Sly 4: Generation NEOS

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Y'know, standing here, on the top of Mt. Fuji, about to be killed by some deranged echidna with a speech impediment, makes me think about one thing:

Did I leave the iron on?

All jokes aside, I guess I always did want to die in Japan. Just never tossed into a volcano suddenly made active. But hey, with every great ending, there's a great middle before it, and a beginning before that.

I guess it was bound to happen. From birth, I was like all the other raccoons in my family. Sly Cooper, the greatest thief of all time, was my pop, with my mom being not only the greatest policewoman of all time, but my mom being the one to chase after him. She was still trying to convince him to give up being a thief, but he wouldn't have any of it. Whenever we were alone, he popped open that great master thief bible, the Thievius Racoonus. He brought me up with stories of our ancestors and the great thieving legacy they left behind; "Tennesee Kid" Cooper, Rioichi Cooper (my favorite), Slytankhamen II, Henriette "One Eye" Cooper and so on and so on.

Apparently, my dad said I had was a natural fast learner, since I could see "thieving opportunities" since I was 4 andI stole the jewelry box from my neighbor's house.. 16 now, I inscribed three of my own moves into that book:

Coin Magnet: I could telekinetically pull money and loot out of people's pockets just by willing it. The force has NO-thing on me.

Second Sight: I can see 8 seconds in advance. Takes a lot outta me, though.

Cane-erang: I just toss my cane and it zooms back to my hand.

When I turned 16, he took me out for my first thief mission. It was weird; I had to steal a gold bar and carve a staff of wood from the oldest tree in Central Park. Then I found out why. Turns out pop took some blueprints from his old tech specialist and friend, Bentley; blueprints for a mini smelting facility. There, I made my own cane.

I was ecstatic! Dad wanted me to carry on the legacy of the famous Cooper Clan! But I knew that making a new group of thieves was going to be a tough job, but thankfully, I knew the candidates that were perfect for the job.

It was time for the next generation to step in and turn the world into our own personal bank.

At the era would start with,

Ricky Cooper, The Storm

Short, but the chapters will eventually get longer. Anyway, this is the prologue. I'm open for a suggestions for what the telekinetics expert will be! Just leave 'em in your review, if you leave one. Later much!