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Title: Healing

Summary: Bella fought the Volturri and fled Italy with the Cullens. Now she's in Australia, Demetri is dead, and she's having trouble switching to animals only. She hasn't spoken for a whole month. This is how she and everyone else heal.

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Chapter One: Storm

I was sitting on the edge of a cliff, starring out at the vast amount of water in front of me. It was endless, and a dark blue. Sea birds cried as they wheeled in the dark sky above my head.

The sun had long set with a spectacular display, but I hadn't moved. I was sitting out here, miles away from the home of my 'family'. I was reflecting upon my month of silence.

I hadn't spoken to anyone since we had landed in Australia. And I was fine with that.

I fingered the silver heart shaped locket that hung from a sliver chain on my neck.

'Oh Demetri…' I thought again as my eyes closed as the pain washed over me. He was my friend, my support…and I had loved him. And he had died fighting with me.

"Be happy, Bella." That was his last wish for me. But how could I be happy with his death on my hands? If only…If only so many things…

If only we had had more time…another couple of years…we could have been happy together.

If only Aro had never been kidnapped me…none of this would have happened.

'Stop it Isabella! None of that matters now! He's dead, and I am no longer a Volturri.' I thought acidly to myself. Then I sighed, the sudden flare of my anger extinguished.

I heard some one approaching behind me. I was sure it would be Carlisle or Esme. Or maybe even Alice, if she hadn't actually given up hope on me yet.

I was surprised when Jasper came and sat next to me, dangling his own legs over the dizzying drop.

We sat in silence for a few long moments.

Then, finally, Jasper cleared his throat. "Bella, I can feel you're emotions, and I know what your going through." He said softly, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to look at him, a reply on my lips, but I just shook my head, silently.

"I'm an empath, Bella. I know what you are feeling. Please Bella, just talk to me." He whispered.

I sighed and shook my head. I was feeling angry that they all wanted me to talk. My voice was dangerous, and I didn't want to use it.

He sighed, exasperated. I knew he wouldn't stay long.

"Fine then, I'll leave. Just let me say this one thing first. Edward is in as much pain as you are. He still loves you, but he doesn't know what to say. He's afraid that you really did move on. He thinks you love Demetri, not him. He needs to hear your voice. Bella, please." Jasper said, his voice betraying his desperation.

I just shrugged off his hand and stood up, not answering.

"Bella." He sighed as I walked away. I knew I should talk, I just didn't want to.

I walked for a long while. Finally I ended up in a barren spot in between the shrubs. I thought I was all alone, so I sighed and sat on a large rock.

"Oh, Bella!" Edward's voice was surprised. I looked over at him. I hadn't seen him. He was sitting on the other side of the rock, and the wind was blowing his sweet scent away from me.

I turned on my heel to leave, but he used his speed and grabbed my arm.

I gasped at the sudden skin on skin contact. He hadn't touched me at all since I had refused to talk to him or anyone else.

"Bella, please, don't go." His voice was so pained…I stilled under his cold touch. He felt me stop trying to get away, and his grip loosened, but he did not let my arm go. He pulled me gently around to face him.

His golden eyes were smoldering, and I could tell he was trying to read my blank face.

"Bella, please, will you speak?" He asked softly. I recalled what Jasper had said, but I kept silent.

"Yeah, I didn't think so." He sighed. Then, he dropped my arm.

"Bella, tell me, do you love me?" He asked softly.

I didn't answer. How could I tell him that yes, yes I did, when my own heart wasn't so sure?

He growled. "I already know you love him! Did you love him more than me?" He asked, his voice a deadly whisper.

I glared at him. I almost spoke, but I bit my tongue.

He closed his eyes and let a hiss of breath.

"Bella! Answer me! Or did you love him so much more?" He was snarling at me now, letting all his emotions blur into red hot anger.

I just turned away. Let him be angry.

"Was that murderer so much better than me?" He hissed.

I spun quickly on my heel and pinned him to the ground before he could move.

"You shut up, Edward. You didn't know him. You've killed humans too! And so did I! So just shut up." I snarled into his face. He was silent for a moment, and I felt my eyes widen slightly with the realization that I had spoken.

"So, you did love him more." Edward whispered, his anger gone now. Thunder roared in eth sky and it opened up, pouring the rain down on us.

Edward looked so sad…and the rain made it seem like he really was crying. But I knew he wasn't.

"Edward, don't you see? I loved him! But not as much as you, never as much as you!" I cried over the rain.

Edward went still. He looked at me, his eyes hopeful.

"You really mean that Bella?" H asked softly.

I laughed, but it held no humor.

"I've never spoken more true!" I said sadly. He cocked his head to the side, and then h moved his face forward, kissing me gently. I knew he was afraid I was going to run away.

But I didn't. I kissed him back. I let my heart take hold. I kissed him, and it was so different than the other times, when I had been human.

But now neither of us needed to use caution. I was unbreakable now. Or at least, everything but my heart.

I pulled away as lightning lit the sky.

"I love you Bella." Edward whispered against my throat.

I nodded, and looked up into the stormy sky.

'Oh what have I done? Now…now if he breaks my heart again…I know I'll die. Besides, it's not fair to him. I'm cracked, broken. Worse than before. And I know, that no matter how long he's here, I'll never get better…Oh what have I done?' I thought as Edward's familiar arms held me against his familiar stone chest.

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