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Wish you were

Exactly 3 years later Brooke Davis sat in her apartment and thought about her life and all the things that had happened like she was going through a time line it started when she met Lucas Scott the boy she still loved. She hated this day because it was the day she left that boy her heart ached knowing she wasn't a part of his life anymore. It didn't seem to make sense with all the shit they went through you would think that they would be together right now but they weren't Brooke decided to call Haley who she had kept in touch with these past three years.

"Hello?" Haley asked

"Hey tutor girl," Brooke said

"Oh hey Brooke how have you been?" Haley asked

"Good!" Brooke began "not so good … how is Lucas?" Brooke asked

"Wow you have made a record … you haven't asked that in a whole week! He is good Brooke" Haley said

"Good! … Listen Haley I'm 20 now and I have money so I was thinking … I think I am coming back to Tree Hill" Brooke said.

"Are you sure about this Brooke" Haley asked

"Yea … Haley I was so happy when I was there and I am just not happy here." Brooke explained

"Brooke I should warn you though a lot of things have changed since you left" Haley warned

"I know and I still want to go back," Brooke said

"What about your fashion career?" Haley asked

"I can work on that down there" Brooke said

"Ok Brooke Davis get your ass down here in tree hill!" Haley said excited

Lucas Scott sat on his couch when the little girl he loved most in the world ran in and hugged him tightly

"Hi Lucas" she said

"Hey Brittany" he said and hugged her back.

"Where did you and your mom go?" Lucas asked

"To the store to get supplies for my birthday party today!" the young girl said excited

"Oh yea … how old are you any way 50?" Lucas asked

"No silly I'm three" Brittany replied.

"Oh yea that's right you were born three years ago today at 10:03 pm" Lucas said

"Yep" Brittany said

"Hey why don't you go play Barbie's in your room!" Lucas said and the little girl ran to her room to play Barbie's.

"I really don't like it that she calls you Lucas still … I mean we are together she is practically your daughter why cant she just call you Lucas." The woman said

"She can call me whatever she wants" Lucas said

"Yea I guess … so Haley told me we have a surprise at the party tonight" the woman said

"Yea well that should be interesting" Lucas said

"What's wrong with you today you seem down" the woman said

"Peyton …"

"Oh right today is the day Brooke abandoned you" Peyton said

"She didn't abandon me she had no choice it was her mom." Lucas defended Brooke

"Yea I know … whatever," Peyton said

"It doesn't matter because today is also the day that beautiful little girl was born" Lucas said

"Yea ill never forget you came to that hospital that night even though we had our troubles and you stuck by me and raised her up… your great Lucas Scott" Peyton said and kissed him.

Later that day at the airport

"Hey Haley James! Soon to be Scott," Brooke said as she saw Nathan and Haley standing in the airport waiting for her.

"Oh I have missed you so much!" Haley said and hugged her tightly.

"Yeah well your going to miss me even more when I am dead cause you suffocated me!" Brooke said and they laughed

"Man I have missed you guys" she said and genuinely smiled.

"Well we better get going there is a birthday party we are all going to tonight!" Haley said excited

"Whose?" Brooke asked

"Oh just a little girl we know but you can come along" Haley lied because she knew if Brooke knew the truth she would back down.

At the party

Haley knocked on the door and Brittany answered it "hi uncle Haley and Nathan!" the young girl said

"Hey Brit aren't you a little young to be answering the door?" Nathan asked

"Uhh I don't know" Brittany replied

"Hey Brittany go play with your friends and don't answer the door" Lucas said as he walked over to the door

"Sorry guys." Lucas began until he saw Brooke who had the same shocked face as he did. They were both speechless.

"So can we come in or what?" Haley asked

"Oh … oh umm yeah come on in" Lucas said letting them in.

"Haley help me with the silly string will you" Lucas said pulling her away

"What the hell were you thinking!" Lucas said

"Lucas she wanted to come back to tree hill and I couldn't just leave her at home! And besides you are happy to see her and you know it!" Haley argued

"Of course I am happy to see her but she doesn't know about me and Peyton!" Lucas said

"Oh I forgot that detail sorry" Haley said

"Oh my god we are going to have a wrestling match in my living room Brooke vs. Peyton!" Lucas said

"What the hell were you two thinking bringing me here?" Brooke asked Nathan

"Hey that's all on Haley!" Nathan said as Lucas and Haley walked back up.

"Umm so the kids are in the back and there are refreshment in the ice chest help your self" Lucas said and went in the back to check on the kids.

"Hey dude where is Peyton?" Nathan asked

"Work called in it was an emergency I guess … hey I need some time alone to think can you watch the kids?" Lucas asked

"Yea of course" Nathan said

"Thanks man" Lucas said and patted him on the shoulder.

"Haley this is so weird"

"Yea well get used to it" Haley said as Brooke saw Lucas head for one of the back rooms

"Ill be back" Brooke said and went into the room Lucas was in.

"Hey" she said softly

"Hey" he said back

"This is so awkward" Brooke said

"Yea … so how is your mom?" Lucas asked

"Actually we turned off the machines last week" Brooke said

"Oh I'm sorry Brooke" Lucas said

"Yea me to" Brooke said

"How is your dad?" Lucas asked

"Umm he is ok but really why are we talking about this when there are so many other things we need to discuss" Brooke said

"Right" Lucas sighed

"Lucas … how has your life been?" Brooke asked

"Well when you first left which would be about the first year it was painful everywhere I went I thought of you and I saw you… but I had this amazing little girl who was so beautiful and somehow it helped heal me" Lucas said

"Yea about that who is the little girl?" Brooke asked and sat on the bed with him.

"Lucas do you have my …" Peyton began as she walked in on Brooke and Lucas.

"Brooke!? What the hell are you doing here and on my bed with my boyfriend?" Peyton asked

"Wait what … boyfriend" Brooke asked confused

"Yea my boyfriend and the guy that raised my child" Peyton said it had suddenly felt like there was no air in the room she need to get out so she ran out side Lucas ran after her and Peyton ran after Lucas, Nathan and Haley soon followed.

"Brooke wait" Lucas called out

"No I have to go umm I need to go for a walk ill see you at home hales" Brooke said and began walking home she had no idea Lucas was even dating. Brooke's heart was aching like never before right now.

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