Chapter 11

And Then the Clouds Opened Up and God Said, "I Hate You, Altair!"

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Acre was the worst place to go for any assassination mission or trip. Both Altair and Morgan learned this very early. Still, this was Altair's next mission, and, if he got out of Masyaf fast enough, a mission he could go on alone. Even that made the idea of Acre brighten a bit. So, in the early morning, when the moon was just beginning to fall, the young assassin gathered everything that he would need for the journey and slipped out to the front of the fortress.

Most of the guards who watched the base at night were beginning to yawn and count the minutes left until they could hurry home. Altair kept his head low, knowing many of them had not forgiven him for what happened with the invasion of Robert de Sablé and his men. He had not forgiven himself either, though he still felt as if it had not been his fault.

"Well," A voice grumbled behind him, "If it isn't the hero."

Altair stopped, turning around to see Abbas glaring at him. His eyes were circled with dark rings. He had spent the night guarding the fortress. Altair met his gaze, "What do you want, Abbas?"

The older man looked around, as if searching for something or someone. "Aren't you supposed to have a little chaperone? I heard rumor that the Master deemed you uncontrollable, so he sent a woman to watch over you, like a child."

Altair began to grind his teeth, trying his best not to loose control. "That's nothing more than a mere rumor-and a false one at that."

"Yes," Abbas nodded, smirking at the ease of which he was able to get a rise out of the young man. "Apparently since she isn't here anymore; what happened? Is she rotting in some back alley because of you?"

"I would never have done such a thing to her!" He argued.

"So, you have feelings towards her?" The smirk grew.

"No!" He shouted, a bit too loud, seeing as some of the guards turned to look. "She is merely an innocent. If it were otherwise..." He stopped, glaring at the older man.

"Bah, you haven't changed at all." Abbas grumbled.

Altair said nothing. He wanted to be rid of him; the man had done nothing but plague and harass him since he achieved the rank of Master Assassin before him. He held a grudge that Altair worried might never go away; an older man's bitterness towards the younger generation. "Are you done? I need to get going before the sun rises."

Abbas rolled his eyes, "Fine, get out of my sight...novice..."

"For your information," A female's voice cut through the air and perhaps Altair's sanity, "Altair is now 2 ranks above novice, soon to be 3."

Abbas and Altair (hesitantly) looked towards the woman. Morgan, her hair down and clothes clean, glared at Abbas with a tired, agitated feel. It was then Altair remembered that Morgan was no more of a morning person than he was. Of course, Abbas didn't know that. "What an achievement..."

"It's a bigger achievement than you've ever gotten, I'm sure." She grumbled, fixing the bag on her shoulder. "Probably further than you'll ever get, too." She couldn't help but smile, "Best hurry, you're getting old."

Altair blinked. Was she really...defending him? He wasn't exactly sure, but Abbas left-grumbling words Morgan couldn't understand and Altair didn't feel like translating. She waited until he was gone before turning to Altair. "Here," She reached into her sweatshirt's pocket and pulled out a small paper that had been folded. She handed it to him, saying, "Al wanted me to give this to you."

Altair eyed her for a minute before he snatched the letter quickly. "You going with someone else?" He asked.

She shrugged, covering her mouth to yawn. "No clue. Some guy just woke me up, hurried me to get dressed and eat, and then threw a bag in my hands and shoved me outside. Al gave me that before I had to come down here and rescue your ass from Abbas."

"You did not have to rescue me..." He grumbled, tearing open the letter, "I was about to leave."

She sighed and sat down on a box, curling into a position to fall back asleep. "Whatever," She mumbled, sleepily.

Altair shook his head and began to read the piece of paper in his hands:


I am entrusting you with a task that I know only you can make sure gets done. The girl you have acquired is very, very important; and as such, I want you to take care of her. She is to follow you for the rest of your trials. You are to teach her how to fight and survive and live under our rules and ways of life. Though she is not to be an assassin, she is to obey our laws as any other woman in the fortress does.

I realize you do not like her, and she has expressed her dislike towards you as well. She says you are 'hard-headed and conceited', and I do not deny that there is some truth behind her words. You have no intention to work with others. Therefore, I am making you work with someone. Who better than the one person who might actually change you by showing you the errors of you ways (for I highly doubt she'll let them go un-noticed).

I do expect her to be in perfect conditions when she returns to Masyaf. I will also ask for her opinion on how you preformed every mission. If she says anything bad against you, there will be consequences.

May God be with you both.

- A."

Altair's grip tightened on the letter. His dark eyes darted over to the now sleeping Morgan, who was curled into a ball on the boxes. Just when he thought he was rid of her, he got forced to take care of her. If there is a God, he really must hate me... Altair thought, shoving the letter into his pocket.

