofy smile reached Atemu's lips as his sight met Otogi. "Dude, people are starting to stare you know..." the black haired model commented a little nervously, trying to sound rather discreet.

"Dude!" Atemu exclaimed, and Otogi was taken aback. Atemu was never the one to say such a slang word, and the model suddenly wondered what happened to the real Atemu. An arm was suddenly wrapped around his shoulder and he was pressed into a hug.

Awkwardly, Otogi pushed himself away, a small smile making its way onto his lips. "Someone's happy..." he muttered, still seeing people watching them. Stepping up, Otogi raised the power of his voice and said, "Come on guys, let's get out of here. I've got chips and dip back at home."

The two boyfriends pulled back, and Yugi shook his head, leaning unconsciously into Atemu's strong hold, resting his head on the model's chest.

"No thanks Otogi, thanks for the suggestion though," Yugi said, a content smile on his lips now. "We're going to head off on our own for a while. Atemu said he bought an apartment or something."

Otogi closed his eyes and presented the biggest smile he could muster. "Alright then, I better get going. See ya! Don't get into too much trouble!"

Atemu and Yugi watched as he dashed off a little too quickly. Both shrugged.

- A Month Later -

Yugi helped Atemu arrange his furniture, as it finally arrived just days ago. He was currently dragging Atemu's desk to the corner of the room, hoping that the other would think it was a good place to put it. Atemu at the moment was arranging things in the small kitchen, cursing as a plate or something durable clanked on one of his toes.

Just a month ago, after they both managed to get out of the airport and into a cab, they both drove off back to Yugi's home. Both Mai and Atemu had been ecstatic to see each other again, and Mai had even tried to convince to get a couple pictures just so that she could get some practice again. Benjamin had taken quite a liking to Atemu as well, resulting in Yugi having to rush out to the backyard with the dog, hoping that the animal could finish his business outside.

Laughing at the memory, Yugi walked into the tiny kitchen, watching as his boyfriend cursed at the Tupperware he was placing into the cupboards. He enveloped his arms around the other's upper chest, pressing up against Atemu's back.

"Hello, love," he said soothingly, nuzzling the other's shoulder.

"Hello, Yugi," the model responded, twisting around the second he shut the cupboard close. He captured the other's lips in soft kiss, nipping at Yugi's slightly dry lips.

Yugi immediately opened up, wanting to have Atemu explore him yet again as he loved the feeling of Atemu's tongue brushing against his no matter how many times they kissed everyday.

Moaning, Yugi stood on his tiptoes, wanting to deepen the kiss even more, and Atemu complied, mapping the hot cavern he was offered to every last detail. He subconsciously inched forward, walking cautiously into the living quarters.

Not really knowing where the sofa was moved to as his eyes were shut, Atemu carefully lowered them to the floor, his hands supporting Yugi's head and the small of his back. Once they were both on the floor, Atemu's hands reattached themselves to Yugi's silky locks.

He was flush against the carpeted floor and Yugi arched his back, trying to press into Atemu. He unfortunately found that he couldn't; Atemu was still leveled onto his knees, and Yugi immediately knew that Atemu had done that with purpose.

Still continuing their long-lasting kiss, Yugi snaked his hands out of Atemu's wild hair unnoticed, and brought them to the model's shoulders. Without warning, he lightly pressed down on them, and Atemu was soon pressed against him like he wanted.

The two kissed for a little while longer, but the need for air became too needed. Reluctantly, they parted, panting for breath. Atemu rolled over to Yugi's side, a content smile on his face as he wrapped an arm around a very familiar waist.

"I love you..." he panted quietly into Yugi's ear.

Yugi turned his head, a smile of satisfaction also on his lips. "I love you too..." he said, and suddenly his eyes went wide, an excitement inside them that Atemu couldn't quite understand.

With slight confusion, Atemu watched as Yugi rolled back over, pulling himself along the floor to his bag that was nearby. He quickly snatched whatever he needed and dragged himself back into Atemu's embrace.

A smile tugged at the corners of Atemu's lips. "The camera we stole," he commented recognizing the object the second he saw it.

Without a word, Yugi turned the camera on, and twisted it around in his hand so that the lens faced them. He shuffled a shoulder closer to Atemu bopping his head against Atemu's.

"Say cheese."

His smirk quickly disappeared, and Atemu smiled, shouting out 'cheese!' with Yugi as the other pressed the button to take the picture.

"I can't see!"

"I'm blind!"

Somehow as they both saw dazzling spots before them, the two managed to interlock lips, the camera completely forgotten.

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