Chapter 32: Revelations

This wasn't real at all. He was the sole survivor – the last of his clan! How could someone else possess his clan's pride? How could someone else possess the power of the Uchiha clan?

Finally getting over his shock, Sasuke allowed nothing but pure rage to take over. "Why?" He demanded in a low but menacing voice, his eyes never leaving identical ones that stared back at him. "Why do you have it?"

Tenten clenched her fists. She felt nothing but loathe for the man right before her eyes. "You wanted the truth, didn't you?" She spat out bitterly, anger laced in every word. "Now handle it!"

"Why?" Sasuke demanded again as he began to move towards Tenten. For every step he took, she mirrored as well only she took them backwards. It wasn't long before she found her back against the wall.

"How is it possible…?" Sasuke whispered incredulously before he pounded his right fist on the wall next to the weapons mistress' head. His eyes never left the same bloody ones that stared defiantly at him.

Cornered, Tenten angrily aimed a right hook at the Uchiha prodigy's face. Sasuke caught the assault with ease, establishing a firm hold on Tenten's right wrist. Ignoring the pain of her muscles, she tried to do the same move using her left hand only to have it imprisoned by Sasuke's right hand as well.

Glaring at the Uchiha avenger, Tenten pulled at her wrists. "Let me go."

"Why do you have the Sharingan?" Sasuke asked once more. His voice was calmer than before but the rage and confusion lay bottled beneath.

"I am not obliged to answer your questions."

Sasuke pulled at Tenten's wrists causing her to collide with his chest only to force her back against the wall. Groaning in pain, Tenten glared death at the Uchiha prodigy ready to deliver a counterattack; however, the sound of rushing steps caught both Sharingan wielders' attention.

Not soon after, the door to Tenten's room bolted open. "What's going on in here?"

Tenten snapped her head towards the voice only to be met by Shizune's panting figure. She directed her attention back to where her intruder had once stood only to see nothing but the smooth flowing curtains on her window sill.

"Tenten?" Shizune asked anxiously. "What happened?"

Tenten, realizing how ridiculous she looked leaning fully against the wall, pushed herself off as her hands reflexively went to caress her wrists. "N-Nothing… I was just having a bad dream."

Eying the weapons mistress up and down, Shizune wasn't sold. "Was someone here with you?"

Trying to look as innocent as possible, Tenten shook her head. "No. I was alone." Heading for her bed, she thought of a way to sell her lie. "I remembered something… From the past…" She paused as she sat on her bed, her back to the Godaime's assistant. "It was… A very bad memory…"

Shizune eyed the slightly shaken girl anxiously as she hugged her knees to her chest. "It's the type you'd wish you could erase from your memory… Just forget it. Forever."

Making her way towards the weapons mistress, she sat beside her and gave her a comforting pat on the back. "Are you alright?"

Tenten nodded as she rested her forehead on her knees, successfully hiding her face from Shizune's view. She wasn't entirely lying. What just happened was definitely something she wished she could erase from her memory forever. "I will be. Just as long as I don't fall asleep again…"

Shizune shook her head. "You need to rest." Shizune stood up and began to guide Tenten back to bed.

"I'll be fine." Tenten pushed on. "I've had enough rest." Looking elsewhere she began to wonder. How ever would she tell her senseis?

Shizune shook her head once more. "You still look horrible. You need more."

Tenten's inner self fell into depression. Did she really look that horrible?

Sensing the sudden change of mood, Shizune laughed nervously. "I-I'm not saying you look bad! I'm just saying you need to rest more if you want the bags under your eyes to disappear completely."

Taking any opportunity to change the topic, Tenten brought her hands to her eyes. "I-I have eye bags?"

Shizune chuckled at the young girl's reaction. "Yes. Now you need to rest some more." She paused to fully tuck the weapons mistress into bed. "After all you won't be able to get as much rest after you get out of the hospital."

Tenten smiled a bit. "I'm sure I can find ways."

Shizune grinned as she made her way towards the door. "I don't think so…" She paused as she opened it. "You see…" She turned around to give Tenten one more look. "Jounins don't get that much free time." With that, she shut the door.

Tenten lay back down in bed contemplating what Shizune had just told her. "Jounins don't get that much-"

Shizune waited outside the door and counted.

"I'm promoted to Jounin?!"

Shizune grinned. "Eight seconds. She's pretty slow."

Making her way back to the Godaime's office, her demeanor changed into a serious one. She could have sworn she felt Uchiha Sasuke's chakra inside Tenten's room. But it was so faint she couldn't tell if it was real or if she had imagined it. And if he really was there, what could he have possibly wanted with Tenten? Or better yet, why would she lie to her about his visit?

