In to the light

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Epilogue: Memories of Hitomi

Yukari laughed as her husband took their daughter in his arms, "Hitomi… how many times have I told you not to run off without me…" their daughter looked up to her father with wide blue eyes, "I'm sorry 'tousan…" she the smiled and wrapped her arms around him, ""Tou-san… tell me again a story!" Amano chuckled and looked at his wife who was sitting on their porch holding a worn journal in her hands.

Sitting down beside his wife as they watched the waves roll by, Amano stroked his daughter's red hair and looked at his wife. "Are you reading that journal again?"

Yukari smiled at her husband and nodded, ruffling her daughter's hair. "I was just remembering, Hitomi… how she's doing right now…"

He smiled at his wife, "It's been four years now hasn't it?"

She nodded and looked at the worn journal in her hands, her eyes misting over as she remembered their departure from Gaea all those years ago…

A bright llight rested before them, Amano looked at his wife and their friend who had come to say goodbye. Hitomi stood by her husband's side wearing a simple yet elegant dress, on her head still rests the circlet that pronounced her as queen, yet as regal as her title was, Hitomi still remained to be the Hitomi that hey had always known, sweet and gentle. Yukari wrapped her arms around her friend and let tears fall from her eyes, "I am going to so miss you Hitomi…"

The young queen smiled sadly and tightened her embrace on her childhood friend, "I'll miss you too Yukari… Amano…" the blonde man nodded and smiled gently at her as well, wrapping his arms around her.

Amano looked back at Van and nodded, "You take care of Hitomi for us…"

The king merely nodded and placed his arms around his wife. "You don't need to tell me that… I'll take care of her for as long as I live…"

Amano looked at his wife and looked at Hitomi's family who now stood behind the couple as well. They had decided to stay in Gaea with Hitomi as Seiji seemed to have developed feelings for a certain cat girl who now held his hand, and since their son had unconsciously decided to stay in Gaea, Hitomi's parents thought that it would be unwise to go back to earth without any of their children, so they had stayed, much to the young queens happiness.

As the two of them entered the bright light, they saw Hitomi close her eyes and lifted her hand in goodbye. Take care my friends… and may you be happy always… her voice drifted back clearly to them as they were propelled into the air and back to the mystic moon.

A year had passed since they got back from Gaea, and after their daughter's birth, a strange pinkish light engulfed their living room, arms wrapped protectively around his wife and daughter, Amano looked at their living room and saw the light disappear only to reveal a small journal in its place. When he and his wife took it, a pristine white feather fell from it making their eyes widen in surprise. At opening the book there was small note within it…

"To Yukari and Amano… It had taken me a long time to have this compiled, but I hope that this would serve as a remembrance of me to you… this is my story in this land called Gaea…"


Blinking back to look at her daughter, she smiled at her husband and child, "Well now… do want to hear again the story of a girl that left to another world and found love?"

Their daughter beamed happily and settled even more comfortable on her father's lap as her mother re-told her of a story of a maiden from the Mystic moon….


Hitomi smiled up to the heavens and watched the Mystic Moon shine, "Kaa-san?" the beautiful queen smiled at her son as he tugged at her gown, one of his hands hidden behind his back. Lifting him up in her embrace she smiled softly at him, "Yes, Tenshi?"

Her son smiled up at her with green eyes twinkling brightly and took out his hand from behind him. "Tenshi got these flowers for you!" Hitomi chuckled and took the flowers from her son's grip and kissed his raven hair, which was now falling rakishly over one eye, much like his father. "Thank you… they're very beautiful…" her son smiled happily up at her, "Can Tenshi go with Uncle Seiji and Aunt Merle?"

Her own green eyes twinkled, "Ah… so that's it!"

Tenshi grinned innocently up at her, "Can I? Can I?" Hitomi laughed at her son's antics and then forced herself on a serious tone, "Well… you'd have to ask your father first…"

Tenshi then jumped down and raced to his father who was now lounging in the door way, his rust colored eyes twinkling at his wife, "Tou-san??"

Van laughed and ruffled his son's raven locks and nodded. "Just take care alright?"

"Yes!!" at his answer his son kissed him on the cheek and ran pell-mell outside the door only to return a short while later and jumped up to his mother's arms and kissed her too, "Love you 'kaa-san!!" Hitomi chuckled and kissed her son as well before he ran out of the castle and to the courtyard where her brother and Merle was waiting for him.

As their son exited the room, Van wrapped his arms around his wife and nuzzled her neck, "Are you alright?"

"Mmmm…" she murmured, turning back in his embrace and locking her lips to his. "Yes… I'm alright, just remembering Yukari and Amano…"

The King of Fanelia smiled, "Is there anyway that I might have the chance to steal a moment, my Queen?"

An impish light appeared in her eyes, "Whatever do you mean, my Lord?"

"This is what I mean…" Van then took hold of her waist and kissed her passionately making his wife wrap her arms around him. When he let go of her lips, he smiled at her languorous expression, "Feel free anytime you want to, my Lord…" she whispered up at him, he then chuckled and proceeded to take her back in their chamber to enjoy their afternoon together with the Mystic Moon shining brightly in the sky.


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