Okay. Chapter one! Bolds are me talking, Italics are thoughts, and Bold Italics are innerselves.

Sasuke's P.O.V.

'Wow...' I thought while half-heartedly stepping through the gate. The Hidden Leaf's gate. I hadn't stepped through this gate since

the time I was 13 and ran off to

that snake in hope of getting stronger and killing my brother. Well, I had already accomplished that task. I killed him in a battle to

the death along with the snake 'master'. I

had never relized that after my goal was completed I would still be unhappy. But why? I had done it. This time for real. It wasn't a

silly little dream that when I awoke made

me sour because I had relized the fact that it had not been the real thing. It was because I had left the most important thing here. In

the Hidden Leaf. I knew that I should

have stayed when I saw her last. She had come with Naruto and their new team. She had changed. No longer the weak, annoying,

hopless girl I once knew. No, she was a

women. Her body had changed and gotten more womanly. She had also acquired great medical and phisical strenght. She had

changed completly. 'Sakura' I think her


Then, I remember the night before I left. The night Sakura gave herself to me. Her body and heart. Now I am 18 and returning?

Why am I doing this anyway? Cann't

I restore my clan without her? The answer is no. I am snapped out of my trance-like state when the Chuunin garding the gate

questioned me. "Sir? Sir?!? Please state

your name, age, village, and show me your passport." "Hn. Here." I slipped him some paper work on myself. I did not reconize

him. He must be new. Then, the gard started

to say something into his head set I could not understand. "S-so your an U-Uchiha!?!" He asked not beliving his papers or eyes.

"Hn. Uchiha Sasuke." I gave him my most

famous smirk. This time I heard him clearly on the head set. "Get the 5th, NOW!" and then a "Fine..." was heard and he sent me to

the hokage, Tsunade.

"So, I suppose you killed Itachi. Am I correct?" The 5th questioned. "Yes, I did." I responed. "Well, what brings you back then?"

"Well, I had no where else to go.

So, why not?" I answered. "You do know that you will be watched?" She asked "Yes, I am aware of that." I tell her. "Okay, but, I

need to call some one. Hold on." She

finished. I sat while she talked on the phone and hung up. "Okay, She will arive in a minute." Tsunade informed me. "Who?" I

blurted out/asked. "Ohh... just the Ansatsu

Senjutsu Tokushu Butai member assigned to you." She said with a grin. 'Great! The ANBU just had to get involved!' I thought

to myself. Then, a black cloked figure leaped

into the room through the window. "Sakura. You took longer than expected..." Tsunade said. Wait! 'Sakura!?!' I thought 'She's an

ANBU member?!?' Wow she had

changed since I saw her last! "Yes, Hokage-sama? You-" Sakura Stopped mid-sentence, "W-What is he doing here!?!" "Sakura,

I want you to gard him." The 5th stated

smoothly. "I-I can't. Not after what happened. I can't do that to Rin and Am-" She shouted but I cut her off. "Who's Rin?" I asked

coldly. Sakura's eyes go big at the

relization of what she just said in front of him. "N-n-no one?" She questioned her self. "Hn." Was all I said in responce to that


Sakura's P.O.V.

'I can't belive I just said that!' I thought to myself 'He almost found out about Rin and Ami! Who knows how he would have

taken it...' Well, Tsunade-sama did

always say, "The best way to hide from some one is to know where they are." So I guess it wouldn't be all bad... but, then I would

have to have Rin and Ami join me when

sleeping at the Uchiha compound... "I'll do it...for the village." I think aloud. "Thank you, Sakura!" The Hokage thanked me,

"Please show Sasuke were he will stay." I

nodded and walked out of the door, Sasuke trailing behind me as I led him to the Uchiha compound.

"Well, this is where we will be staying..." I thought aloud. Then, two children about age five came busting through the door.

"Mommy!" They shouted in unison as

the jumped on me. Giggling I asked, "how did you know where I was?" "Grandma Tsunade told us!" Ami giggled to. Yes, they

called the hokage Grandma Tsunade

because she is my teacher, and to my children a grandmother. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Sasuke gawlking at us. "What's wrong?" I ask, "Haven't you ever

seen a mother and her children before?" "Y-your children!?!" He was speachless after that. Rin and Ami are twins eventhough they

don't look alike. Rin looked almost

completly like her father. Black ravin hair down to her back and fair skin. The only diffrence was that she had my jade eyes. Ami

was the complete oppisite. My pink hair,

also down to her back, and fair skinned, but she had those black eyes of her father. Sasuke finnally broke the intense moment.

"Who's... who's the father...?" He looked

hurt for some odd reason. "I-I can't tell you..." I looked down. "Why not?" He asked me. "Because... it's complicated." I replied.

SMASH! A ball crashed through the window and was aiming for me. Then, a pink and a black blur pushed me out of the way.

The ball went through the oppisite

window and out of the house. "Mommy! Are you okay!?!" I heard Ami asking. When I opened my eyes I saw it. I looked into

Ami's eyes. The Sharingan. I shifted my head

and looked into the once jade eyes of my Rin. Now red with three coma shapes swimming. I, then jerked my head to look at

Sasuke. His face? Priceless. I guessed he

saw their eyes and found the answer to his question. Who was their father? The only Uchiha left. Uchiha Sasuke. The father was

him. "I-is that the... Sharingan?" He

studdered. I simply nodded. I was in shock. An Uchiha who studdered? No way. I have never seen it.

"So, then... they're my k-kids? I'm the father? How old are they? Are they both mine? No! Of course not! How could you have

two kids with me if we only did it

once?" He asked me all at one. "Sasuke, calm down! Yes, they're both yours. They're twins and are five years old." I answered all

of his questions. "Do they... know?" He

asked. "No..." I answered knowing he meant 'do they know i'm there father?' "Ohh... have you ever considered-" I got to my feet

and cut in. "Yes. I have." "Well... mabey I

could..." Sasuke suggested. "Look. I know that they want to know who their father is, but if I tell the truth-that you're their father-

you might abanden us...again." I looked at

them with loving eyes. "Wait, mommy? I thought you said daddy was on a very long mission?" Ami said. I'm stupid. I really am. I

mean-how could I not notice that they

were listening to every word we said and clung to it? "Yeah... you said that that man is our daddy..." Rin added, "So...

DADDY!!!!!" They both shouted as they ran up to

their supposed father and hugged him. "Uhh... I meant that your father was still on the mission!" I tried to lie. "Nope! He's right

here!" Ami giggled.

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