It could have ended so horribly; had she given birth in winter, had there been complications in the delivery as there so often was with twins, had she gone into labour a week earlier, had any number of things been different she might have been wearing black a week later, but instead she wore yellow as she sat out in the garden, loyal Marco Polo curled in her lap, daughter in her arms and son in her husband's. Dr. Elsi had recommended some exposure to the sun to starve off jaundice, and the weather had allowed this.

They had taken their lunch out there, cream cheese and red pepper jelly sandwiches and some of the fine tea Scotland Yard had sent as a gift. The twins had lunched on milk, of course, Sara before they had ventured out to the garden and Myke now; he was too small to feed naturally yet, but despite his mother's initial panic Mrs. Hudson showed them it was easy enough to have him suckle a sterile syringe of milk until he caught up with his sister. Ann Marie was insistent upon natural milk, but had a feeling they would introduce it in bottles soon for the sake of propriety in public. There were parts of her body only her husband and her doctor needed to see, after all.

Mycroft looked so odd and yet so natural, his namesake in the crock of his arm, feeding and then tending to him delicately, his comfort with the babies steadily increasing. He noticed his wife watching and arched an eyebrow. "Something amiss?" he questioned, still ever vigilant about her health even after she had left her childbed. After all, an ordeal like that took its toll, and while Ann had been pleased that she'd been left with little excess weight, Dr. Elsi had warned her to keep her appetite strong lest she starve herself feeding two others.

And to think, he'd believed he'd worry less once the delivery was over and done with, not to mention less than two years ago he'd thought there was no greater worry than international conflict.

"Nothing at all," was the girl's response. She had never meant anything more.

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