And yes, Vampires can sleep in my story. I have changed a lot, like how Edward's eye colour changes according to how he feels ect. So yeah, I have changed quite a bit surrounding the Vampire issue.

Chapter 7: The Sound of Your Heart

I am stupid. In fact, that is an under-statement. What was I thinking? Falling know (I'm not too sure; it may be falling in lust, or crush or more accurately falling in It's too early to decide) ...with my boss.

I woke up the next morning in his arms. In his arms, my face nuzzled in his neck as if we had known each other for years, as if he WAS NOT my boss. I have no legitimate excuse for my behaviour, I did not drink, I'm not on situation is against me, I mean, I've been single for a while (and some), I am his EMPLOYEE and he is inconveniently beautiful (another under-statement, in fact, my musings and hysteria on this whole scenario is an under-statement).

I woke up, inhaling his musty scent and stroking his face. It was then when the intimacy of our situation hit me. I was on the floor, in a skirt mind you, on Edward. He was still asleep against the wall under the window.

The light poured through the window and streamed into my living room. I am so dead. My career is down the drain, I am destined to live off my mother or I may have to go overseas or interstate and get married to some middle-aged, wealthy business owner.

Or I will be forced to live in this apartment and make a living of busking or something. If only I had learnt to play a musical instrument when I was in high school, the teacher, Miss Gretchen (who was a 'miss' for a damn good reason!) hated me, because I accidentally stubbed her toe in the grade four corridors. So now, because of that witch, I am going to be broke. I can't even busk for the love of God.

I guess I can sleep with Rodney or something, from the human resources department from my last job, I mean, that would increase my chances of getting re-hired. I'll just churn some excuse about me going through a psychologically difficult phase in my life, which I have sought therapy for and have fully recovered. Then I can forget about the Trushmet case, meeting that damned Jacob something today from that Tennis court company and then if Edward is forced to fire me or if I find that his 'feelings' for me was just one big, devious facade, I can just leave work and sleep with Rodney. I mean an office physical relationship is better (to keep in the closet) than an office relationship. And by the latter, I mean everything the term "relationship" entails: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally ect.

My God. I haven't been this nervous since Elizabeth told Samuel I thought he was cute last year, God I was actually nervous to date that pathetic excuse of a biological organism. He is not human. He looks good, but there is more life in Mars than there is in his soul. He just sat across me, goggling at me, expecting me to keep the convo 'up and running'. He was also a pervert, from the Portfolio Assessment and Customer service department. My fault for dating one of those freaks, really.

I tried to disentangle myself from Edward who was breathing ruggedly; he looked like an angel in his sleep. I looked at him and recalled everything that we said to each other last night. I hope he wasn't 

lying, because I meant every word, every syllable that I said to him. He opened his eyes as I tried to lift his arm from around my waist slowly.

"Going somewhere Ms. Swan?" He asked me in his I'M-YOUR-BOSS-AND-I'M GOING-TO-YELL-AT-YOU-NOW! voice. I looked at him, my eyes wide. My heart stopped.

"Bella, I am joking. Please stop worrying about it, really. I...I was not lying about anything; I can hear your palpitations. You need to breathe...Please," Edward whispered gently, he got up and pulled me into his lap. I looked down at him. He was crazy, heck, I was crazy. We were both crazy. If anybody found out? ...

Who cares really? I mean, it's none of their business right? I've been so miserable for so long, and God's thrown this beautiful being in my direction, how stupid would I have to be to run the other side. David would condemn me (especially after checking him out). I looked into his eyes (they were a soft green and blue colour, the first time I have ever seen such a colour on him, my heart melted) and suddenly all my reasons for ending this short-lived relationship, all my insecurities and fears dissipated into the air. I looked at him and smiled. His hair was messy (and oh, so irresistible), he was in a singlet for God's sake (he had to take his shirt off because I caked it with flour last night, whilst making apple pie) and I could see the veins bulging (in a completely un-disgusting and completely masculine manner) against his muscles on his forearms. He looked at me and I stared back. I let out a nervous laugh and apologized.

He smiled and gently kissed me. Frankly, after kissing Edward I believe I need a new term to describe what he does to me. Suddenly, he drew back, his eyes turned to a darker colour. Something was wrong, yet he looked at me longingly, almost hungrily.

He pecked me on the cheek, he carried me to the couch and put me on the couch and ran to the bathroom in a flash. I sat on the couch thoroughly confused. He was probably unsatisfied with the kiss, he obviously wanted more. But it was too soon. Yet, something was not right. I got off the couch and made my way to the bathroom. I could hear Edward washing his face and his phone beep. I leant closer to the door.

"Alice?" his voice, uncharacteristically harsh asks. My heart sinks. Alice? There's an Alice involved?

"Of course you saw," he muttered, more to himself.

"No, you know full well I can't— it's just her mind," he snaps, he seems frustrated. Who is "her", me? Maybe...what is wrong with my mind?