She narrowed her eyes as she calculated possibilities. Perhaps the Godaime would want to know about this.

Sasuke jumped from tree to tree with no real destination in mind. He was confused, angry, frustrated but most of all, he felt betrayed. What he believed in all his life was a lie. There was another survivor of the Uchiha massacre. But how could that have been possible? How could he not have known?

He stopped running for a moment to punch a hole through an innocent tree. Why the hell did he not know a thing about this? What else was he unaware of?

Not knowing what to do anymore, Sasuke pulled out his katana and began an all out slaughter of Mother Nature. Trees fell down one after the other, not one standing in his way had any luck of being spared. Hours passed and not once did the Uchiha avenger cease his assault.

Finally, after clearing a path for himself, Sasuke found himself facing a waterfall. The light of the moon made it look ethereal, untainted by humanity. Ignoring his body's cry for oxygen, he made his way towards it. He felt the water travel up from his feet to his ankles as he moved further before falling on his knees.

Staring as his reflection, he cursed. He looked the same way he looked that night – desperate, lost. It was the night he would have given anything to forget but also; he never wanted to forget a single moment of it as well. It was what kept him going all this time. It was the only thing he had left - the memory of the night his clan was erased from the face of the Earth.

Sasuke fell forward causing the water to displace violently. He didn't know what to believe in anymore.

Lucas breathed heavily as he blocked another one of Madara's attacks. It was getting harder and harder to fair against him using only one hand. Glancing momentarily at the figure he held securely on his left shoulder, he made a move to distance himself from his adversary.

Ceasing his assault, Madara glanced at all four of his opponents. "Pathetic."

Griselda clenched her fists and charged to attack but was silenced by Lucas. "Don't let him get to you!" Huffing, Griselda stayed put beside the fire bender. "Then what the hell do you suppose we do then?!"

"Calm down Zelda…" Yue coughed as he struggled to get on his feet.

"Being lectured by a half dead idiot doesn't really seem that convincing…"

Glaring at the female Earth bender, Yue scoffed. "Who was the first one among us who was actually half dead?"

Before Griselda could yell a reply, Lucas silenced both with the wave of his sword. One threatening look was all it took to silence both of them.

"I know what you're all capable of." Madara began, successfully garnering the attention of his opponents. "I know all about your clan and their abilities." He paused to savor the shock faces of his adversaries. "Why else would I have chosen that woman to bear my heir?"

Lucas tightened his hold on his sword. "Do NOT talk of Nadeshiko-sama that way."

Madara chuckled a bit. "So that was her name."

Gently placing Mifuyu down on the ground, Lucas slowly brought his sword up before bringing it down forcefully causing it to light up in flames.

"Lucas…" Griselda whispered anxiously as she glanced at the color of his flames – blue.

Lucas brought his sword down to touch the ground causing a trail of blue flames to form creating a circle around the entire battlegrounds.

"Lucas." Yue reprimanded with desperation evident in his voice as he eyed the growing blue flames. "Calm down."

Raising an eyebrow, Madara eyed the red-haired man with interest. "I seem to have struck a nerve." Then he smirked. "Let me guess, you were in love with her?"

In a flash, Lucas appeared in front of Madara swinging his sword with unbelievable speed, every slash intended to brutally massacre anything in its way.

"He's lost it! What do we-" Yue paused as he looked around for Griselda. "Zelda?"

Glancing momentarily at Mifuyu's still unconscious body, he frantically looked around for the female Earth bender once more. "Griselda!"

Griselda opened her eyes only to feel that she was flying in the air. Still not able to grasp the situation, she landed hard face first on a tree. "Oww! What the hell-"

"Get down!"

Doing as the voice commanded her, she crouched down only to find that a large Fumma Shuriken was now embedded on where her head once laid. Before she could even eye her surroundings, another order came her way. "Close your eyes! Don't even think of looking anywhere!"

Doing as she was told, Griselda scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. "Mimi?"

"Now find something to tie over your eyes! You can't afford to open them! Are you listening to me Griselda?"

Tearing a portion of her clothes, Griselda nodded. "I am! I am!" After successfully blindfolding herself, she felt Mifuyu's presence beside her. "We're against the real Madara." She began. Her breathing was ragged and her voice was strained.

"Are you alright?" Griselda asked in worry only to be ignored.

"Lucas and Yue are still trapped under his Genjutsu. I've been trying release all three of you from it but he's just too strong. My hands are full just fighting him and trying to protect all three of you."

