Seeing as I wrote this story before watching AVPR it really was just a story line I came up with but I was happy to see something similar happened at the end of the movie (the weapon being taken) so I rewrote a bit to go along with it. The rest of the story will make much more sense as it goes on.

When the Predator Becomes Prey

Chapter 1

Cassandra "Prey" Hunter

Cassie dotted the last I and crossed the final T giving a great sigh of relief as she leaned back in her chair. She HATED paper work and was glad to be done with it finally. The laboratory was so quiet. Everyone had already left to their nice comfy cots, actually they were excruciatingly uncomfortable, but at least they got to get some sleep. She checked her watch, it was 2 AM. She yawned opening her mouth to full size and stretched. That was ok, she was quite nocturnal, but she did miss this thing called "sleep" quite badly. Suddenly her stomach roared and Cassie looked at it bewilderedly.

"What the hell? Do I have an alien baby in my belly?" She laughed at herself, but in all seriousness she knew it could be possible if the lab were to lose one of their subjects.

When a company declaring to be a branch of the U.S government requested Cassandra's skills as a zoologist and animal behaviorist she was a little surprised. She had become world renown for her way with animals, but what could the government want her involved in that was so "hush hush". At 22 she was very young to have so many accomplishments and had been asked on very difficult and dangerous projects all over the globe, but when she found out what is was they wanted of her, she was dumbfounded.

Aliens, she'd never been one to care too much about space and what it held, but aliens she had always had an irrational fear of all of her life (along with ghosts) and a belief that they existed, but obviously never cared to meet one. The deep unexplored regions of the universe had never inspired her. She was a star gazer, a dreamer, but the world beyond this one had always seemed too much of a mystery, one that she knew she'd never be able to solve, so instead found comfort in discovering her home planet's great enigmas.

But here she was, and here THEY were. She had been commissioned to come to this hidden facility deep in the jungles of South America in the region of Brazil where she was to observe the behavior of two live xenomorphs and, much to her dismay, interact with them. They almost killed her even when heavily sedated, so she actually only managed to interact for about 10 seconds. Observation: they wanted Cassie dead. Of course that didn't bother her, near death experiences came with her job sometimes, but these things frightened her simply because they were aliens and something she didn't understand.

She watched and observed them for weeks. When not sedated they were vicious, when sedated they were unpredictably vicious. Their life span was also short. The doctors and scientists had injected them early on with steroids to decrease their growth period, but it shortened their lives substantially so she could not say what their exact span of life was. Still she discovered many things about them because of their behavior, and also from the anatomy of the young, that the scientist had bred from laboratory animals, and kept in other parts of the facility. What she could never discover though, was where they came from. The scientists told her nothing, suggesting she just do her job and mind her business, so that is what she did, when they were around at least. Her snooping led only to petty discoveries though, well all but one.

She recalled the day she laid eyes on the odd weaponry very well. She was in a unit she had absolutely no business being in and was pretending to be a spy, when she tripped over the table that they had been sitting on causing one to hit the floor. When it did so, a blast shot out of what appeared to be a cannon of some sort. It wounded her leg deeply and burned like hell fire. When Cassie managed to wipe up her blood with a sleeve and put pressure on the wound long enough to stop it's bleeding, she stood in awe of the rest of the weapons on the table. They were unlike anything she'd ever seen. In real life at least. She picked up a circular disc, and as she squeezed to grip the finger holes, 4 scythe-like blades shot from it. This time not causing her bodily injury, but scared her so much she chunked it across the room. The metallic clang sounded all around and Cassie winced. It had been very loud and sure enough not 2 minutes later she was caught. The sliding doors flew open and Dr. Bill Howard escorted her out. He refused to answer her questions about the sharp scary contraptions, but she eventually learned that they had been brought to this laboratory so that their organic compounds could be tested, and that they were being shipped to weapons facility in eastern Bolivia. Another bit of information, that she would later find to be quite crucial, was that the weaponry was somehow connected to the xenomorphs.

Cassie's stomach gurgled again. She hadn't eaten since noon and she was terribly hungry. She leaned her head backwards sighing, her body too tired to get up and search for food. That is when she spotted a ham sandwich on Fred Morgan's desk, all alone and unattended. She stared at it for a long time. It hadn't been touched, but Fred was nowhere around. Surly this was a figment brought on by hunger, for no one in their right mind would leave a perfectly good sandwich out uneaten would they? A mischievous smile crawled across Cassie's face as her eyes darted to the door to her unit. She kicked off from her desk rolling to Fred's. She turned and greedily picked up the sandwich. Just as she leaned in to get a bite though a crash of paper's slammed upon the desk and the sandwich was taken from her hands. She looked to the mysterious messenger of misery and it was Fred. He took a bite out of the sandwich and turned to leave.

