Title: Hostage

Title: Hostage

Pairing: Christophe/Kyle

Disclaimer: I don't own South Park or the characters.

Warnings: Slash, violence, language.

Summary: Christophe has always kept his life as the Mole separate from his life in South Park. But now they have Kyle and things are getting serious.

Prologue: Christophe POV

I have known Kyle for almost twelve years now, since I was nine years old and his mother had started a war with Canada. He and his friends had started a revolution and had needed help.

I died in his arms.

You remember a thing like that. The last person you see before you go. It doesn't matter if you're back in your room, alive and confused, a second later. You remember a thing like that.

I did, at least. And it made for an interesting second meeting when my mother sent me off to high school and, one year later, he was in the class below me.

I remember stopping in the middle of the school hallway, staring. He had changed. He looked good. Taller, but still short, and with this curly red hair.

He had been shocked to see me and wouldn't approach, so I did. And, flash forward four years later, he's my boyfriend and we're living together in a small one bedroom apartment five minutes from the college we both attend. To pay the rent, I work as the Mole and he has a job working for the college.

And honestly? I've never been happier.

Of course, things can never be too good for too long. I was recently contacted by this organization. They were called the White Dove.

Stupid name, I know. I laughed. It's not so funny now.

They wanted me to retrieve this mystery package from this other organization in China. They wouldn't tell me what it was and the organization was rather shady in nature.

Kyle would never let me live if this mystery package was something harmful.

I said no.

Unfortunately, they didn't like this answer.

I've always tried to keep my work as the Mole separate from my life in South Park. Always tried to protect Kyle from the dangers of my work. And I have always been successful.

I wasn't this time.

They now have Kyle.

I will get him back.