He was not a religious man, he didn't believe in God and he didn't believe in some higher being. Still, someonewas out to get him; this girl was the living proof. His eyes drifted up to Al Mualim's window, where he could see the slight shift of shadows. He sighed, knowing that his Master was watching him. He had to at least act like he liked her, for the time being. When he was over and done with his trails, he was sure Al Mualim would figure out something else to do with Morgan.

He walked over to her and gently shook her shoulder. "Hey," He whispered, "Wake up. We have to get going."

"Ian, go away..." She mumbled, shifting, "I wasn't the one to play your Xbox 360 last. Go ask Holly or something..."

"What?" He asked, then shook her again, "Morgan, we have to go."

Her eyes opened slightly and she looked up at Altair with a confused stare. "Huh?"

"You have to come with me to Acre." He explained.

Her confused stare was instantly replaced by a fearful look. "I don't want to go to Death City!"

"Oh, goddamn Death City." Morgan grumbled, glaring up at the walls of the city of Acre.

Altair didn't look at her as he said, "Don't complain."

"Altair," Morgan grumbled, not turning around to look at him, "Have you ever even taken a good look around Acre?"

He looked at her, "Of course I have, I've been here multiple times."

"And you've noticed the bodies lying around, right?" She questioned.

"Listen," He led Phillip over to the fence and tied his reigns, "I don't have time to go over this with you. I know of the horrors inside Acre, everyone does. It is a place of pain and suffering, but that's why I'm here."

She put her arms behind her head, watching him retie the reigns, "To fix it?"

Altair studied the reigns for a third time and untied them, "Yes: to fix it."

She blinked as he began again for a forth time. "Do you have OCD?"

He stopped and looked at her, "O-C-what?"

"OCD," She said once more, "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."

They stared at each other for a long time. "What is that?"

She looked at his fixed reigns, "You couldn't stand it if I did," She reached over and pulled one of the reigns so it hung lower than the other, "This…"

Altair glared at Morgan for a long minute, "So what if it bothers me?"

She looked away for a minute, "It's odd. I don't take you as the type who would be OCD."

"And I didn't take you as the type who could sing, and I was wrong." He retaliated…and realized 2 seconds later that it was a terrible, terriblemistake.

She raised an eyebrow at him, letting her arms fall. "When did you hear me sing?" She asked.

Altair's lying skills kicked in instantly. "Last night. I heard you in your room singing to yourself." No naked back required. "You weren't half bad from what I could hear through the wall."

She tapped her arm, glaring at him, "You heard me while I was taking a bath, didn't you?"

They glared at each other for a very long time. People walked by, thinking that they were either frozen in the chilly air or statues. In the light, Morgan's skin looked like marble and no one could see Altair's face in the shadows of his white hood. The only way to tell that they were living was the fact that Altair kept clenching his fists and Morgan tapped her fingertips on her arm. "I… might have…" He finally said.

"I knew it!" She smiled, feeling a bit overly proud of herself.

It was this moment that Altair was happy with her simple mind.

"Come," He sighed finally, moving to get up onto to wooden pole that held up the banister. This wooden banister was being used to hold up a tarp to protect the guards from a slight drizzle and the rains that were soon to come. "We have to get inside and I don't know how long it's going to take you to get up here."

Morgan sighed and stepped up to the pole. "Alright, hold your horses."

Just when Morgan jumped up and just barely grabbed the banister, they heard someone yell in distress. Both Altair and she turned to look at a large wooden fence. Morgan's eyes widened, and she turned to look down at Altair, who ignored it and pushed her up, "Hurry." He ordered.

"Wait," She started, looking at the fence.

He stopped and looked up at her, "What?"

"Please!" An older man yelled, "Why are you doing this!? I have done nothing wrong!"

"Shut up, old man!" Another voice yelled, "We can do what ever it is we want!"

"Oh, Altair..."


"Come on, he needs-"


"Oh, come on!"

They glared at each other for a long time, before Altair finished pushing her up. She shimmied her way up until she was sitting on the banister. He watched and waited until he saw she was almost up onto the banister before shaking his head. "The things that you make me do."

"It's all worth it..." She smiled, shooing him along.

Altair rolled his eyes and went over to make quick work of the guards. She's lucky he was under specific order to keep her safe and sound. As he drew his sword and pushed the priest away from the soon to be bloody scene, he began to think about all the events that had led up to the letter. How could Morgan be so important when she didn't have a clue about many things: Why she was there, how she got there, what she's supposed to do now; he highly doubt she even knew that the Master called her "very, very important". Still, he thought again as he moved his face from a bloodshot, The Master told me to protect her, so protect her I shall.Wasn't the best job in the world, but he had to listen to the will of the Master. Secretly, he hated calling Al Mualim "Master" when he seemed more of a "Father" than anything else.

