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Fuji sighed. He was in love. Too bad the object of his affection didn't like him back. In fact Fuji doubted he paid any attention to him at all. After all the Tennis Prince had so many rivals why spare a glance at the smiling sadist. Let alone reciprocate the feelings he had for the chibi. But, somehow Fuji was sure that somewhere deep, deep down Ryoma felt something for him. He just had to find a way to get Ryoma to realize it.

So I've made up my mind, I will pretend to leave this world behind, and in the end you'll know I've lied, to get your attention.
I'm faking my own suicide.

Luckily for Fuji, he was Fuji. And since he was Fuji, he obviously had a plan. He was going to make Ryoma love him, whether he wanted to or not. His plan would be fool proof. He would fake his own suicide.

I'm faking my own suicide, because I know you love me, you just haven't realized.
I'm faking my own suicide.
They'll hold a double funeral, because a part of you will die along with me.

And, of course, his plan worked. Ryoma was standing over his 'grave.' He was crying which was very rare. The sight made Fuji want to comfort him. To tell him he was right here. But no, he reminded himself, this was part of the plan. He couldn't interfere.

Wish you thought that I was dead, so rather than me, you'd be depressed instead, and before arriving at my grave you'd come to the conclusion; you've loved me all your days.
But it's too late too late for you to say.

Even after all of the regulars left Ryoma stayed. He looked so broken. He started to talk to himself. "You know Fuji-senpai, I always really liked you. Even, even though I never really acted like it. I wish you were still alive, so, so I could tell you. Tell you that, I, I love you…"

I'll write you a letter that you'll keep reminding you your love for me is more than six feet deep.
You say aloud that you would've been my wife.
Right about that time is when I come back to life and let you know, I'd let you know.

Fuji was overjoyed. Ryoma really did love him! He nearly stepped out of his hiding spot just to kiss the freshman senseless. But, that could wait, Ryoma was still talking. "You know I wish we could've stayed together forever. Even if it was just as teammates. We could have played together all the time. We could, we could even finish our match in the rain…"

I'll walk in that room and see your eyes open so wide
I've been so lost because you know; you will never leave my side until the day that I die for the first time.

That was all Fuji could take. To hell with the plan. He walked up behind Ryoma and hugged him around the waist. "Ryo it's okay don't cry I'm right here."

Ryoma's eyes widened impossibly, "Fuji you-you're alive!" he turned and buried his face in Fuji's chest. "God Fuji please don't do these things to me! I thought, I thought you were dead, that we'd never see each other again!" Fuji patted Ryoma on the back as the prince started to sob. "It's okay I'll never leave you. And you'll never leave me right?"

Ryoma nodded. Their eyes met for a second before they both burst out laughing at the insanity of it all.

And we'll laugh, yeah we'll laugh and we will cry, so overjoyed with our love that's so alive, our love is so alive.


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