Chapter 4 - Winner's Sake

Matsumoto was weaving her way through the stakes, the last obstacle in her way before the final lap. Although, she had some trouble telling the wooden posts from Shunsui. Now how on earth did some stakes get flowery pink haoris? She kicked some random ones for good measure; she swore some of the many "Shunsuis" cried out in pain.

"WOAH! Hehe that was clo-OAHH!!"

Matsumoto narrowly avoided colliding into one of the Shunsui stakes only to ram right into the real thing. They both somersaulted down the remainder of the track, only stopping when they rammed into the table. It, along with their sake bottles, was sent flying into the air. Matsumoto was on top of Shunsui with little stars orbiting around her head.


She blinked. What was that? She could see something falling down. She sat up and placed both her arms in the air. A bottle of sake landed perfectly in each one. On closer inspection of the bottles she grinned. They were full! She waved them around in Isane's general direction.

"Is this the next one Ane-chan?!"

"Yes it is. This time you have to drink a whole bottle before the final lap."

"Excellent! Bottoms up!"

When the tip of the bottle was on her lips, she felt a tug on her sleeve.

"As much as I'm enjoying you on top of me my dear Rangiku, I'm sure I would enjoy my sake more."

She dropped the bottle down onto his head where it bounced off right into his hand. Not caring and still sitting on him, she resumed from where she was so rudely interrupted before. Shunsui whined and rubbed his head. Then he shrugged, propped himself up on an elbow and began to drink.



Matsumoto was standing on top of Shunsui holding her right hand up with a V for victory sign. She had just finished her sake and it looked like she was well over drunk.


Shunsui had pushed himself off the ground, causing Matsumoto to tumble off him. He imitated Matsumoto's victory sign and grinned widely. He had just recently finished drinking as well and what do you know! Shunsui's plastered! Two drunk shinigamis, the final lap on an obstacle course and shunpo. This should prove entertaining!

"You noes Rangi-chan's gonna win Shunni! She'll even lets Shunni have a heady start!"

"No! Shunni will let Rangi-chan goes first!"


Matsumoto shunpo-ed away and Shunsui stared at her in disbelief.

"NO FAIR! Shunni was just being gentlemanly! Nanao-chan! Sweet, dear, lovely Nanao-chan! Rangi-chan's being mean! Stop her!"

Nanao wasn't paying any attention. She was too busy hiding her face in embarrassment.

"Kyoraku-taichou better get moving soon, drunk or n-"


Shunsui was so preoccupied with being frustrated with Matsumoto that he failed to realise said shinigami had just about finished the lap. The only thing standing in between her and the finish line was Shunsui, an obstacle to her you might say. And what does she do to obstacles? She blows them up of course, just like she did with the rest of them.

The hurdles were charred to the ground.

The net and plank structure looked very spiffy snapped in two.

The maze had been reduced to nothing but a giant puddle of water. If you squint you might be able to see an ice cube or two.

The tetherball poles were all alight in purple flames.

The stakes were nothing more than splinters.

And Shunsui was travelling in an upward direction at about a hundred miles per hour.

"And the winner of this year's Winter Festival Sake Race contest is Rangiku Matsumoto of the tenth division! Congratulations! You've won a year's supply of sake!"

Matsumoto looked like she had just won Miss Universe and floundered onto the stage. She draped her arms over Isane's and Nanao's shoulders.

"I'd just like to thank myself! Because I coulds have never EVER done it ifs I wasn't Rangi-chan! Oh Oh! Rangi-chan wants to thank Ane-chan for…she doesn't noes! Oh well! Let's have a sake party! WOOOOOOO!"

She grabbed an armful of her prize and began to throw them into the wild crowd. The spectators all jumped over the sidelines and loud music began to pump out of the speakers on stage. Isane and Nanao stayed in the safety of the stage, looking out into the party with dumbfounded expressions plastered on their faces. It seems that the year's worth of sake would be half gone by the end of this day. Guess it was safe to say that neither of them knew just how much Matsumoto could drink in a year. By the end this day, not even five percent would be consumed.

Toshiro was walking back to the tenth division after carrying a sleeping Momo to her bed. He wondered what Matsumoto had gotten up to as he made to open the door. His eyes were closed and he sighed at the very likely thought of finding a passed out Matsumoto in the room.


Toshiro looked down to see and empty bottle of sake. He picked it up, wondering where it came from. He looked back up and froze as he saw the tightly compressed wall of bottles that was threatening to burst out of the doorway. His eye twitched as one name came to his mind.


Wrong move Toshiro.


The entire wall of sake bottle fell onto the poor taichou. Matsumoto stuck her head over the pile and saw his hand in the air, the only part of him that wasn't submerged in the pile of glass.

"Taichou? You shouldn't play around with glass. It's dangerous y'know."

"MATSUMOTO!" he yelled for the second time as he pulled himself out. "What exactly are all these bottles doing here?!"

Matsumoto grinned and waved around the half full bottle that was in her hand. Toshiro noticed that she was a little drunk but it didn't surprise him that she was talking somewhat normally.

"I won the contest! I won the contest!" she singsonged. "A year's supply of sake! A year's supply of sake! And all for me me me! Although I was being very nice and sharing it. Yes yes I was! Aren't you proud of me taichou?!"

Toshiro just stared in horror. A year's supply of sake meant a year's supply of headaches for him. And then some! It was all very quiet as Matsumoto stopped giggling to herself. She had a kind of pensive look on her face now.

"Matsumoto? Are you okay?"

"Hmmm, I don't know taichou. It's just that lately…"


"Well I've had this question in my head for a long time but…I don't know…"

"What is it?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Just hurry up and tell me!"

"Well…okay…I guess I should ask you this after all."

She looked at the bottle in her hand then up at him.

"Why are you so good at being short taichou?!"

Toshiro's face went red from anger as Matsumoto rolled on the ground laughing her butt off.



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