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(a week after Ichigo and the others leave)

Naruto was in his office doing meditation. He was nervous. This would be the first full meeting of his squad. He had no clue about who was in it and wanted to find out. He also wanted to see Rukia, but visitation was restricted. He had been meaning to also talk to Soifon and Nanao alone, but that was proving to be rather difficult. He may have straitened the mess with Rukia and those two out, but they were still piss off at him for not coming to see them as soon as he entered the Seireitei. They said they would talk to him when they cooled down. Naruto understood, besides he didn't want to face either of their Zanpakto. They were scary strong.

"Captain it's time to address your new Squad.," said Hinamori bowing to Naruto.

Naruto grabbed Yasei from the floor and stood up. He looked at Hinamori, before patting her on the head. "You don't have to bow to me Momo-chan. You're my friend and I don't like my friends doing that," said Naruto as Momo smiled at him.

Momo smiled at her friend. She just couldn't help it."I know i don't have to bow to you Naruto-kun, but your my Captain now and it would be disrespectful not to bow," said Momo

Naruto sighed, before rubbing his head and then messing with her hair. Enough of the formal crap Momo-chan," said Naruto simling at a laughing Momo.

He always put a smile on her face. The following days after the invasion she had wanted to tell him how she felt about him, but stopped herself. She knew that things in his life were complicated enough at the moment. He didn't need her to make things worse, before they got better.

They both walked into the court and saw a few hundred reapers. Standing in the front were the seated officers. Two Naruto instantly recognized. Iruka Umino and Tenten, the former weapon misstress of Konoha. Naruto slapped himself in the face. How the hell did he not know about his friends dieing.

"You two front and center now!" yelled Naruto as they walked up to him. "I'm going to ask once and then you'd better answer how the fuck did you die!?" asked Naruto making the others back up.

Tenten glared at her old friend, before specking. "Well you see I died in an Ambush about 6 years ago. I took 20 Suna nins with me after a blow a experimental tag. When I looked up I saw a large group of men who said they worked for the Gotei 13. I asked they answered. They said my power lv was only 400 sp's, but still good enough to get me into the academy. I ended up joining squad 5 after about 6 years there," said Tenten

Naruto slapped himself in the face. Only Tenten, could pull of some crazy shit like that with an invention of hers. "Iruka… please tell me you didn't die like this crazy lady here," said Naruto ducking a punch from Tenten. No matter what jokes he used she always tried to hurt him in some way. The last time she used him for target practice with flaming kunai.

Iruka blushed. "Not quite Naruto. I was poisoned, by a spy," said Iruka.

"A female Jonin," said Tenten only to have her mouth covered.

Naruto groaned. "This is just great. What are your seated numbers in this squad?" asked Naruto crossing his arms.

"3rd seat Captain," said Tenten smiling at Naruto.

"4th Seat Captain," said Iruka also smiling.

Naruto rubbed his head. This was going to be a long day. "Alright then I assume most of you know Shikai?" said Naruto making a few nod. "That's good, because I'm about to put you though hell in a hand basket. I want you guys to be able to use some of your abilities with out activating your Shikai," said Naruto as he looked at a wall, before unsheathing Yasei and using a mild wind blast, slashing it in half.

They looked on in awe at the strength of their new captain. "Pair off and get training!" yelled Hinamori. Everyone instantly got to work. Not many knew it but Hinamori was worse then Ikkuku when it came to training people.

"The training was going well. They had been at it for a good two hours with a few people teaming up against Naruto. Naruto, Hinamori, Iruka, and Tenten stood on the sidelines when a hell butterfly flow in front of Naruto. Naruto let the butterfly land on his finger and instantly got the message

"Hinamori-chan you think you can handle them for a little bit? The captain of the Fourth division wishes to see me," said Naruto.

Hinamori nodded, before she yelled at a member who dropped his sword after taking a hit to the face. Iruka and Tenten sweat dropped.

"She's worse then you Sometimes Iruka-sensei," said Tenten scard that she might round on them.

"I know," said Iruka as she made Gai and Lee look like light weights.

