The Darkness

On a routine mission, SG-1 finds a culture ruled by nightmares. They will soon learn just how evil the Darkness truly is when Carter is overtaken by it. S/J

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Summary: I'm honestly not sure exactly when this is set (prob. Season 7ish), but Jack is a Colonel still and Sam's a Major…Janet's alive…so I'm guessing that makes it AU. IDK. After visiting a village out of a horror tale, SG-1 begins to realize that the Darkness may have followed them home. ( S/J summary: Hiding their true feelings was hard, but when Sam is overtaken by the Darkness, how long can it last?)

Warnings: Scary?…maybe. Depressing? Most likely. Happy ending…I'm not telling.

Pairings: S/J

The Darkness: Chp 1

A woman in her thirties stood before a large desk in a dark room. "Justice, please. We have to stop using it."

"Why?" Was the cold reply from the high backed chair. The woman drew her attention to pieces of advanced technology that were scattered around the office before continuing.

"Because…it's a failure." Her voice lowered to a trembling whisper. "The drug has reversed itself. People are changing."

A cackling laugh began his reply. "No Ludavine, people are finally acting upon what is in their hearts."

"It wasn't what was in his heart that made him do this to me!" She said with raised voice, indicating two large wounds on her face.


The event horizon of the Stargate dissipated with a slapping of the air.

"Wow." Daniel Jackson had been the last member of SG-1 to step through onto P39-901 and stood adjusting his glasses to be sure he was seeing correctly. "This place is…"

"Creepy?"Colonel O'Neilloffered.


"This planet is indeed disturbing in appearance."

Carter turned back towards the steadfast jaffa. "Have you ever seen a place like this Teal'c?"

"I have not Major Carter."

The team took a moment to look around them. The sky was gray, filled with dark clouds that unexplainably allowed an eerie light to come through. The ground was arid; covered in small jagged rocks, and in the distance one could make out a forest of trees like those scattered near them now. They were twisted and black as if they had been charred by fire. Instead of leaves, they were covered in thorns.

Sam looked hesitantly around the silent landscape. "I don't think I like this guys."

"Scared Carter?" Jack gave her a small grin that the others didn't catch.

"No. Just…concerned…Sir." She narrowed her eyes at him, but he could see past her front and only grinned wider, finally earning a small smile before Sam turned away.

"There appears to be smoke in the distance." Teal'c's vigilance led him to be the first to spot the steadily raising column.

"Well, I guess that means civilization." Daniel added.

Colonel O'Neill cocked his head to the side. "But, are they civilized?"

Daniel just frowned.

Jack huffed. "OK kids. Let's go meet the lovely folks of this lovely planet."


A short time later the team found themselves wandering into a small encampment. The tents were tattered and warn, covered in smears of dirt, and the people were no cleaner. Only a few were visible at first.

Carter observed a mother push her child from her as he came to her from comfort. Her eyes were cold and uncaring and locked with Sam's for a brief moment. She had to hide a shiver. The others began to notice similar characteristics among the other villagers. The handful of children that were in plain sight were the most disturbing of all. There was no laughter, nor crying, only bitter and dark stares. One child sat staring a wide-eyed hole in the ground as she ripped the doll in her hands that was already tattered. Two boys were in a scuffle that only seemed to be escalating into an all our war.

"Hey! Hey! Break it up!" Jack finally hollered as he had had enough of the sight. One boy already had a bloody lip. Neither stopped.

"Jack…" Daniel began to warn, "They probably don't speak English…and they might not appreciate you disciplining their kids."

Colonel O'Neill paid no attention and pulled the two boys, no older than seven off of each other, only to realize that they were twins, a connection that should have made them the best of friends.

"Daniel! I'm not gonna stand here and watch them beat the crap out of each other." He growled as he began to walk back to the group. Behind him the boys just began their fight again. Shaking his head Jack muttered something under his breath, but before he could turn back a tall figure appeared behind him.

"Why are you here?" The voice was deep and penetrating, and did not match the skeletal form that carried it.

Daniel raised a finger to acknowledge himself and began to step forward. "Um…We came here to meet you actually. We're explorers. We came here through the Stargate…"

"Then leave through it." The man replied. His eyes were faded and blood shot. Jack watched his hand move and took a better grip on his weapon, but had no idea of the size of the knife he was reaching for under his tattered robes.

"Excuse me?" Daniel's eyes shot open.

"Daniel Jackson." Daniel turned to Teal'c. "Perhaps these people do not wish us to be here. It may be prudent if we were to follow his will."


