Into the light

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Prologue: A Brother's Love

We were all enjoying our time at Yukari and Amano's first wedding anniversary. They were all there, his parents, a few of his sister's friends… and her. Hitomi laughed along with Yukari as Amano told them something that made them peel out in laughter…. But even when she laughed, her happiness can't seem to reach her eyes.

It's been that way for more than ten years now. Ten years since she disappeared for a week only to return with sad haunted eyes and the old Hitomi that they knew had disappeared forever. It took them almost a year before she could tell them what had happened to her, and when she did, they were all shocked, disbelieving. Yukari and Amano said nothing but their eyes showed their worry, and the look on father's face was incredulous, but okaasan laid a restraining hand on his arm and smiled sadly at her daughter. I could not believe a word that she had just told us, but… looking deep in her emerald eyes, I knew, to her it was not just a dream, not something that was made up out of thin air. Okaasan merely held her in her arms and let the subject drop, but I heard our parents argue about it that night and heard okaasan's answer that made me realize, and probably father as well, that everything might have meant to be.

She had said that obaa-san also went through the same thing that Hitomi went through… going to a far off land where you can see the earth and the moon in the sky.

I never said anything, I still acted like the obnoxious brother like I was to her, but I kept close watch on her. My nee-san, Hitomi… in a span of a few years, she had grown up to a vitally beautiful young woman, now at the age of twenty-five, her light sandy brown hair now fell straight down to her thighs and he knew that a lot of guys had tried courting her to no avail. In times that her guard was down, we'd talk, and she'd tell me of her experiences back in that world called Gaea. She'd tell me about the friends that she made there, more importantly, she told me of the man that she gave her heart to, the man that had the wings of an angel, her heart and soul, Van Fanel.

Five years younger to her, a lot of my friends had teased me about the way I took care of my sister, some said that I took care of her more than a lover would, than to a brother to his sister. But… looking at her with her two best friends, no one else knew of her suffering, no one knew what lays in her heart… and that was the reason I took care of her. Because aside from Yukari and Amano, I was the only one that Hitomi would open up to. I became her confidante, and I swore that I will take care of her until the time came that I would see our old Hitomi back. Until such time that I would see the light shine back in her eyes.

That was the promise I made ten years ago when she came back to us. A promise that grew stronger after all the times that we've been together. I'll take care of her until he came back to her.

I smiled with my parents as Yukari and Amano came to us with Hitomi by their side, they were all at the garden at that time, enjoying the fresh air and the warm afternoon sun. Yukari mentioned something about them buying a house by the seaside which they would want us to come and see, at my parents nod, a bright light shot down from the sky and enveloped out little group. We heard everyone shout out in surprise, I faintly saw Amano hold on to Yukari and the same with my father to my mother. I quickly gripped my sister's hands in mine when I felt my body being lifted from the ground, I could hear my parent's startled voices and well as Yukari and Amano's, but when I looked to my sister, I saw her looking up to the sky and felt her squeeze my hands in reassurance before I felt our bodies being propelled up in the air and into the light.


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