A.N.: This is NOT mine. My little sister, who doesn't care enough to make her own account on wrote this in about five minutes, and demanded I post this. After locking her in a closest for trying to tell me what to do, I read this over and decided it was actually kind of cute. Don't tell her I said that, but if you feel like reviewing this, give her credit. All I did was proofread it.

Disclaimer: Nothing here is mine. Not the plot, the characters, not even the story. How very sad...

Black carries a can of black paint and a bow and arrow to his yard. Then he picks up a mini trampoline and leans it against a wall. Next he paints the trampoline and the wall completely pitch black. He waits, he waits for his sworn enemy to come.

White walks by an spies Black fiddling with some bow and arrows. He gets them ready but sets them backwards! White giggles and teases Black by sticking his tongue out at him, thinking that Black will hurt himself.

Black aims, he shoots and it flies behind him hits the trampoline and bounces toward White.

White is shocked! But its too late. The arrow pierces right through him.

His round eyes turned two X's and the last thing he sees is Black holding up two peace signs with his fingers.


A.N: aww, now ain't that cute? If you review, remember that it was my sister's work not mine.