Summary: A mysterious serial killer has managed to avoid capture, and when he is within Konoha's lands Tsunade sends Team Gai after him. But the mission takes a turn, and they find themselves in over their heads! What will they do now?

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Chapter One: Mission Gone Wrong

"Gai-sensei? What are we looking for again?" the Konoha weapons mistress asked, shifting her large scroll off to the side as they prepared to break for the night. It had been a year since Naruto left, and Gai was pleased to say that his three pupils were chunnin or above-Neji being the one above, who was currently checking the perimeter, and setting traps along with Lee. Gai rummaged into his pocket, to retrieve the scroll, which their mission was written on, before he answered. After looking through it for a few moments, he turned back to Tenten.

"Well, it seems we are looking for a serial killer, who has somehow managed to avoid death…from even the other countries ANBU. Well, that's interesting." Gai responded, and Tenten sighed. When Gai was serious about something that only meant trouble, and lots of it. Tenten sighed, and resumed setting up the rest of the camp. She finished about the time Neji and Lee came back, and they decided to draw lots to see who would get first watch-riding over Lee and Gai's proclamation that drawing lots was not the 'youthful' way to go about it. They were silenced when Neji asked what was- silenced only momentarily though.

"Rock, paper scissors!" Lee called, and both Neji and Tenten sighed. An academy game to decide who took watch? What was the world coming to?!? And of course Gai went along with it whole-heartedly…insert sunset, tears, and crashing wave here…Neji was under the impression it was a genjutsu of sorts…Tenten just wondered what they thought they were pulling-it was dark out for God's sake!!

Still Tenten and Neji agreed to go along with Lee and Gai's way of deciding watch-the former feeling like idiots, and the latter taking it as a challenge. As it went Neji took first watch, Gai second, Tenten third, and Lee took the last watch. They settled for the night, as Neji settled in a more comfortable position.

'So, we're out here looking for a criminal who has avoided ANBU and other shinobi. What was Tsunade thinking?' Neji thought, as he watched his teammates fall asleep. He activated his ability when he heard something move, and found someone making his way to the camp.

'How did he get pass the traps?!?' his mind angrily shouted, and to his confusion another voice answered him, also in his mind.

'How? Simple child. I watched you set them up.' The voice said causing Neji to stiffen. He had seen nobody nearby, nobody! What was going on?!?

He woke the others, just in time for them to hear the laughter of whomever they were following.

"Show yourself!" Gai demanded, once they were all standing. The laughter continued, and Neji activated his kekkei genkai, and scanned over the area, looking for the person. He found nothing, which he found strange. The noise he had heard was nearby, and the man said he had watched him set the traps, so how could he not be seen?! He deactivated his kekkei genkai, and looked back to his former sensei, and shook his head. He couldn't find him. That worried the other three. Someone had managed to avoid being spotted by the Byakugan? Now they realized how much the relied on his eyes to pick out a hidden enemy, once they were rendered useless. Next they heard strange whispers around them, and a type of pressure, almost like they had been weighed down. Something that none of them like, and attempted to fight against, which proved to be their right thing to do, when a bright flash of light engulfed the area, and dragged the off to an area they had no idea how to deal with.


Tenten sat up with a wince. Her first thought-What did I hit my head on? Her second thought-Where the HELL am I? She looked around herself, and found her teammates flat out on the ground that was covered in leaves. Leaves…but the campsite had been cleared of leaves…she went over to Neji, and gave his shoulders a hard shake. He swatted at her, and sat up with a groan.

"Tenten? That you?" he asked, as his shook his head slightly trying to clear his vision. She nodded, and went to get the other two up. Lee was easier, as she just had to poke him in the back, and he shot up.

"Lee…it's okay, it's just me. Now help me wake Gai." Tenten said, as Lee and Neji got to their feet. It took all three of them to rouse the older man.

"Lee? Neji? Tenten?" he mumbled as he sat up. The Green Beast of Konoha was dazed, and unsteady as he got to his feet, even with help.

