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Once upon a time there was a blue eyed blonde prince. He was very handsome but nobody saw his beauty for he was locked in a tower. This tower stood far above every other building in the land. It had no visible entrance and no way out. Save a single window at the very top. The window was very small though. No man could fit through it.

The only thing allowed threw the window was the sun in the morning and the moon at night. The blonde prince looked out his window everyday with downcast eye's he didn't understand why he was trapped in some forsaken tower, and every night the prince would look up at the stars and wish for a way out, for some one to save him.

Right before the prince fell asleep he would shed a single tear.

One night the prince was sleeping another prince flew through the sky. He had the task of capturing the sun. This task seemed impossible as he was prince of the under world- of the vampires and the sunlight burned him. He however knew a secret.

The god of the sun had an affair with a demon many years ago bearing a child. This child shone with the brilliance of the Sun itself, but brought no harm to the vampires. The midnight prince knew he must capture the son of darkness and light and have it for his own. For in his eyes no one but him deserved such a treasure.

The prince searched night after night for his prize leaving desolate towns in his wake returning empty handed every time. Until he came across the tower. He had heard stories of a great demon being locked away in it. Figuring he should free the beast, he ascended to the top of the tower. What he saw took his breath away.

Lying there was a boy, hair as bright as the sun and skin tanned as if he bathed in it. At that moment the prince knew his search was over and his sunshine found. All was not good however, the prince still had to retrieve the blonde from the tower. The midnight prince pondered this for many a moon. Finally out of frustration he broke off the top of the tower, freeing the other prince.

Surprisingly the blonde slept threw the whole thing. The prince picked up his prize and soared off into the night.

Happily Ever After.


The blonde's eyes fluttered open. He blinked.

"Who the hell are you Teme!?!?"

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