"Of Course I nearly lost control, she's so damn intoxicating," he declares in a callous whisper. Excuse me? I'm intoxicating, he sounds so accusing. Maybe, it's not me? Then who does he find intoxicating? Lost control? Was he talking about the kiss? Nah. Maybe driving...maybe he was yelling at someone...Oh I am screwed, he could be talking about anyone. He continued to whisper things which I couldn't hear.

"Alice, look, I'm sorry. I won't hurt — you don't understand how I feel about— well, you're seeing things, I would never. Alice. Listen, you are the best, really, but right now, your abilities are coming 

up short, talk to Carlise...I will NEVER. You don't understand," with that he hung up. He washed his face once more and I ran back to the couch.

He probably works in the sex trade. Probably. I mean, this Alice's abilities were coming up short (apparently she was the best) and now she has to get some check-up with some Carlise, who is probably a doctor and can diagnose sex related disorders and works for Edward. I should have known. He is too perfect and no one in their right mind would fall for me. Especially now, when I am such an emotional wreck.

Edward looked at me. I stared at him coldly. User. Well, he ain't getting a thing. He can just go back to Alice and get AIDS for all I care. We are only going to have an office relationship. God, can he just put his shirt back on, it should be dry by now. I stared at him, unblinking, looking for a sign of deceitfulness. I could not find one. He looked apprehensive and self conscious, well he did just run into the bathroom while we were kissing (no other term needed any more) and he dumped me on the couch.

"I need to get to work Edward," I got up and left him standing in the living room. I went into the bathroom and cried; I stripped and had a shower, cleaning my smudged make-up for I resembled a panda. A hot shower. Trying to forget the damned, sex-crazed Edward in my living room. I gulped. Maybe, I was wrong. Maybe he didn't work for the sex-trade, maybe Alice was his mother, sister, cousin, grandmother...maybe Alice was his gay friend who changed his name and adopted a more feminine name. Yeah, and maybe I am a pixie, living in a mythical world. Of course Edward's in the sex trade or some other trade, where Alice's (the gay friend's) ability has come up short. I changed into my work clothes. I put some extra time into my appearance because this Jacob sounded a little snobbish (and delicious, yes, it's an oxymoron yet it works, he has a creamy voice). I wore a purple and teal sundress and a wore a trench coat with a pair of suede stiletto boots.

I knew that I was dressing up for my pimp boyfriend. Not this Jacob loser. God, I felt thoroughly confused. Edward was too pure and kind-hearted to take advantage of girls, he was beautiful. A part of me knew that every word that Edward and I exchanged last night was true, in fact, he could get a shot gun out and threaten to kill me and I would still believe he was pure in heart. I opened the door to see Edward (still shirtless) waiting for me. I looked into his hazel eyes and my heart skipped a beat. How was he so perfect? His eyes, his eyes, everytime I gazed into their depths, something in my soul awakened.

"Bella, I am sorry. I am sorry for acting unpredictably, the fact is, well, the facts are unclear, but, maybe later on, I can explain myself better to you," he said hopefully, gazing into my eyes.

I nodded and walked up to him. He looked down into my eyes, his right arm encircling my waist and his eyes changed into a deep colour of gold. I was in seventh heaven.

"So, where were we?" I whispered.

Edward chuckled and kissed (new term needed) me.

After what felt like an hour, I broke free.

Edward looked down at me.

"I gotta go work, my boss is so crabby about 'tardiness', apparently 'punctuality is valued' at the company I work in," I smirked, as I gazed into Edward's eyes, for I had just quoted what he had told me on my first day at work.

Edward smirked and brought me closer to him.

"Let me talk to your boss," he whispered huskily. I didn't need more convincing.

I was to meet Jacob at 10:00 at Casé Cafe. I was fifteen minutes late already, on account that Edward made me breakfast and we got carried away taking about a play that apparently we had both seen a few summers ago. I had gone with David. Of course the waterworks began and Edward comforted me (this time, thankfully, I was fully clothed!). So, I was running late which is never good when you want to make a good impression, for I might need Jacob's contact if I were to do other projects.

Casé Cafe is perhaps one of the swankiest cafes in the district. Low, dim lights, the smell of good coffee, c affine, there's even a mini chocolate fountain in a cosy nook, old school music, expensive chandeliers, comfy and ultra modern chairs/sofas and they make the most delicious hot chocolate of all time. The delicious, mouth-watering, tantalizing hot chocolate was what I thought of as my cab stopped in front of the cafe.