Nodding in understanding, Griselda drew her daggers out. "How long have you been here fighting him?"

"From the very moment we realized it was a genjutsu."

If only she wasn't blind folded, Griselda was sure her eyes would have popped out of their sockets. "From the- But you were there with us the whole time!"

Mifuyu made a clicking sound with her tongue. "Genjutsu, remember?"

Before Griselda could answer, a large ball of fire was shot in their direction. Jumping out of the way, the two female benders were separated.

"I'll keep him busy. You try and get those two lazy assess back here." Griselda ordered as she escaped another ball of flame.

"Will you be alright?" Mifuyu asked anxiously.

Griselda snorted, slightly insulted. "Have you forgotten what my element is? Blind fighting is what I'm all about!"

Mifuyu mouthed an 'Oh' in understanding. "Right!" She replied before heading towards the ice barrier she had formed to protect Yue and Lucas.

Madara stared at the blindfolded Earth bender in indifference. "What do you think you will achieve by fighting me alone?"

Grinning like an idiot, Griselda replied with arrogance. "Your head." Raising her right leg up in the air, Griselda let out a forceful cry before bringing it down to stomp on the ground. Simultaneously, hundreds of fist-sized rocks rose into the air.

Unperturbed, Madara watched as the rocks slowly formed into sharp needles. Without warning, Griselda sent them flying towards the Sharingan wielder.

Griselda narrowed her eyes as she felt all her needles pierce through her enemy. He couldn't have been that weak.

As if answering her doubts, Griselda felt hundreds of fire bolts raining down from the sky. Braising herself for the attack, Griselda furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as every single one missed her. How could that have been- She gasped in shock at the realization of Madara's real target.


Hearing her name, Mifuyu immediately turned around as she forcefully bended water out of trees within her reach. Pulling the massive water supply above her, she blew onto it successfully turning it into a thick wall of ice. She grimaced as the force of the fire bolts began to tear through it.

Unsatisfied, Madara immediately began to form hand seals. If fire wouldn't do the trick, he had tons more up his sleeve.

"Thunder Saber…"

Mifuyu's eyes widened in shock as her ice defense was broken into pieces. Particles of ice began to fall onto her as she watched Madara form hand seals once more.

"This time, I won't miss-"

Madara's eyes widened in surprise as four large boulders from different angles charged right at him. Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, he sped up to avoid them and headed right towards the female water bender. Drawing out his katana, he immediately made a move to finish off his opponent only to have the ground below him rise up and swallow him whole.

Mifuyu stood there in shock until a voice snapped her out of her reverie.

"Now Mimi! Get Lucas and Yue now!"

Blinking, Mifuyu nodded and rushed towards the two male benders she left under the protection of her ice barrier.

Feeling the ground shake, Griselda narrowed her eyes in annoyance. He was one tough bitch alright. Raising her arms in front of her face in an X formation, she closed her eyes and concentrated. Pieces of metals from the ground slowly began to accumulate in her arms and legs. After forming a suitable armor, Griselda knocked her fists together before charging towards the source of the vibration.

Not soon after, Madara broke free from the ground, his mask of indifference changed into a slightly annoyed one. Sensing an assault, Madara immediately turned around only to see a large metal hand ready to bust his face open. Raising his katana in time, Madara narrowed his eyes in annoyance. He didn't expect the attack to be that heavy. Sensing his feet slide slowly against the ground, he eyed his blindfolded adversary with contempt.

Wanting to draw Madara further away from Mifuyu and her comrades, Griselda began to release a barrage of punches and kicks at a new found speed and power. Blocking every attack with his katana, Madara's annoyance grew as he was pushed further and further away by the force of the Earth bender's attacks.

All of a sudden, a loud explosion was heard from where Mifuyu's ice barrier once stood. Madara narrowed his eyes. They were free.

Griselda, distracted for a second, turned her head towards the explosion and grinned. Now the real fight was going to begin. Taking the distraction to his advantage, Madara swiftly crept up behind the unknowing Earth bender and aimed for her exposed back.

Falling onto the ground, Madara watched coldly as blood began to pool around the seemingly unconscious fighter. Turning his attention back to his other opponents, he watched as all three blindfolded fighters took their stances.

Lucas waved his sword to the side drowning in flames. Mifuyu drew her whip out and circled it up in the air before threateningly snapping it on the ground and taking up her stance. Yue spun his staff around his body as he prepared for an assault. Concentrating, he pointed his staff right at Madara releasing a strong gust of wind.

