Chapter 1: A Moment in Time

Who would have said this would be my future. I used to be a young 16 year old girl who lived on earth, who didn't know she was adopted, and let alone know that she had magical powers. Who would have thought that I would end up attending a school for fairies, graduating, meeting my real parents and marrying a king.

I'm Bloom. I'm only 20 years old; queen of Eraklyon and Sparx (Pretty young for a queen huh?) and I'm happily married to my king Sky.

"Sweetheart?" Sky says poking his head through the door. "Is everything all right? Looks like you spaced out for a minute there". He says.

I smile at him. He is so sweet.

"Yea Sky, I'm fine", I woke up not so long and up until now I've just been sitting up in bed.

Sky came over to me with a large tray of food. I've been a bit worried lately. About keeping our kingdom lively, being a good and rightful queen…and something else. After about 8 months of our marriage, Sky's mom brought up a topic that neither Sky nor I were very fond of. My getting pregnant and giving them the heir to the throne and the grandson they've always wanted.

Seeing my not so positive reaction, Sky's mom and dad said they understood if we wanted to wait a little while longer, but I'm pretty sure that the queen made emphasis on the word little. She understands though.

"Bloom, what are you thinking so much about?" Sky asked me smiling. He can see right through me.

"I was just thinking about what your parents told us the other day", I said.

"Oh you mean about you getting pregnant?" He asked, already knowing.

"Yea, Sky what do you think about it?" I asked him, I wasn't really sure about his opinion.

"Well, we're going to have kids, we know that's for sure. But, well I don't know. I mean we've been married for only a year- almost a year and a half-, and we're still pretty young so I guess we could wait. But you being pregnant would be exciting." He said, he leaned in and kissed my lips softly. Sky would make a great father that I knew. I also know that even though he wouldn't mind waiting, he also wanted to have a baby, don't get me wrong, I also want to have one.

The food looks delicious, but I don't think I can eat. Strange. Other than that, everything's is calm. We haven't really had any new enemy's and I'm hoping it stays that way. Hoping.

"Bloom, we should probably start getting dressed, I know you like sleeping late but we said we would go to Solaria to see Stella and Brandon remember?" He said.

"Yea I remember Hun, I'll get dressed in a minute". I said. Sky smiled. We're both still in our nightclothes. Sky is wearing red sweat pants. He has no shirt. His chest is so warm. He walked out of the room to get something from downstairs. We're going to Stella's to pay her a visit, which we haven't done for the past week, but Stella, the rest of the girls and I are all so close, as are Brandon and Sky and all the other guys. But she's the closest so we see her more. But the whole group including Sky and I get together on weekends.

I'm so excited about seeing Stella. She and Brandon got married about a month or two after Sky and I did. Stella is also taking very good care of her kingdom, and Brandon is a knight, and due to his job, he and Stella visit us at Eraklyon also, every now and then.

As I'm taking off my nightclothes, Sky walks in. I blush slightly. Sure we've been married for about a year, but I still blush a little when he sees' me naked. He just smiles at me, not taking his eyes off. I laugh a little. I just keep getting dressed and pretend not to notice, although it's inevitable. After a little while I look straight at him, he just smiles,

Looks at me one more time, raises his eyebrows and continues to get changed, smiling.

We both get dressed and we walk downstairs to leave the palace.

Flora and Helia? Yea they're married too; they got married at the end of last year, 2 months after Sky and me, and Stella and Brandon. They're living happily in Flora's realm, The Fifth moon of Marigold. The last I heard, Flora was going to be teaching at alfea, a class that involves nature and how to communicate with it.

Which reminds me, Sky's also teaching at red fountain, sword fighting. He's so good at what he does. After all he was always assigned to many missions along with some of the other guys at red fountain. Me? I'm teaching at alfea, I'm not an official teacher like Sky; it's only an internship. Depending on how it goes, it will be permanent. I give lessons on how to fully release and control one's power, like the classes I was given by professor Avalon and Griselda. Only Sky, Flora and I teach. As you can already predict, Timmy and Tecna work with technology. Timmy works partially in science and has made some discoveries, but all in all they have both come up with a lot of new inventions and gadgets.

Musa? Working on her singing career, one album so far. Riven and all the rest of us are being really supportive of her. Oh and by the way, they were married 1 month after Flora and Helia. Riven was very nervous about proposing although he so badly wanted too. But he did. And now they're married living in Riven's realm. They bought a palace there. Riven does a lot of leva bike racing, the rest of the guys join his sometimes.

And Layla and Nabu? They were the first to get married since it had already been arranged; Sky and I were married a little after them. Layla loves surfing; she gives lessons at the beach in tides sometimes, Nabu doesn't have a specific hobby. But being a magician, he trains a lot and practices using his magic.

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