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Naruto ,Temari and Tayuya came across the valley located near Wave Country and Kiri to find a huge waterfall raging with water.

"This is it. This is where one of the underground routes to Uzushiokagure is located," Said Tayuya.

"But this is a waterfall. Wouldn't this be more of an easier route to…well... the waterfall village?" Naruto asked skeptically, Temari inwardly agreeing.

Tayuya giggled and simply walked through the waterfall, a light enveloping her body like a portal before she disappeared.

Naruto raised his eye brow a bit before grasping Temari's hand and also walking through, the two also shining before disappearing into the cave.

Appearing on the other side, Naruto realized that it was done for a reason.

Twenty different pathways lay in front of him, each looking as scary and dark as the next.

"So this was just a ruse?" Asked Naruto, pointing to the waterfall as he walked up to the pillar Tayuya was standing in front of.

"For enemies…yes, for us…" At this, Tayuya channeled chakra through the pillar and the light went through the floor and into one of the tunnels, which began to light up as fire appeared on the walls on both sides.

"It's simply a pathway," Tayuya skipped through the tunnel, Naruto and Temari following as well.

After a walk that felt like forever, the three came across a walkway that led to a green whirlpool.

"This is the only way to get to Uzushiokagure. Through the whirlpool." Said Tayuya.

Naruto looked at it and without prompting, ran full speed and jumped into the eye of the whirlpool.

Face first.

Going straight through and into the water Tayuya looked at Temari and shook her head.

"He is going to be in a world of pain when he gets to the other side,"


On the other side a screaming Naruto plummeted to the ground from the sky in which he came from.

Dusting off his shirt and slowly getting up. Naruto gasped at the sight of his ancestor's home.

Pillars, broken and destroyed on the left and right lay in front of him. But it was the hundreds of thousands of buildings in front of him, and the huge mansion like building miles away in the distance that made him realize just how big and powerful his clan used to be and were.

He himself was planted on streets that literally seemed as if they were paved by gold.

So much destruction, and yet in his eyes, he had never seen such beauty in a village. It was regal and a place to be fawned over.

This was where he would come from if it wasnt for the wars and the endless envy of others. The greed and the power struggle.

But that was then. This was now.

"Home..." Naruto said to himself.

"Yes, it is for you. Welcome home Naruto," Said a voice from behind him.

Naruto swiftly turned around only to freeze up at who was standing there in front of him.

Two getas stood in front of his crouched position.

Green jacket, sturdy legs, a huge amount of cleavage, diamond on forehead, blonde hair, yep... this was Tsunade alright.

Tsunade crossed her arms over her chest. Kakashi and Shizune, also present, stood behind her.

"What? Expected to come here on your own?"

Naruto simply nodded.

"Happy to see you too Granny,"


Short. I know. But it is just an update. I am still thinking of this story. Let me know what you think.