Author's Note
I had hoped I wouldn't have to post a silly author's note since by now, I have the chapter all typed up and ready to go online. However, there remains a problem.
My computer has been a pain in the butt since internet exploder found out that it had a security compromise. I'm not saying I'm surprised about that though. Really, it would've happened one of these days and I thought it would happen sooner. Anyways, that incident messed up my computer despite the fact that I will not use internet explorer and would love to remove window's filthy software from my computer.

My brothers, my dad, and I have been working with it lately to restore it to the bug free way it used to be but our efforts were a little half hearted after I got rid of all the pop-ups and blatantly obvious stuff. Things had been going okay until a few days ago. My computer crashed on Friday and my computer's been complaining bitterly ever since. It won't upload anything at all from my computer anymore without crashing the web browser no matter which one I'm using. So, I'll work with it a little bit more. If I can kick the decrepit old beast back into gear, we'll be golden. Meanwhile, I'm going to see about using my linux. I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Till then, Clarissa.

EDIT: Finally! I managed to hijack a friend's computer to edit this note. My computer is officially toasted.
It rolled over and died not a week after I originally posted this. Just stopped and wouldn't boot up again. I can't say we were surprised. It was terminally virused along with being ancient. It was at the point where we could no longer change the desktop without it getting confused and freezing that process. Anyway, Dad tried some things to see if he could get my settings back but it's old and didn't have much space so it refused to install Vista as a temporary fix. I don't know what all he did but all we could salvage was a few of my files.

In the end, we're getting a new computer and it should hopefully be here within the next week or so. I'm so excited.
I don't know how many people will get a chance to read this between now and then but still... Eek. Gotta go.
Bye bye, all.