Hey, everyone! I would just like to thank everyone for reading this. I forgot to stick this up two weeks ago, when it was suppose to be posted. Although most of you already know this, I would like to take a second to say that Starless Nights has in fact been posted for those of you who wanted a sequel. Yes... I just thought I'd say that. You don't have to check it out; I just forgot to announce this earlier incase there are people out there who haven't heard the news yet. XD

I would like to thank everyone who reviewed and followed this story. It took a bloody while to finish, but I did it! (feels accomplished) I hope I can get Starless Nights finished too. I know I will, I'm just worried that it will be outdated because Brisingr comes out in 53 days!! YAY!! :D

Okay, so thank-you everyone for the reviews! I feel so special, limh. :P I have received more reviews on this story than I ever could imagine! I honestly don't know why, either, but I'm happy you guys took the time to give me the greatly loved feedback! And for those of you who wanted it, check out my profile page and click on Starless Nights.

Thanks A Million!