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Edward's POV

I glanced at Bella through the corner of my eye as we drove across the bridge to our home. She had the largest smile upon her crimson lips as she bounced in her seat. Complete happiness engulfed her. She had missed the family but that was only half of it. Her wish to be immortal – a monster – just like me was finally coming true.

I was still against damning her soul to hell but even though Carlisle had agreed to do it, I wanted to be the one to turn my bride into a vampire. Alice claimed it was very romantic.

"Look!" Bella exclaimed. I followed her pointing index finger. We were approaching a large white house with forest green shutters. Along the roof of the porch was a huge banner that read Welcome home, Bella and Edward! Everyone was present as they stood underneath the large banner.

I chuckled to myself and before I could even stop the car, Bella was out of the vehicle and dashing for Alice's arms.

Alice's POV
Two Hours Later

"Edward!" Carlisle hissed as he tried to pull Edward off of Bella's body. It was horrible to watch as the blood trickled down Bella's body. Most of us, especially Jasper, fought to control our instincts. We wanted to lunge forward and taste her blood ourselves but we couldn't. Especially now.

Now that Bella was gone.

"I won't leave her," Edward sobbed as he lunged back for Bella's body. He didn't want to drink from her anymore but instead he was trying to shield her from our eyes.

"Edward, you have to let go," Esme said as she quickly walked over to help Carlisle pull Edward away.


"Please, Edward," Carlisle urged. "Let her go. There's nothing we can do."

I stifled my dry sobs. I wouldn't breakdown in front of everyone. It was Edward's time to mourn. He had that right. Bella was his wife. His soul mate in every way imaginable. She was just my best friend and even though I was also in pain, I would wait until I was far enough away so Jasper couldn't feel my emotions and Edward couldn't read my thoughts.

Carlisle and Esme had successfully pulled Edward off of Bella. He could barely stand he was so distraught.

He should've allowed Carlisle to change Bella. That's how I had seen it happening when Edward was still so set on keeping her human. I wished that I had seen this very moment before hand. We could have all prevented it!

Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked outside the house. I felt like I would rip open at the scenes if I unwrapped my arms. Perhaps this was how Bella felt when Edward had left.

I looked up at the darkening sky. The stars were just starting to come out when I saw a shooting star. Edward would kill me if he knew what I was about to do but there was so much chaos going on inside that my family probably wouldn't even hear me.

"Please bring us our Bella back," I whispered.

Rosalie's POV
Two Days Later

She had been buried at twilight in the meadow she and Edward called their own…

Alice and Charlie had planned the entire funeral together. Both Edward and Jacob Black wanted to help out but Alice refused. She had a vision of this day and I had to hand it to her. It was completely beautiful.

Everyone was given white, yellow and black roses. Each different colored rose had a different meaning behind them. A beautiful granite angel, sculpted to resemble Bella, hung over the sight where her casket was supposed to be buried.

Jasper had been told by the entire family that he should stay away from the funeral so he wouldn't be too overwhelmed with feelings. But did he listen? Of course not. He wanted to be there like the rest of us.

The whole time his face was scrounged up like he had just been punched in the cut. But I'm sure all the dogs around didn't help either. Filthy scoundrels…

Most of the people who attended believed that Bella had gone to the grocery store before stopping to see Charlie. She was found in her truck, wrapped around a tree. Her body was so badly mangled that no one could see the teeth marks from Edward.

But my family and I knew the truth. The Dogs knew the truth.

It had all gone downhill as soon as Edward sunk his teeth into his lover…