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(Forest of Death)

A man named Orochimaru held Naruto with his tongue. Orochimaru was intrigued to say the least the Kyubi brat was strong enough to hurt a full grown summon snake.

"You're an interesting child. I can study you later it's your friend I want. FIVE PRONGED SEAL!" yelled Orochimaru hitting Naruto in his stomach.

Naruto felt weird. He felt like all of his power was leaving his body and not in a good way. His life started to flash before his eyes until he came upon a memory of what Sarutobi said the day he became a Genin.


"Naruto I'm going to be level with you. The seal that holds the Kyubi back also keeps you alive for you and Kyubi are bonded Soul and chakra. If something were to happen to the seal you may die in minutes. Let us pray that it never comes to that," said Sarutobi

"It won't happen Jiji i swear it," said Naruto with a smile.

Sarutobi and Iruka smiled as well. "Lets go out for raman," said Sarutobi hoping Naruto would only get a few bowls.

Flashback end.

Naruto stared into the eyes of the man who had just fucked up everything.

"So this is it huh. Naruto Uzumaki, age 13 dies at the hands of a gay snake. That's right folks, no super bad ass last battle, no dieing for the girl he loves (or thinks he loves) no dieing in a blaze of glory. This really sucks," thought Naruto. With the last of his strength he plunged his hand into Orochimaru heart. "If I go you go to snake fag," said Naruto pulling his hand out of Orochimarus chest .

The last thing he heard was a scream from Sakura and a wail from Sasuke.

Naruto opened his eyes only to find that he was floating in the air with a chain attached to his chest. "That was fun," said Naruto finding it hard to breath.

You said it," came a voice next to Naruto

Naruto looked to his right only to see Kyubi sitting next to him. "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET OUT!!" yelled Naruto.

"The seal was a one life time deal kit. It will take me at least 100 years to reform my body for this world, but I have no intention of attacking Konoha again. The reason I attacked in the first place was because I was after something even darker then the deepest pits of hell," said Kyubi.

"What is that?" asked Naruto.

"A creature that knows only hunger and the satisfaction of killing," came a voice that made Naruto jump a bit.

Kyubi and Naruto turned and came face to face with Zabuza who was dressed in black hakara and Gi, on his side was a katana. Zabuza looked as menicing as ever, but he looked... happy.

"Zabuza what the hell are you doing here?" asked Naruto.

"I'm here to take you to soul society. We got a reading of nearly 869sp in this location," said Zabuza

Naruto cocked his head. "What the hell are you going on about?" asked Naruto.

"He's referring to the Soul society a place between the true heaven and Earth. They are basically Kami's army. Any way in soul Society they are divided into 13 squadrons. SP's stands for Spiritual power," said Kyubi

"The fuzz ball is right. 0 to 200 is what normal souls have. 201 to 650 is what normal Soul Reapers have, 651 to 900 is what stated officers 20- 6 have. having the most of them, 901 to 1200 is what 5 through 3 have 1201 to 1450, Lieutenants have anywhere from 1451 to 1600, The captains however are damn scary. They have from 1601 on up. The strongest being Commander-General Yamamoto-sama. His is at least at 2974," said Zabuza.

"Yes I remember that one. A good fighter at one point in time. I can easily recall when we had a tie in a battle. Anyway boy It's time I depart for Hell. I still have to run things down there and i also need to find out about this darkness. I hope I will never see you again," said Kyubi disappearing.

"Goodbye and good radiance," said Naruto.

"Well Come on kid I have to take you to the Soul Society," said Zabuza as a gate appeared.

The gate opened and a butterfly flow out of it. The butterfly was not normal as it was black. Naruto and Zabuza stepped through the Gate.

(Other side)

It was only minutes that they stepped through. The minute they did Naruto was meet by the most wonderful sight he'd ever seen. It seemed they were in a large castle like structure. Naruto could easily see a white tower off in the distance.

"Hello Zabuza-san I see you are here early. Are you in need of treatment?" asked a Man with black spiked hair.

"No just showing the brat here the 13 Court Guards. He's the one that blow off that huge power reading of 869 earlier," said Zabuza.

The guard looked at Naruto and nearly laughed. "This shrimp," said The man.

Naruto not like being called a shrimp jumped up and slammed his right foot into the mans head sending him into a wall.

"Don't call me a Shrimp you asshole or I'll Show you why I'm the great Naruto Uzumaki," said Naruto as they walked away.

"We have to go see Old man Yamamoto," said Zabuza as he lead him to the place were the Commander-general resided.


Hope you like it. It took me a while to do. Now I killed Orochimaru for a reason that you'll see later. Don't worry you'll see a few Naruto characters later. Now I have little time for writing so I'm giving up Legend of Naruto and I am legend to anyone who wants them contact me first as I want to be sure they are in good hands.