"These need to be in by tomorrow morni-well in a few hours." His unemotional tone was left lingering in the room as he left the unit for sleep. Cassie slumped disappointed in her chair staring at the paperwork.

"I guess this means I don't get to eat…" She said, calling pathetically after a now long gone Fred.

The ship slipped through the galaxies, sliding through the sky like a snake, weaving in and out around the stars that stood in its path. Within the hull, a thick miasma coated the floor, wisps dancing about the pillars and walls, covered in hieroglyphics and carvings. Skulls of animals from far reaches of the universe decorate small rooms, which also hold ridged weaponry that sit on platforms, proudly on display in the middle of the chamber. Their wickedly keen blades gleam threateningly, the shine almost laughing at the skulls that no doubt met their end due to the skill of the weapons' handler.

In the center of the trophies a row of human skulls sit silent and smiling on stands. A type of writing made up of dashes, reads beneath them in its mother language: "Pyode Amedha" meaning "Soft Meat". It is the name by which the creatures that control this ship, know Man. They are nothing but prey to them. Their intelligence making them a worthy challenge, but it is not for sport that they come to Earth on this day: November 12th 2012.

A'karak-uendi walked into the room, the atmospheric mist billowing at his feet as he followed another yautja male to the pillars, removing the weapons of their choice. A'karak knew better than to pick first though and took the less impressive arms for himself. He was unblooded and knew his place; the other was his teacher, a much more skilled hunter that had requested that A'karak come with him on this mission. It was an honor he did not deserve, yet gladly accepted. After they were equipped they stepped into the hall, which lead to a deeper chamber. In this room two other yautja stood. One was massive and scarred heavily across his face and body. Even his helmet was scathed with years of battles. He was a warrior, a loner by profession and not one to be messed with. He barked at A'karak as he entered asserting his dominance over him before he even got a good glimpse of the smaller male, but when A'karak went to growl back his mentor backhanded him into a wall.

"Show respect pup!" He growled threateningly. The warrior growled at A'karak as well, but was satisfied with his master's handling of him. Had his mentor not disciplined him the warrior would've had the right to challenge A'karak, no doubt killing him on the spot without mercy. He cared not for the young yautja's life, seeing him only as future competition for females, if he survived his future blooding ceremony that is. Something the warrior obviously doubted possible by the way he eyed him with scorn.

Another yautja, who stared solemn and quiet at Earth through the porthole, had not acknowledged the presence of the hunter and A'karak, mainly because he didn't have too. He was an elder, nearly an ancient, who had sired more than 80 sucklings, and had no obligation to those beneath him.

A'karak and his mentor stepped forward and hit their chests in salute.

"The pods are ready elder!" A'karak admired the way his master stood proudly before the old gray yautja, and he hoped that one day he too would have the cold distance in his eyes and the large dome of a true male and a true hunter.

The elder nodded his head. "Then we will move swiftly. Our mission is well known to us I hope." He looked around and when there was silence he was assured that this was so. "Very well, then it is known that one of our fleet crashed while trying to leave Earth's galaxy, and a cleaner was sent forth to remove the evidence. When he arrived it was discovered that the kainde amedha held on the ship had escaped. With honor he destroyed many of the creatures, but his last report told us there was a much larger threat than they, threatening our hunting grounds. A xenomorph had been born from the chest of one of our warriors and in doing so created a dangerous mixture. We lost contact with our fellow warrior shortly afterwards. The threat however was destroyed and the threat of a swarm spreading was eliminated. The oomans are believed to be the ones to have done this, for the cleaner's akrei-non (wrist bomb) was never set off. As our brother's signal faded we noticed something amiss though. The tracker on his sivk'va-tai (plasma caster) began to move. The oomans have stolen our technology and this is a why we must return to the water planet. They are a clever species, and if they harness the knowledge of our weapons, The Hunt could be threatened. We must recover them swiftly…the honor code is to be followed, but I shall make exceptions depending on the circumstances. We must get our weapon back at all costs. Each of you has been chosen for a reason. I expect no fail…is that understood?" Each of the males saluted and stood awaiting orders.

"Good…now…let us depart…" Turning, a long cape twirling behind him, they made their way down to the pods. The elder and the hunters grabbed their masks, A'karak's by far the least impressive of the three representing his lower status among them. The warrior already wore his damaged helmet with pride as he stepped into his pod. The others followed suit. A'karak's excitement grew, his blood pumping through his veins. He'd now have the chance to prove himself worthy of one day being a blooded warrior.