I smoothed my dress and gazed at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was in a high bun, one ringlet had escaped, making me look like some princess (which, believe me was NOT the look I was going for), I had changed from my teal purple dress because I accidently spilled some of the coffee Edward made me on my dress (I'm clumsy as it is, but someone as good looking as Edward, really gets the heart beating and the hands shaking, so you can't really blame me). I wore a high waisted pair of black denim jeans, a silky, deep-V Marc Jacobs blouse that Kirsten Dunst once wore to an MTV award ceremony and David insisted I buy because according to David "it brings out" my lips although David said that it'd only "works" if I wear a "plum-coloured" shade of lipstick, in this case I did. Following David's fashion advice was foolproof really. I wore a short, tan, leather jacket that mum brought me from Italy. I was determined not to look like I worked for some, lower-class, cheap landscaping company. I mean, Edward's company is a growing company, and for a new company, their actually doing pretty well.

I walked into the cafe and asked a male (who was rudely fixated on my chest) for someone by the name of Jacob. He smiled flirtatiously (I gagged inwardly) and escorted me to table where a tall man sat, pouring over a folder and sipping a coffee.

I thanked the waited and cleared my throat.

Jacob looked up and stared at me for a few moments. His face then cleared and he smiled warmly.

"Bella...I'm Jacob Black, representing Hitti & Walscort Tennis Courts," he got up politely.

He drew my chair and gestured that I sit.

I smiled and took off my jacket and hung it on my chair.

I could not but help notice his eyes linger on my chest for a few moments. I bit my lip, cursing David, I then cringed, remembering David's state, "PLEASE don't cry!" I wailed in my head.

Jacob looked up and I studied his face for a few moments. He had nice, straight teeth, he was very tall and quite tan. I could not but help notice how muscular he was, he was nothing on Edward though, I thought smugly.

"I'm so sorry for being late, my taxi was late," I said, not telling him how Edward pinned me against the wall and kissed me for about ten minutes.

He shook his hand, "It's fine, I was looking at the draft of landscape you showed me," he pushed a paper I had e-mailed to him. I nodded.

"Well, it's an amazing landscape, and with the budget you're working with, I am very impressed and also, your idea to change the gravel colour and type, is really a stroke of genius because it completely compliments the freesias and the English box-cut hedges you've planned to grow on the right hand side of the tennis court," he said in the most creamy voice possible.

"I just wanted a few ground samples, exact measurements and perhaps a time in which we can actually begin the project," he told me.

I nodded, I forgot they need ground samples for tennis courts in the metropolitan area.

"All here," I said, I pulled out my folder and handed him a few papers containing the measurements and the density of the ground, clay type etc. He nodded as he read it.

"Typical suburbia home," he smiled at me. I nodded, thinking of Edward's crooked smile.

"Well, Jacob..." I stopped half-way. I could feel his socked foot stroke my booted leg. I looked under the table. Oh my God. He had taken his foot out of his work shoes and he was stroking my booted (being the keyword) leg. I wanted to retch. First of all, I belong to Edward, Second of all, I belong to to Edward, Third of all, I liked the boots his filthy sock was tainting and fourth of all, it was utterly un-sexy and completely unprofessional. I blinked at his face, he smiled at me. I took his steaming hot latte and threw it on his face and shirt.

"You can forget about any deal we had," I whispered scathingly and I stomped on his socked foot (I was wearing stilletoes!) and listened to him howl in pain as I walked away from the table, to the exit, ignoring the looks people gave me (they hadn't seen or smelt his socked foot, for that matter).

As I walked out I fell into the familiar arms of someone.

"Edward?" I asked. Edward held me close.

"I'll explain later," he whispered coarsely.

He was about to storm into the cafe, though I was holding onto the back of his shirt.

"Hot coffee on his face and down his shirt and probably a hole in his foot," I smiled, showing him my stilletoes.

He studied me for a few moments.

"I could kill him if you want," he offered.

I laughed, obviously he was joking right?

"Next time, Edward," I laughed, hailing a taxi.

Edward came by my side, encircling my waist and kissing my head.

"Anything I can do for you my lady?" he whispered into my ear.

"Hmmmmm," I nodded, as we slid into the taxi.

He looked up and nodded, urging me on.

"Tell me how did you know what happened," I asked. He nodded, as if this question was inevitable.

"For that, you'll have to meet Alice and my family," he told me, I stared into his deep green eyes.

"Alice? Your family?" I asked, the sex-trade Alice!!

"Alice is my half-sister, and my family is Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlise and Esme," he held me to his chest.

"When can I meet them?" I asked him.

"Well, we can take a day off work and fly to meet them, they live in Forks, well Jasper and Alice live in New York, like me, but they both left yesterday to spend some time with the family" he told me, quite seriously if I may add.

I gazed into his eyes. Seriousness and mystery lurked behind them as the iris colour changed into a topaz colour.

"Of course," I whispered. Edward then told the taxi driver to take us directly to the airport.

He gave me a crooked smile and knelt down and pressed his head to my chest, listening to the beat of my heat.

"The sound of your heart is my favorite sound in the world," he informed me. My heart skipped a beat and he let out a low chuckle.

I think I am in love.

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