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"Why! Why does this hurt so bad can you answer me that!" Brooke said angered towards the doctor.

"Well you are in labor ms.," The doctor answered

"I thought you loaded me up on those damn drugs! … Ahhhhh!!" Brooke moaned in pain as she held Lucas' hand.

"Well if we hadn't of given you the drugs the pain would have been much worse … look Brooke you just need to relax and take deep breathes." The doctor explained

"Relax! Relax? Are you out of you mind! I can't relax! I am pushing a living million pound baby out of my body! You know what when you do that then you can tell me to relax!" Brooke said in anger before she moaned in pain as Lucas gave the doctor an apologetic look.

"Its ok Brooke you can get through this! You are strong" Lucas said as he tried to encourage her.

"Do you want me to lecture you too?" Brooke asked as she breathed heavily and Lucas shook his head.


"You are doing great Haley!" Nathan complicated.

"Thanks Nathan" Haley said as she took heavy breaths.

"I hear Brooke is in real bad labor," Nathan said

"Really who told you?" Haley asked as she continued to breathe heavy.

"No I mean I literally hear her." Nathan said and laughed and Haley began to laugh too but then got interrupted by a really painful contraction.

"Ahhhh!! Ow!" Haley groaned in pain

"All right I think its time we get started on the hard part … pushing" the doctor said and Haley nodded in agreement.

"All right Haley … on three you are going to push your hardest!"

"On two and three go!" the doctor said and Haley pushed as hard as she could.

"Ok good! … You still have quite a way to go but let's push again … GO!" the doctor said and Haley pushed hard.


"Alright Brooke you are doing great so far! You still have a long way to go but you are going to have to push your hardest right now" the doctor explained and Brooke nodded as Lucas wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Ok good … now on three … one … two … three" the doctor said and Brooke pushed her hardest. Lucas actually felt bad fro her she was in so much pain you could tell be the look on her face and by the way she moaned in pain loudly.

"Alright Brooke that was very good progress! … You have been here for almost half a day so lets finish this off! When I say go you going to push as hard as you can" the doctor said and Brooke nodded

"Alright the fast we do this the faster we finish … so lets get ready alright Brooke you have to be strong and push as hard as you can … GO!" the doctor said and Brooke did as she was told and she pushed as hard as she possibly could before hearing little cries.

"Welcome the world new baby boy" the doctor said as he held the baby up showing Brooke and Lucas and they smiled and Lucas kissed Brooke on the forehead.

"Welcome to the world Caleb Keith Scott!" Brooke said excited as she held her newborn baby. Lucas smiled at his newborn son and gave Brooke a kiss.


2 weeks later.

"Hey there baby girl! Good morning to you" Haley said as she picked up her new baby girl.

"Well she definitely has your eyes and that is not a good thing" Nathan said as he watched the baby smile.

"Why is that?" Haley asked

"She will make you fall for her in a second" Nathan said and kissed Haley who was smiling. Nathan and Haley turned their heads over to the opening door beside them.

"Hey there new mommy" Brooke said as she walked in holding her son and Lucas was right behind her.

"Hey! How is my favorite god son?" Haley asked as she gave her daughter to Nathan and took Caleb from Brooke's arms.

"He is doing really good! We all are! Aren't we baby boy?" Brooke asked the baby as she smiled at him.

"And how is little ms. Amanda Liana Scott… my god daughter doing?" Brooke asked and took the baby from Nathan's arms.

"Oh she is doing so good! She is just too cute to handle sometimes" Haley said and smiled.

"Yes she is! And she definitely has your eyes" Brooke said as she looked at the baby.

"So I have heard! … We better get going mommy number three is waiting for us," Haley said

"True … let's go" Brooke said and they swapped babies.


"Finally I swear you guys take forever!" Peyton said and laughed.

"I know! Man how long must we wait!" Rachel said and rolled her eyes.

"Ok shut up! We are hearing now! What do you want anyway?" Brooke asked.

"We need help with a couple of boxes inside" Peyton said with a smile.

"Ok but Lucas and Nathan are doing it I am staying with my baby" Brooke said and patted Lucas' back who was holding Caleb.

"Fine lets just go" Peyton said and walked toward the doors of Tric. When she opened the door it was completely dark until she turned on the lights and everyone popped up yelling "surprise!" the bar was decorated with pink and blue balloons and had a sign that said, "it's a boy and a girl!"

