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The wedding ceremony and reception went off without a hitch and everyone in attendance thought it was beautiful. The majority of the guests had already left for the evening except for a select few that Alice asked to stay behind for a "special event" as she had called it. She had already foreseen that it would help Bella say goodbye to the people that she would be leaving behind within the month and that it would help bring everyone closer.

She had gathered all of them in back of the Cullen house where the reception had taken place and where there was a suitable platform for what she was planning. The whole Cullen family, now including Bella, stayed behind as well as Charlie, Renee, Angela, Jessica, Mike, Lauren, Ben, Angela, and Jacob. She set up enough chairs in a semi-circle in front of the platform and asked everyone to take a seat before she stepped onto the platform.

She took the microphone from the stand and turned toward her audience. "Thank you for staying behind everyone. I got an idea of something that could help to make Edward and Bella's wedding special and bring everyone closer at the same time. I finally came up with this idea and I have a feeling that it will go very well." She took a brief pause to glance around the people seated before her, lingering on Edward's soft smile, thanking her. "I thought that having a bit of karaoke to finish off the night would be a nice way to end the beautiful wedding night."

"Alice," Bella groaned, "do we really have to do this? I think it's very touching and all, but I really can't sing." She looked toward Edward hoping that he would support her on this, but he was still looking at Alice, reading her mind.

"Edward," Alice thought to him, "please don't get her out of this. I've seen what will happen. It will be beautiful and you don't want to miss it. Everyone will end up singing, and I can guarantee Bella won't be as bad as she thinks. Please, Edward, support me on this."

Her thoughts reached Edward and he briefly glanced at Bella before speaking to Alice. "I think that it's a great idea, Alice. What are we going to be doing?"

Alice beamed at Edward and squealed into the microphone, "Great! Well, I want everyone to think of a song that will mean something, doesn't matter what, just something. I'll give you a minute to think over your songs and then we'll start."

The guests began to mumble amongst themselves trying to decide what song they should sing. The silence resumed a few minutes later and Alice spoke again. "Okay, everyone have a song?" A few "yes"s and "sure"s were grumbled before she continued. "Great, well who wants to go first?" A deafening silence ensued, no one wanting to go first. "Well... I suppose I can go first..." Her audience nodded fervently and she sighed. "But, I get to chose who goes after and they get to chose after that and so on." More nods. "Just give me a minute to find the music and I'll start."

Alice searched through the box of karaoke CDs she bought just for tonight and finally found the one she was looking for. She popped it into the expensive looking stereo and settled herself on the stage while the opening notes of the piano came through the speakers.

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