GJ Person(s) of Interest Form

Case Ref: LEESRM-18-001

PI Ref: 0001

Name: Ruth Margaret Lees

Known Aliases: None known at this time

Relation to Suspect: N/A

Location: Global Justice custody

Biography: Parents killed in a mugging while suspect was a young girl. Evidence suggests deaths were the result of interference in crime by vigilante 'Lightbringer' (PI Ref 0049). As an adult, suspect became a Go City alderman, campaigning on a law and order platform. Suspect was notorious for hardline stance against freelance operatives such as Team Go (PI Ref 0012). Suspect later joined Global Justice and rose to Council position in 2016. Suspect subsequently became Head of Operations, but exhibited criminal misjudgment in alliance with Anton Harker (PI Ref 0002). Suspect relieved of position and taken into custody. Refer case POSSKA-17-001 for more information.

Interrogation: Suspect maintains that she was the victim of a conspiracy masterminded by former Global Justice operatives Kim Possible (PI Ref 0007) and Elizabeth Director (PI Ref 0008).

Surveillance: Subject is under 24/7 personal and electronic surveillance in a Global Justice holding facility.

Recommendation: Subject suffers from long-untreated PTSD and exhibits symptoms of paranoia. Recommend counseling sessions with Global Justice Psychological Treatment Specialists.

"I don't believe it. Betty lets us take our first real break in six months, and you want to spend it doing charity work on the island where we both nearly died a half dozen times." Shego shook her head.

"Since your only suggestion so far has been to go and heckle at the premiere of that stupid movie, yeah." Kim folded her arms and narrowed her eyes.

"Aw," The green woman mock-pouted. "Is Kimmie still mad that they cast the bitchy cheerleader to play her?"

The redhead gave her partner an exasperated look. How could it be that a person who so consistently needled her was also the only one whose arms felt like home? "I'm mad that they're pushing the bullshit Global Justice version of what happened."

"Which is why we should go heckle!" Shego gave a triumphant smirk. Kim rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, because after enjoying six months of not being on the run, I'd like to return to the life of a fugitive over causing a public disturbance."

"I don't think they'd call out the National Guard for us over that, Pumpkin." The older woman stepped forward and slipped her arms around the redhead's waist. Kim settled into her taller partner with a sigh. "But I get your point. Betty gave us this break because ..."

"Because we've done as much damage as we can to HenchCo through legal means, but Jack Hench is far from beaten." The former cheerleader nodded, then glanced up at Shego. "Which means sometime soon we're going to have to cross some lines, and this period of freedom Doctor Director bought us will be over. Are you ready to become a fugitive again?"

The pale woman shrugged. "I've spent most of my adult life that way. I'll be fine." She leaned down and brushed a gentle kiss on the crown of Kim's head. "That's what this trip is really about, isn't it, Princess? You want to remind yourself what we're fighting for, before we throw everything away and start really fighting again."

Kim glanced up at her through slitted eyes. "You ... you're actually looking forward to it, aren't you?"

Shego grinned. "I won't pretend; it's been nice to be able to just walk down the street the last few months. But the missions ... it felt like we had one hand tied behind our back." She paused, and when she continued it was in a different voice. "We're goin' on the lam, shee? Which is where a lady like me oughtta be. Tommy gun in my right hand, a dame in my left. That'sh the life for me."

Scarlet brows quirked upward. "What the heck was that?"

"That ..." The green woman said with great dignity. "Was my James Cagney."

"... you're a very strange person."

Dark lips smirked, and Kim immediately knew she'd walked into a quip of some kind. "I must be ... look at the woman I fell for."

"Brute." The redhead muttered, though she made no effort to break their embrace. "So ... are you okay with us going to Veligrua? I ... I'd really like to see what we accomplished there, and to catch up with Maria, Lucia and Sancho."

"We can go." Shego allowed. "On one condition."

"Which is?"

"We spend at least one day at the beach while we're there."


"Just remember what I told you about beaches, Pumpkin ..." The green woman waited for the redhead's questioning look, then smirked. "You have to bring your own eye-candy."

Kim smiled, then leaned up to kiss her lover. "So not the drama."

Author's Note: As promised, a short epilogue just to bring down the curtain on this story. Kim and Shego have more struggles in their future, of course, but I don't expect to write fiction about them. The "Most Wanted" universe is not a setting where a completely clean ending can ever be reached, and I rather like the place they're in now.

Thanks for coming on this ride with me. Thanks in particular to those of you who came back to the tale even after I made you wait two years without an update. Your comments and feedback really do mean a lot to me.