I walked into the school building, where the public awaited my arrival. I wasn't even exaggerating; the entire school stood there, watching me. When I got to them, they surrounded me, talking too quickly and loudly and all at the same time so I didn't understand what they were saying. I didn't care anyway; I never did. It wasn't that I didn't like being popular, it was that I had to fake how I am to get there. I walked into the classroom and sat in my usual seat in the center of the room. Right before the bell rang, a girl walked into the classroom. She was new, I could tell because I'd never seen her before. I'd seen every student in the school by now. She sat in an isolated desk near the back. I couldn't pay attention to the whispered gossip around me. I couldn't pay attention to the teacher. All I did was stare at her for the entire class, until the bell rang and startled me. I jumped in surprise, and then moved to quickly pick up my things. I saw the new girl walk up to the teacher and start talking to her about something, but I couldn't hear. After three minutes of this, I sighed and quickly walked toward my next class, hoping I wouldn't be too late.


I sighed as I thought of how much special treatment I would get for... what was wrong with me. But then I smiled at the thought that I would only have to put up with it for two and a half more months. I walked into the school building, happily unnoticed. Every student in the whole school seemed to be standing by the front door, waiting for someone. I shrugged it off and went to go to the front office. As I walked into the ancient-looking room, the person at the front desk looked up at the sound of my entrance.

"May I help you?" She asked pleasantly.

"Yes. I am a new student. The one with the-"

She cut me off. "Oh, Yes! Bella Swan! Here's your schedule and a map of the place. Do you need any help?" she asked as she handed me some papers.

"No, I think I'm fine," I said, "Thanks,"

"Bye," She smiled.

"Bye," I smiled back and walked out of the office. I walked into my first period class and slipped into a desk in the back. During the entire period, I noticed a boy staring at me. When the bell rang, he jumped, as if it had caught him off guard. I sighed, knowing that I needed to talk to my teacher now about my…problem. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the teacher to tell her about the one thing I hated most.