Caught off guard by the pressure, Madara reflexively closed his eyes – a grave mistake. Opening his eyes, he was surprised to see the back of the air bender standing a few feet in front of him, shooting the water bender up in the air with his hands. About to take the chance for a finishing blow, Madara's eyes grew big as he felt an assault coming directly below him.

Looking down, he felt a large iron fist collide with his jaw. "How could it have been-"

Turning his eyes towards where a limp and bloody body once lay, he was surprised to see it slowly breaking up and turning into soil.

Shot up the air, Madara winced as he prepared to counter attack only to find out all his limbs to be immobile. Glancing down on his body, he was shocked to see himself covered in ice. In the corner of his eye, he saw the female water bender smirk in satisfaction as she slowly descended to the ground.

Before he could break free, Madara sensed yet another assault coming at him from above. Directing his gaze up in the air, he saw a mini tornado coming right at him. Before he could blink, he saw the air bender's staff collide with his abdomen, breaking the ice that once imprisoned him, sending him spiraling down to the ground.

Lucas, not once glancing at the joint assault on Madara, disappeared from where he stood, only to reappear directly under the falling figure. With his gaze still straight ahead, he drew his sword up in the air, savoring the feel of it colliding with flesh.

Mifuyu, Yue and Griselda immediately surrounded Lucas, all the while eying the limp body hanging on his sword. Not once letting their guard down, they watched as Lucas brought his sword down, before roughly pulling it out of the seemingly lifeless body faced down on the ground.

Using his foot, Lucas forced the body to face them. "Any last-" He froze, unable to speak or even move.

Yue, Griselda and Mifuyu looked in disbelief at the coughing figure lying on the ground nearing death. They could not believe their eyes.

The figure smirked smugly. "Resistance is futile. Uchiha-sama always gets what he wants." With those last words, all four benders looked in shock as the unknown dying man set himself up to self destruct.

Fleeing as far as they could, a loud explosion erupted engulfing everything in its way in flames.

Getting the fire in control, Lucas immediately made his way back to where the man once lay only to find nothing but cinders left as a reminder. Clenching his fists in anger, he cursed out loud.

Yue fell on his knees and punched the ground below him with all his might. He was frustrated. "Damn it!"

Mifuyu fell on the ground and remained silent, eyes not leaving the ashes that lay mocking them on the ground. She couldn't believe it.

"All this while…" Griselda began as she gazed at the cinders wide-eyed. "We were fighting some idiot… Who wasn't even Madara?"

Lucas turned his back on the ashes, not wanting to see anymore.

"What the hell is this supposed to mean!?" Yue yelled as he clenched his fists on the ground.

"We were stupid to think this was the end…" Mifuyu whispered on the brink of tears. She glanced at her balled fists on her lap. They were against someone who wasn't even Madara yet they were this beat up?

Lucas sheathed his sword. Bottling his anger up, he began to walk away. This was only the beginning.

Eyes opened to reveal blood.

Smirking in satisfaction, Madara stood up from the cliff he'd been meditating on. He was defeated. But it didn't matter.

"I underestimated them." He paused as he replayed the battle in his head. "30 percent wasn't enough."

He jumped down from the cliff where he once stood and landed on a prairie. Adoring the rising sun, he smiled to himself. Things were finally going to get interesting.

A figure stood on top of the Hokage Mountain, eyeing Konoha closely like a hawk. He was wearing a black mask that made him look like a cat and his outfit was that of a trained assassin. His hair was flowing with the wind but was reprimanded by a small black tie near its end. Glancing to his right, he watched as a figure similar to him landed a few feet behind where he stood.

Getting down on one knee to pay his respects, the newly arrived figure began to speak.

"Captain…" He began.

Without turning around, the figure referred to as 'captain' nodded his head in acknowledgment. "Report."

"Yes, sir." The figure paused to bow his head. "Uchiha Sasuke was spotted sometime around midnight at the Konoha Hospital. He entered a room I've verified as room 301 through the window. The inhabitant of the room was-"

"I'm aware who the inhabitant is." The captain stated with a hit of annoyance evident in his voice. "What was his business there?"

Nodding in understanding and slight surprise, the figure continued his report apologetically. "I-I was unable to hear the conversation nor was I able to see what transpired in the room. A step further would have caused the Uchiha to detect me, sir."

Letting out a breath of impatience, the captain raised his hand. "Leave."

With one last bow, the figure disappeared without a trace.

Clenching his fists, the captain narrowed his eyes in annoyance. Raising a hand up to his mask, he slowly pulled it off to reveal piercing white eyes. "Just what the hell is that Uchiha after?"