(In the fourth Division)

Unohana was a happy person on some occasions, but what most people took for kindness and weakness was actually her greatest strength. She was probably only below a few captains, because of her medical skills. However currently she was frustrated. No matter how many times she ran a scan over Rukia it always showed a flux in her Restisu. That only happened under the following conditions.

1: someone was close to death and trying there damnest to live

2: An instant effect Zanpakto was in use and it was driving the person's resitsu wild

3: She was pregnant.

The first two were instantly ruled out. She was worried about how Naruto would take this. Few women had been pregnant in Soul Reaper history, her mother was one of them. She was worried about how Naruto would take it. Her father wanted nothing to do with her, but she still loved him. He was the former Zarakai Kenpachi. She both hated and loved that man with ever fiber of her being. She was grateful to Kenpachi for killing him and even told him so, but all he did was snort.

Unohana was brought out of her thoughts when Naruto walked in. He stood there with his arms crossed. "Hey Unohana-chan. You wanted to talk to me about something?" asked Naruto.

Unohana smiled. She never got tired of hearing Naruto in a good mood. "Follow me Naruto-kun," said Unohana. As they walked down the hall.

Contrary to what most people thought the 4th division was the largest in the Gotei 13. They had so many people to take care of that the average number of people to join was 10-30. So they had the largest area in the Seireitei. They walked down the hall and Came to Rukia's room. Unohana opened the door and allowed Naruto in before she followed. Rukia was smiling at a Hell butterfly on her hand when she saw Naruto.

Rukia smiled at him. "Naruto how are you doing," said Rukia as Naruto took a seat next to her.

"I'm doing wel…," started Naruto only to be kissed by Rukia.

Unohana blushed, before giggling at them. Rukia pulled back leaving a flushed Naruto. Rukia had been waiting to do that for a while now. The only people she had seen was her brother, Unohana, and Yamamoto.

"okay enough of that," said Unohana failing to keep the small smile off her face. "The reason I brought you here Naruto has to Do with Rukia. Rukia when was the last time you engaged in sexual intercourse?" asked Unohana.

Both Naruto and Rukia turned brick red. "The last time was seven weeks ago," said Rukia.

Unohana nodded. "Who was your partner?" she asked.

"Naruto's face lit up. "That would have to be me," said Naruto before they relayed the story to Unohana who sighed.

"He'd better hope that the other women who love him don't want to castrate him," thought Unohana. "Rukia I hope you have a home you two, and one with a lovly nursery," said Unohana looking at the two of them.

Naruto and Rukia looked at Each other. "Captain are you saying what I think your saying?" asked Rukia hoping that it was true.

Unohana smiled and nodded, before Rukia yelled in excitement before hugging Naruto. "Your going to be pulled off duty after I tell your captain Rukia-chan, but I suggest that you tell your brother and Naruto you might want to tell the girls. Either way theres going to be fireworks ," said Unohana leaving the room.

Naruto slumped back in his chair, before putting his hand over his forehand and smiling like there was no tomorrow. "I can't believe it Rukia-chan, we're going to be parents," said Naruto

Rukia hugged Naruto crying tears of joy. "Do you think I'll make a good mother?" asked Rukia looking at Naruto.

"Yes I think you'll make an excellent mother," said Naruto kissing her.

(Just outside the room)

Byakuya had planned to suspire Rukia with her favorite rice dumplings and a Chappy plushy, but had overheard their conversation. He would have to talk to Naruto about this later, but now he planned to play big brother he opened the door to she them kissing

(Back in the room)

"What pray tail are you doing to my little sister?" asked Byakuya rising an eyebrow as they jumped apart.

"Byakuya-nii-chan! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!" yelled Rukia.

Rukia was only allowed you Use Nii-chan in private. They rarely had any time together. A fact not many people knew was that Byakuya was very protective of his sister. He had once fought Gin for insulting her when he was out on a mission.

"We were kissing Byakuya. You got a problem with that?" said Naruto looking at Byakuya.

"I see. I'll talk to you later Naruto-san. How about my study," said Byakuya.

