I'm sorry. I really am. But I can't continue with this story. It just….doesn't hold my interest any longer. So, I'm giving it up for 'adoption'. But not just anyone can take it and finish it off, okay? I want you guys to TELL ME IN A REVIEW OR PM if you wanna continue it for me. You have to be a member, though. I'll go to all your profiles and pick who I like best. Biased, I know. But if someone writes like a kindergartener I'm not giving my story to them. But after I give it to you, it's your story, free to do with as you like, which hopefully means you'll finish it. Sorry again, it's just; my writing style has changed since I've touched it last, so I really don't feel I can carry on with it.

I'm sorry for disappointing anyone, but I can't do a story justice if I don't like it any longer. So, give me your name in a review of a PM and I'll check your stories out, okay? You should have at least2 or 3 before you ask, but that's not necessary.


P.S. Even though you might want to, please DO NOT flame me and do not steal my story. If I don't pick you to continue it, too bad. I will report anyone who plagiarizes or steals. But again, sorry for this.