By Golly It's Miss Molly

By Golly It's Miss Molly

By: xxtarragonxx

Warnings: Author's note, preview.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

AN: So I have decided to make a sequel, I shall start typing it on the 23rd (because that's when I get out of school) it's going to be called, Betrayal, Sweat, Love, And Everything In Between. So once again, I will post it up on the 23rd. Anyway, I shall now ramble on about my day,

So I went and bought a whole bunch of blue and black clothes, as I'm going to dye my hair blue and black. (Without parental consent) I need to pick my electives, but damn-it I LOST THE FREAKIN' SHEET.

Anyway, since I know you guys probably want to read a preview here it is!

(((((Naruto gasped at what she saw, two bodies moving in synch with each other. Sweat glistened on their bodies, making a perfect clear coat.

She tore her eyes away from the sight, as crystal clear tears ran down her face.

With a scream, she ripped her ring off and threw it across the room.

She let out a hollow chuckle, was she even supposed to have a happy ending?

She guessed not, as her happy ending had been taken away from her.

Her cerulean eyes portrayed all of her emotions as she summoned up a team; she forced her eyes to harden as the team walked in. Naruto's personal matters will not break, not in this constant state of war. ))))))

And so it ends… I know it sounds angsty, but I will try to add some humor in there or my name isn't HEY YOU WITH THE FACE!



Mr. 'N': ……


Sasuke: OI! Where's Naruto? I'm supposed to molest him at this time of day! –walks off-

Gaara: -strangling Tarra- Why…are…you…making…me…seem…like…a…bastard?!

Tarra: NO! Let me go! REVIEWERS HELP!

Jaded Baby Blues: -poofs in out of nowhere and stares at Gaara- You know, if you strangle her, she will not be able to write the sequel, and then you will have a bunch of mad reviewers chasing after you and then burning you at the stake with awesome reviewer powers.

Joy Nestrik: Yes, we will hunt you down. And destroy you.

ShadowDragonOfTheMoon: And I will have to hack Tarra's computer with a fork. Hacking computers with a fork takes time. And I only have time to be awesome.

MioneRocks: So run, run as fast as you can.

Gone and forgoten: Because…

B.D. Gerretson: We…

Shikami-chan07: Rock….

Naruto: Believe it. (LOL when did he come in?)

Gaara: -slowly lets go of Tarra and runs away from awesomeness of reviewers-

Tarra: YOU ALL SAVED ME! So I shall share my secret stash of muffins with everyone except Sakura, because she likes cheesecake. –hands out muffins- So once again, thank you for saving me from the wrath of Gaa-chan!