"Look Danny Boy…Teal'c may have a valid point here." Jack replied as he stepped back.

Theunspoken communication that the team had developed over the years,had them forming an outward facing circle to ward off any threats. But the people had only increased in a small number, many of whom seemed to have no care in their presence.

"Talthan." A woman's voice called from the distance. They watched as a woman who could pass for her fifties approached. Two deep gashes had healed in large rough scars that tore from her eye to her chin. "Leave them be."

"This one interfered."

"Someone should have done that a long time ago. Now leave before you turn out like my husband."

He grunted at her as he bobbed his head in her direction and began to walk away. She bared her teeth in an animalistic reply before turning back to SG-1, a strange necklace swinging on her neck. It seemed far to advanced in design and make for their lifestyle. But looking around the encampment several such items were visible. "I don't care why you're here…but you need to leave. Now." She warned.

"Wait a minute…please. Have we done something to offend you?" Daniel asked, severely worried that he had something to do with it.

"Daniel I don't think it matters." Sam spoke quietly towards him. Her eyes glanced away to Jack. "Sir?" Her gaze spoke what she was thinking.

"Yeah. OK, we'll be on our way then…"

"But Jack…"

"Not now Daniel." He narrowed his eyes. "Well then folks…we'll just be on our way."

On cue the rest of the team began to filter out of the camp, but not before one more new face appeared. "Your curiosity amuses me."

A man stepped out of a tent on the outskirts of the village. His presence made those still watching the newcomers duck into their own hovels.

"And, you are?" Jack asked, motioning for the team to pause but stay alert.

"I am the Justice."

Debating whether or not to open up for conversation when it was clear that O'Neill was ready to go, Daniel allowed his inquisitiveness to lead him. "Are you the leader of these people?"

"We are led by the Darkness." His cackle made even Teal'c skin crawl as he now held both hands on his staff, watching a fist filled with something unidentified in his.

"OK, well, good luck with that. Move out." The Colonel ordered.

"Take this gift with you then." Seeking out the nearest form, the Justice held his fist in front of Carter's face, opening it to reveal a dark, gunpowder like substance, and then blowing it into her face.

"Hey!" Colonel O'Neill's weapon was immediately in the man's face. "Carter?!"

Between coughs she replied. "I'm fine Sir, it was just…dirt."

"You sure?" He turned his face for a brief moment.

Sam saw his concern and tried to smile between coughs to assure him. "Yes Sir, I'm OK."

The Justice was still laughing as Jack never pulled down his gun. Daniel finally agreed that it was time to go. "Jack, it was just dirt, I think now would be a good time to…"

"Yeah." Jack lowered his weapon, but all four continued to be on high alert as they made their way to the Stargate.

"Alright. Carter, dial it up."

"Yes Sir." Sam moved forward to the DHD, shaking her head for what Jack counted as the eighth time since they had left the village.

As soon as they had a lock, Daniel sent the GDO code through and Jack motioned for everyone to go. Teal'c led the way, followed closely by Daniel. O'Neill and Carter were making their way up the stone steps that led to the gate when Sam sneezed loudly.

"Starting to sound like Daniel there Carter." Jack smirked seeing as they were only a few steps from home.

But Sam never lifted her head; instead she stared down at her hand.

"Carter?" Jack knew something was wrong from the way her eyes finally made contact with his. They were wide and filled with worry. And then he saw the small trickle of blood coming from her nose and tinge on her lips.

Jack reached out and pulled her wrist so he could see her hand. It too was splattered with red. His tone was steady, but she could read beyond it, "Let's go see Fraiser."

The team was welcomed back by a familiar greeting. "Welcome back SG-1. Is everything OK? You're not scheduled to be back for another day."

"Well Sir, we were met with some rather unfriendly people, other than that nothing." Daniel replied quickly, unaware of the issue behind him.

"I'd say more than unfriendly General." Hammond quickly turned his attention to his 2IC, attention which quickly drew to the fact that he was still holding onto his own 2IC's wrist. Jack quickly released it when he remembered he was still holding onto Sam. "Sir, Carter needs to get to the infirmary."

Hammond reared back a bit. "Is everything alright Major?"

"I think so…General."

"Sam?" Daniel turned back up the ramp.

"That may have been more than dirt." She replied as she gently wiped the tip of her nose again.

Not sure of what was happening, General Hammond made a quick decision that he was used to making. "Report to the infirmary. ALL of you."

"Yes Sir." Jack and Sam both replied. Teal'c bowed and Daniel nodded as they all headed quickly out, led by a visibly nervous Sam.


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