"Scorpius' Ambition"

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Scorpius Malfoy came back from Hogwarts to meet his two very angry parents. Apparently, the incident that happened during the Fifth Year Career Advisory Meetings had not gone over unheard.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, was it necessary to tell Professor Higgs that your ambition was to conquer the Earth with an army of flying, singing donkeys?" Astoria Malfoy frowned at her son.

"Well yes, mother. I found his reaction very...amusing."

"Amusing, Scorpius? He almost burst a vessel!" The frown grew deeper. Draco snorted.

"Fine Astoria, we'll give him that. It was amusing. But why in Slytherin's name do you want to conquer earth with flying donkeys?" Draco asked, with a single eyebrow arched elegantly.

"Flying, singing donkeys, Draco dear." Draco resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Because, father...I don't think Professor Higgs would like to hear what I really want to be." Now Scorpius was squirming slightly.

"And what is that, dear?" Astoria asked kindly.

"I...want to be like..."

"Like...?" Draco prodded.

Scorpius closed his eyes and whispered a prayer. "Like Harry Potter. You know, saving the world and all."

Draco's jaw dropped. Astoria gaped in a rather unladylike fashion.

"What?" The both asked in unison.

Scorpius smirked. "That was a joke. I'm one to go chasing after evil and saving the universe and all."

His parents let out the breath that they didn't realized that they had been holding. "Well? Then what do you want to be?"

"Well... I thought that maybe I'd follow in Voldemort's shoes and go rule the world or something like that."

Draco fell off his seat.

"What did you just say, Scorpius?" Draco gritted out from clenched teeth.

Scorpius couldn't stop himself from chortling, "Father...that was a joke. Don't get so worked up over it."

Astoria groaned and mumbled something about "son following in father's footsteps". "Well, Scorpius dear, what is it? And try not to kill us with the surprises this time."

"You know, for real this time," He added as both his parents sent him identical death glares, "I was thinking maybe since we're so rich and all, I would just marry Rose Weasley and we'd have little redhead, halfblood children together and not work at all." Scorpius said with a shrug.

Draco promptly fell from his seat again. Astoria left the room in a trancelike fashion.

"Umm... Father?"

"Yes, son."

"That was a joke too."

Draco let out a sigh. "Well, good."

"Partly, though. I do want to marry her. But maybe Rose and I will work as healers together."

And Draco fell off his seat again.