"Hai, Gai-sensei." Lee replied, as he and Neji helped him to his feet, and helped him remain steady. Tenten nodded and sighed, as she remembered that they still did not know where they were.

"Tenten? Is something the matter?" Neji asked, as he heard her sigh. The other two also looked over in her direction.

"Yeah…unless I've gone crazy." She muttered, but continued, "Does anyone know where we are?" she asked, and when the others looked around they found the problem she was sighing about.

They had no idea where they were.

"…Neji?" Lee asked, as he turned to see his teammate's bloodline active.

"I checked. Nothing familiar within my range of vision." Neji replied, and the entire team sighed. Well, this was just great they were completely lost.

"Well, we can't sit around. Let's see if we can find a road, or something…" Gai said, as he started to walk off, and his students followed behind him, all completely baffled at what had happened to bring them to a place they couldn't recognize.

The heard where the road was before they found the road. They sped up to see what was going on. People were running along the road, away from a town, with belongings and family and only looking back once they passed the shinobi, who were standing at the side of the road wondering what was going on. A man came up to them, and grabbed Gai by the shoulders.

"Sir! You and your children need to get out of here! It's not safe, Urgals are coming!" the man implored, Neji and Tenten decided to ignore the fact that the man had somehow related them to Gai.

"Sir, what are Urgals?" Gai asked, after shrugging the man's hands off his person. The man stared at him as if her were insane. It was a look that Neji, Tenten and Lee were very used to seeing aimed at their sensei-and Lee.

"You…you do not know what they are? Sir, they are the biggest danger here, they have more strength than a full-grown man, and that is only the weaker ones! Our warriors stood no chance against them!"

'Oh dear…that man should not have said that…now we get dragged into this…' Tenten thought, and from the way Neji had sighed it was evident that he thought the same thing. Gai had struck his pose, as he declared that he was going to stand his ground so the man and the rest of the village could escape, and the man stared at him before running off.

"Gai-sensei, was that really necessary?" Neji asked, as he moved out to the street as the last of the villagers ran past. He didn't wait for an answer, as he activated his bloodline.

"Five, they are huge, and are definitely not human. Human-based maybe, but barely. They are taller than the average human, and they look stronger-muscle wise." Neji said, and his teammates and sensei nodded. What surprised him was a few of the villagers were coming back towards them, armed with swords and other make-shift weapons. Still, if they wanted to join he wasn't going to say anything. His teammates and Gai were also on the road now, all with a kunai in hand, ready and waiting for the Urgals to come into their vision range. Tenten and Lee's eyes widened when they say the monsters that were bearing down on them. Neji's description had done them no justice, but now wasn't the time for that, as soon as the Urgals saw humans in the road and not running from them they roared.

A challenge.

The small group of four shinobi and a handful of soldiers had dared to stand up to them. The Urgals charged the small group, anticipating a group of untrained soldiers that would flee at the first sign of danger. They didn't count on shinobi that faced down death on a regular basis, and knew every mission was dangerous and still took them. They didn't count on the shinobi charging forwards, towards them.

The soldiers had been ready to flee, before they heard the four shinobi yell their own challenge, and charge the Urgals. And what surprised them more was that these warriors seemed capable of handling the fight. They moved faster than normal humans, and seemed stronger than a normal human as well…

"Juken!" Neji yelled, as he activated his signature move, slamming his palm into the chest of the nearest Urgal, and it's companions watched as it fell over, blood coming from it's mouth. The soldiers were likewise stunned wondering how a small hit like that could topple a giant. Was he a mage? Then Lee sent one flying, and they were beginning to have their doubts about them being human. And when a single punch from Gai snapped another's neck they were definitely sure that the strangers were not human in any way aside from appearances. Tenten chose that moment to summon her crossbow, and finish off the last two, and shot them both through the head, and they fell over, and joined their companions in death.

"See? No problem." Gai said, as he turned around to face the stunned soldiers, and few villagers who hand wandered back towards them, out of curiosity.

"What are you?" one woman asked, and Gai's expression fell as soon as he saw the fear in her eyes mimicked by the soldiers and the other villagers.

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