A voice a million miles away cooed as Ianto's eyes snapped open, bolting upright from his slumbering position.

His eyes adjusted to the darkness that engulfed him, focusing on Jack's face that was now inches from his own.

"Oh-" Ianto blurted out, moving back on the sofa he had been lying on. He slapped a hand to his head as pain shot through his skull.

"What…?" Ianto begun to question, but Jack placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

"Remember the meat warehouse? You got a mighty bump on your noggin'," Jack smiled, partially amused by Ianto's confusion. "You blacked out in the car. Gave Owen a pretty big scare when you collapsed in his lap."

Ianto, regaining his composure, looked up at Jack's smiling face, narrowing his eyes.

"The warehouse…" Ianto breathed, "Gwen…"

"Yes, Rhys is alright, don't you worry your aching head. He's upstairs being de-bulleted as we speak," Jack announced cheerily, turning and moving towards the small bar fridge in the corner of the room. "Thirsty?"

"You…." Ianto continued to stutter, eyes searching the ground for the words his concussed mind had scrambled.

Jack turned around, staring at Ianto once more with a mix of playfulness and denigration.

"What?" Jack questioned, still beaming.

Ianto looked up from his thoughts, eyes piercing Jacks.

"You left me." Ianto said in disbelief.

"I think it's quite obvious that we didn't, considering you're here." Jack hastily replied an eyebrow upturned.

"You allowed that man to point a gun at me, threatening my life Jack." Ianto stared at the ground; his word's drenched in seething anger.

Ianto stood up from the sofa, meeting Jack at eye level. His word's turned to a whisper.

"I could have been dead and you would have held your position."

"Ianto, please. You know I would have-"

"-NO! No, Jack. You didn't move an inch. I know you," Ianto spat, fists clenched, "It's all about the mission. As long as the mission doesn't threaten the life of Gwen-"

Jack moved forward, closing the space between them and pulling Ianto into a forceful embrace. Ianto, unresponsive to Jack's action of affection frowned bitterly, staring into the distance.

"Ianto," Jack said softly, resting his head on Ianto's shoulder. "I knew you were capable and I knew you wouldn't give up. I believe in your abilities." Ianto blinked, the frown retreating from his lips "I believe in you. I trust you."

Ianto held his dismissive stance. He grasped Jack's shoulders and pushed him back, finally staring into his eyes.

"That's not enough," Ianto answered, jerkily moving away from Jack. He settled back on the sofa, putting his head in his hands. Jack sighed, reaching his hand forward in comfort but, thinking the better of it, clenched his outstretched fingers and crossed his arms.

"I have to go check on Rhys." Jack said, turning his back on Ianto and walking away.