Naruto nodded and Byakuya walked away. "I thought he was going to behead me," said Naruto slumping into his chair.

Rukia smiled at Naruto before patting his head. "He still may. He might just want to kill you in private," said Rukia.

Naruto mock-glared at her. "Gee thanks Rukia-chan," said Naruto only to get a kiss from Rukia.

Rukia smiled at him. "Get going Naruto. I'll be fine here by myslef for a while," said Rukia.

Naruto nodded, before getting up and walking away.

He walked back to his barracks and sat down. He lit two candles and began to pray. He noticed the presence of two women. He opened his eyes and saw that Nanao was sitting on his bed and Soifon was standing against the wall.

"I assume you fanally wish to talk with me," said Naruto as he turned around.

"Yes we have Naruto-kun," said Nanao.

"You became stronger in the world of the living, but you also changed from the man we know and love. You changed for the better," said Soifon.

Naruto smiled at her. "It was for the best I changed. I had to in order to survive what had happened. Aizen had gotten Rukia and myself in trouble and we needed a way out. I had to change so I could live.

Nanao smiled. "Soifon is wrong. You have changed, but little. You allowed Rukia into your heart. I despised her for the fact that you might be dead, but once the truth came out I could forgive her, besides you accepted her into your heart so I have to do the same," said Nanao smiling at him.

Naruto faced them, before bowing to them. Nanao and Soifon looked at Each other, before looking back at Naruto.

"I'm sorry, for the pain I caused you both with my disappearance. It was hard on me, but even harder on you," said Naruto.

Soifon stood straight, before kicking Naruto hard in the face. "BAKA! Don't apologize for something that happened that wasn't your fault! Aizen tricked us all and tried to kill you! He I responsible," said Soifon shaking with tears.

Naruto got up and hugged her as she began to pound into his chest. Nanao also joined them in their little hug. Naruto was glad. Glad that the women he loved still loved him. He would have to tell them about Rukia soon, but for now they didn't need to know.

(later that day)

Naruto stood in his private training ground watching as the sunset. He had been planning to come out here all day in order to relax. He looked out as the waves of red, yellow, and orange turned into a murky purple. Naruto gripped the hilt of Yasei, before unsheathing it and blasting it into the sky.

Naruto jumped into the air. "I don't know how long before the war starts, but when it does... We'll be ready for it. Aizen, Touson, Gin…I'll be be waiting, preparing, but until that moment comes.

"I won't lose another battle… BANKAI!" yelled Naruto. Launching a massive blast of bright blue and white into the air with Hurricane Strike.

(With the 5th Divison)

Momo, Tenten, and Iruka all looked up along with the members of their squad.

Tenten smiled. "Hey you weak bastards you fell the Captain's Power! Let's show him that this division is worth his time!" yelled Tenten unsheathing her Zanpkato.

Yes Ma'am!" they all yelled before unleashing their Zasnpakto

"I'll train too!" yelled Momo taking out her Zanpakto.

(In the 11th Division)

Zaraki grinned as he felt the power rolling off NarutoYachirujumped on his shoulders. "Kenny-chan your smiling!" yelled an Excited Yachiru

"Of crouse I am. That blonde bastard is traiining, meaning that something big is going to happen! It's time I stepped up my Own training!" yelled Kenpachi.

(with Byakuya and Rukia)

Byakuya sat by Rukia's side as they felt they felt Naruto's power. Rukia smiled as Did Byakuya. It was rare that they had time like this to be alone.

Byakuga look at Rukia. Once a brat now a smart woman. "You picked a good, strong and noble man to be the father of your child Rukia-chan," said Byakuya smiling at Rukia

Rukia blushed and was also shocked that Byakuya knew, before she even told him. He always did find out things that she wanted to keep secret

Rukia put her hands on her stomach and smiled. "I did, didn't I brother," said Rukia

(Back with Naruto)

Naruto stood in the air floating as he felt the powers of all Soul reapers as they all stepped up their own training. Naruto smiled, before unleashing a hollowing wolf with Wings into the air.


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