"Oh my gosh!" both Brooke and Haley said shocked "what's going on?" Brooke asked

"Well since you didn't have a baby shower lets just call this a birthday party for Caleb and Amanda" Rachel said with a smile before hugging Brooke and Haley.

"Oh my gosh you guys thank you so much!" Brooke said happily!


"Isn't this nice baby boy auntie Peyton and auntie Rachel gave you and you cousin Amanda a birthday party!" broke said as she changed his diaper.

"Oh hey there you are … they want us out there they are going to cut a cake" Haley said

"Oh ok just let me finish here" Brooke said as she finished putting the diaper on

"Brooke can I tell you something?" Haley asked

"Of course hales what is it?" brook asked as she picked the baby up.

"I admire you … both of you … you and Lucas I admire you because you have gone through so much and now you are happy and truly happy! I hope last for you Brooke … and you and Lucas have gone through so much together … especially loosing your fist baby and you guys have made it through and are still happy together," Haley admitted.

"Thank you Haley! … That means a lot to me. I hope the happiness last for you too hales!" Brooke said and hugged her friend.

"You are my best friend you know that right?" Brooke asked and Haley nodded before they hugged.

"You know that's the reason I want you to be his godmother … you have always been here for me hales! And I couldn't ask for a better best friend … you're like the sister I never got … thank you so much for being here through everything I probably wouldn't have made it this far without you and Nathan" Brooke said

"Right back at you Brooke" Haley said and they hugged before walking out together

"Hey there they are!" Rachel said a she saw the two walk out together.

"We need you guys to hold your little people thingies and take picture while you cut the cake!" Rachel said with a smile

"Ok … by the way they are babies" Brooke said and laughed


"Hey can I get a glass of champagne?" Brooke asked

"Sure" the bartender said and set the glass in front of her while pouring it.

"So you are the new mom?" the bartender asked.

"Yea … me and my friend Haley had them on the same day" Brooke explained "so I haven't seen you around here before are you new?" Brooke asked as she took a sip from the glass.

"Yea I am new I am the new bartender … my name is Owen nice to meet you" Owen said and put his hand out for her to shake and she did.

"Well Owen it is nice meeting you can I gets one more glass … it's been a while since I have had alcohol." Brooke said with a smile.

"Hey Brooke I need you for a second" Lucas said and pulled Brooke away before giving the bartender a glare.

"What do you need?" Brooke asked.

"You're dad wants to talk to you … oh and who is the bartender?" Lucas asked

"Lucas Scott still gets jealous well I could have never of thought! … Well he is just a bartender Luke … you are my husband slash love of my life slash father of my child" Brooke said and kissed him before walking over to talk to her dad.

"You wanted me dad?" Brooke asked

"Yea … Brooke I remember the day you were born as a matter of fact I will never forget it … it was the day my life change the day I became I better man … Brooke you were and always will be my little girl … I love you baby girl" gorge said and handed her a purple monkey.

"My purple monkey!" Brooke said excited in tears.

"But I thought mom sold it!" Brooke said

"She wished she did … I would never let her do that … I promised her I wouldn't give it back to you though … but you are an adult and I know you loved that monkey" gorge said.

"Oh thank you daddy!" Brooke said and hugged him tightly in tears.


"Home sweet home baby boy" Brooke said and laid him down in the crib before setting his purple monkey beside him.

"I love you baby" Brooke said and rubbed his soft head before going to lie down in bed.

"It's been a long day" Brooke said and lay down beside Lucas.

"Yes it has been" Lucas said and kissed the top of Brookes head

"I love you Lucas Eugene Scott" Brooke said and smiled.

"I love you too Brooke Penelope Davis!" Lucas said and kissed Brooke.

"You know Haley reminded me of some thing today … you have done so much for me and we have been through so much! I love you Lucas … I don't think it is possible to love someone as much as I love you I feel like I am carrying a million pounds of love in my heart! I guess what I am trying to say is thank you! … Thank you for saving me thank you for loving me just thank you!" Brooke said and softly kissed Lucas.

"Thank you too … I love you more though!" Lucas said and kissed Brooke!

"Nope I love you more and I love our baby boy! Now shut up and kiss me!" Brooke said and kissed him again so that he couldn't say anything.



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