Note: This story is tied in with my first story "Senbazuru". No, you don't have to read it to get this story but if you like Hitsuhina please do (and the chapter titles may also make much more sense)

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There are many memories, thoughts and experiences stored away in our minds, hearts and souls. Our very being is like that of a book, filled with pages that tell a great tale. There are some beings that open like a paperback, willing to share almost everything with the entire world. Some are like foreign encyclopedias - heavier, harder to open and even harder to interpret the mysterious world. Then there are some which are rather like a diary - locked away, hiding their thoughts, experiences and memories in the deepest part of themselves. Only a selected few ever get to wander in a diary, diving into the being's vulnerability.

Toshiro Hitsugaya is a diary being, locked with several locks and hidden behind a wall, protected with a maze of fictions. He is very guarded with his emotions and thoughts, hardly sharing them with anybody.

Momo Hinamori is quite the opposite. She radiates an aura of blithe and can readily accept new people. She can give voice to her thoughts and easily express what's on her mind.

But no matter how easily a person can be read, somewhere, they have pages that are locked away. Things they'd rather not share. And keys are such fragile things.

What happens when two opposites meet? Will they continuously clash because they fail to see the world through the other's eyes? Or will they start to slowly understand each other and reveal the key to their inner thoughts in hopes that this person will accept them?

Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori have wandered into the deepest parts of one another's book. In both books there are many pages that are twins. Those are the moments they shared together, the testimony to the years they've by each other's side. Let's flip back and relive nine of those moments.