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By Indigo44

Chapter 1
Love Potion

"Aang, hey, wake up."

The Avatar slowly opened his sleepy eyes and waited forthem to adjust before seeing who had woken him. Sokka was kneeling over him with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey, guess what. There's a festival being set up down there in the village," Sokka told him. "and guess what's being sold." Sokka was shaking with excitement. Without waiting for Aang to respond he exclaimed in an ecstatic, soft whisper, "Potions!"

"Wha?" Aang asked, still groggy. "Sokka you said that you don't believe in magic or witchcraft."

"Potions aren't magic!" Sokka scoffed. "They're the real deal. Do you know how many times potions have worked on me?"

Aang raised an eyebrow. "When has a potion been used on you?"

"Katara used to put stuff in my drinks when we were younger; they made me do a whole bunch of weird stuff." Sokka explained. "C'mon Aang, let's go now before the girls wake up. I want to get back at Katara for all the times she's poisoned me."

Aang rolled over and whined, "I'm sleeping." He heard Sokka crouch down by his ear.

"I bet there're things down there for Toph." Sokka teased. Aang's eyes opened a bit and considered the possibility.

"How do you figure that?" Aang asked.

"There's gotta be some love potions down there, and maybe some other stuff too." Sokka said.

"Well…" Aang thought for a second. "OK, let's go and see." Aang got up from his sleeping pad, stretched, and followed Sokka down to the village.

The sun was just coming above the horizon when the two boys reached the village. Some vendors were setting up there stands. Potions were being set out to advertise what was available. Various bottles of colors and sizes reflected the new day's sun light off the glass.

Aang's eyes were drawn to a vendor's stand not too far away, being run by an elderly man. The sign above the man's head read, "Love and Romance". Aang wanted to go over, but he was a little embarrassed to do so with Sokka, another guy. This was a private thing to do.

To his luck Aang heard Sokka say something to him about going to another stand and saw him walk away. Perfect timing.

The Avatar made his way over to the old man and asked him, "Hi there, uh, do you have love potions?" It was sort of a stupid question, seeing as the sign explained what was being sold, but Aang wanted to be polite.

The man fixed his eyes on Aang and squinted, trying to see him better. His expression was kind and Aang immediately felt comfortable in his presence. The man gave him a smile and nodded.

"You're out quite early." The man stated. Aang nodded. "Yes, I have a fine assortment of potions that will cause anyone to fall in love with the first person they set eyes upon. The prices are a bit expensive but Ibelieve they are reasonable. Five silver coins for a bottle."

"Five silver coins?" Aang asked taken aback. "How do I know that these things actually work?"

The man chuckled. "My boy, the festival lasts all day. If my potion does not work for you, you may return here within that time and I will give you a full refund."

Aang smiled at him. "You're pretty confident that things work huh?"

"They have never failed." He said simply.

Aang paid the man five silver coins and received a red bottle of potion. He was told that he needed to get the girl in question to drink the potion, then the potion would take effect.

Aang found Sokkaat a nearby stand, bartering prices with a woman. He quickly told the water tribewarrior that he was heading back to camp and he would see him in a bit.

He sprinted back to the camp, already planning on how he was going to get Toph to drink the potion.

When he arrived at camp he stopped running and caught his breath. He walked toward his pack and hid the potion safely inside.

He heard a rustling behind him. Aang stood up and whirled around. His heart stopped when he saw Toph standing there with her arms crossed.

"Where have you been? And where's Sokka?" Toph asked in hercommanding voice.

"I…we…well there was a, uh…" Aang stumbled on his words. Toph began to tap her foot up and down. "How did you know we left?"

Toph rolled her eyes. "I felt you guys leaving. I'm a light sleeper you know." Toph explained somewhat impatiently. "So, where were you?" She asked again.

"Sokka and I woke up early and he wanted to go and take a walk, we headed down toward the village nearby and looked around. He decided to stay for a while and I came back." Aang made up his story. It wasn't completely false, but not entirely true.

"I can tell you're lying." Toph scowled at him. Aang thought fast. He crouched down by his pack again and pulled out the potion.

"Well maybe you'll like this, I got something for you." Aang approached her and handed her the bottle.

"What it is?" She asked, running her hands over the glass. Aang saw her expression soften a bit. Maybe she liked that he got her a gift.

"Drink it." Aang said simply. Normally Toph wouldn't have drunkan unknown substancethat someone gave her, but she was curious and she trusted Aang. She pulled out the stopper and brought the bottle to her lips.

It wasn't a large bottle so she could easily consume all of it fairly quickly. When she took the bottle away for her lips Aang noticed a small bit of liquid clinging to them. Aang had to resist the urge to go up and kiss her right then. He had to wait for the potion to work.

Toph smacked her lips and after a second she spoke. "That was pretty good. OK, you're forgiven." She tossed the bottle back to Aang and started to walk away.

Aang was dumfounded. "Wait, wait." Toph stopped as he rushed over to her. He turned her around so that she was looking at him. Only then did he remember something.

"Potions that will cause anyone to fall in love with the first person they set eyes upon."

Aang heard the old man's voice in his head.The first person they set eyes upon. Toph was blind. It wouldn't work for her because she couldn't "set eyes upon" him.

Aang let out a saddened sigh. Toph cocked her head to one side looking at him curiously.

"What?" She asked him.

"Nothing," Aang responded. He felt cold inside. "Nothing."

End of Chapter 1