The old man had raised him, brought him, taught him how to fight and how to defend himself, taught him tactical moves in chess, and showed him how to be a man. What else was a father to do? With a final swing of his sword, he sliced the last guard's throat and quickly put his weapon away. He kicked one of the bodies out of view and walked back over to Morgan and the man. He looked up at her, trying to hide a smirk at her position: she looked like a pig on a skewer. He shook his head, laughing softly, "What are you doing?"

Morgan looked at him, " know, just...hanging out?"

Altair held his arms out under her and sighed, "Drop down."

She seemed to cling to the banister tighter, "No."

He glared at her, "Please, drop down?"

She looked him over before sighing, "Promise not to drop me?"

Altair rolled his eyes and nodded, "Yes, yes, now drop down."

He's going to drop me. Morgan decided, letting go of the banister, Here comes the ground! Oh, here, the grounds soft... She opened her eyes and looked around, "Hm..." She looked down as saw her feet dangling in mid-air. She looked back up and saw Altair staring at her. "See? I didn't drop you."

"You two really do make a good pair," The man said.

Morgan and Altair twisted their heads to look at the man-who Altair just now noticed was a monk-who was smiling at them. "Good...?" Morgan started.

"...Pair?" He finished.

The monk looked surprised, "Oh, you mean you two aren't married?"

The two looked at each other with confused looks. "No!" Altair shouted, dropping Morgan.


"Oh, my mistake." The monk held back a chuckle as he looked back at Altair, "Well, it's a good thing you two came when you did. There's not telling what they would have done with me if you hadn't." He looked over his shoulder at a few men who were moving some of the bodies around, "I only wish my sons were half as brave as you." He sighed, sadly, before looking back, "I will tell them this tale, in hopes of them learning what it is to be a true hero."

"Heroes don't drop a girl on their-" Morgan grumbled, glaring up at the assassin.

"We're looking for a way into Acre," Altair cut her off. He pointed to the gaurds, "But as you can see, no one without authorization is going in or coming out. Of course," He looked at the monk, "Those of the church are allowed to pass at will. Mind helping us."

The monk smiled, "It would be only a start of repaying your kindness."

"Come along, young lady," The elderly monk said, pulling the younger woman along.

"Halt!" One of the guards standing by the front gate said, stopping the two. "What business do you have in Acre?"

The monk brought the girl forward, "I need to bring this girl to Garnier de Naplouse. She is insisting that she is from a future time period and is here to save the world. Obviously she needs to see the doctor."

The guard looked from the monk to the girl. She had a blanket wrapped around her, in order to have her face hidden. It was the way a lot of the patients came to the doctor. He reached in and lifted her face to get a better look at her. He smirked when he saw her face: medium skin, maybe black hair or dark brown. What stood out the most were the eyes; they were a shade of blue he had never seen before. He also noticed her eyes were locked onto his. His smirk slowly faded as he gave her face another look over. "No woman should look directly into a man's eyes." He growled, and reached back to strike her.

Another hand reached out and stopped him. The guard turned and glared at him. "Oh, no need to be alarmed, sir!" The monk stated, waving his hands, "That's just my bodyguard. Can never be to safe out on the open roads, I always say."

The guard and the bodyguard glared at each other for a long time, before he yanked his arm away. "Fine, just make sure you don't cause trouble, when you're inside." His eyes were always on the young man.

The monk smiled and bowed, taking the girl by the arm, "Of course. You won't even know we're here."

"Make sure of it," He grumbled, moving so the three could pass through.

When they were far enough away, one of the other guards leaned close to the guards ear, "Hey, Barret, was she pretty?"

The other guards turned and looked as Barret smirked, "Oh, yeah... she was pretty..." He looked over his shoulder at him and chuckled, "Can't wait to see her again. Maybe next time I'll be able to see more then just that pretty face, eh?"

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Jai Ho =Something between "Hail" and "Hallelujah"

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

Iota by iota, I have lost my life, in faith

I've passed this night dancing on coals

I blew away the sleep that was in my eyes

I counted the stars till my finger burned

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

Taste it, taste it, this night is honey

Taste it, and keep it,

It's a heart; the heart is the final limit

You dark black kohl

It's some black magic, isn't it?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

For how long, how very long

It's been on your lips

Say it, now say it

The eye is downcast

Such lit up eyes

Are they two lit-up diamonds(?) ?

Come, come my Life, under the canopy

Come under the blue brocade sky!

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