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Chapter 4
Out of Ideas

The sun had long since risen and the Avatar remained on his bed roll with his eyes closed. He refused to start the day. The day previous had been so terrible, so full of failure, he didn't want to risk another.

He had heard Katara and Sokka go down to the village to buy some supplies for when they were going to depart. He hadn't heard Toph's movements at. Although he was curious he kept his eyes closed. He would stay like this all the way until they left if he had to. He felt so miserable and helpless that he didn't have the motivation to even go back to sleep.

He heard footsteps approaching him, but he didn't care. He didn't register in his head that the only person who would be coming toward him would be the one person he wanted the most. When he heard her voice he was so surprised that he opened his eyes slightly.

"Twinkle Toes." Toph said to him. "I know you're awake." She went down to her knees and looked down at him. There was a long pause."I know what you've been doing."

Aang's eyes shot open completely. How was that possible? It wasn't possible. Yet she said it. He didn't know whether to feel happy, embarrassed, or ashamed. She rested a hand on his shoulder. She then lay down next to him, propped up on one elbow.

She spoke softly, taking her time, pausing between sentences. "I followed you and Sokka down to the village yesterday when you left early in the morning. I heard you buy the love potion from the vendor. I thought it was for Katara. I thought it would be funny if I asked you where you had been, to see if you would tell me. I pretended to be angry with you. When you gave the potion to me…I didn't really know what to do. I couldn't tell you that I knew you'd bought it. Then when I drank it I had a feeling it may not work because I couldn't…well, I couldn't see you. I could tell that you were unhappy, but before I could tell you anything you had rushed down to the village to get something else. I didn't really know what you did then, so I asked Sokka earlier this morning before they left, you were asleep then. He was reluctant to tell me, but threatening him worked pretty well." She laughed. There was another pause. "Aang, you didn't have to do that for me." She put her mouth right by his ear and whisper, "You don't need a potion to win me, you already have." She nuzzled the side of his face and kissed his cheek.

Aang couldn't think, he couldn't speak, he could only do what he had been wanting to do for so long. He wrapped his arms around her waist and adjusted his body so as to put her on top of him. She smiled down at him and him back at her. Their faces were inches apart. They both knew what they wanted. They closed the gap between them and were united in their first kiss. She was sweeter than he had ever dared to hope and he was happier than he had ever felt. The texture of her lips was irresistable and it seemed to be his luckiest experience to have them pressed against his.

They broke apart and Toph rested her head on his chest. She let out a comfortable sigh. He stroked her hair as a thought came to him.

"Potions are stupid anyway." He said. He felt her laugh into his shirt.

The End

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