Title: Tease

Author: Aeon Cole

Rating: FRAO

Fandom: CSI Miami

Pairing: Horatio/Speed

Genre: PWP

Warning: Slash

Challenge: Lover100, 10PerGenre

Prompt: Role Play

Word Count: 530

Summary: Horatio gives in to Speed's teasing.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I make no money from this.

Author's Note: This ficlet is part of my Friends and Family universe.

Horatio walked through the front door and tossed his keys on the side table. The house was quiet but he knew Tim was home, somewhere, since his bike was in the driveway. He was startled by a soft mewl at his feet and he looked down.

"Hello Cloe," he said to the little orange cat as he reached down to scratch her behind the ears. She closed her eyes and purred loudly. "So, where's daddy?" he asked. She meowed at him then trotted off.

He poked his head into the kitchen, but no Tim. He decided to go upstairs to change his clothes and when he reached the bedroom he stepped out onto the second floor deck, scanning the back yard. He smiled when he saw his partner out in the yard tending some of the plants in his garden. He quickly changed into his jeans and a t-shirt before heading back downstairs and out into the yard.

Thinking he was being stealthy, he walked quietly up behind Tim and snaked his arms around his waist then laid a soft kiss on his neck. But Tim had heard him pull into the driveway a short while ago and, while he waited for Horatio to find him, his mind drifted through an amusing scenario.

Without looking back he said, "We should be careful. My husband will be home soon."

Horatio smirked and decided to play along. He slipped one hand down the front of Tim's pants and began stoking his rapidly hardening cock as he said, "We should be quick then. Don't want to get caught by the old man. I hear he's the jealous type, and carries a gun."

Tim's chuckle quickly turned into a moan as Horatio pressed his thumb onto the head of his cock. "We should… go inside," Tim breathed.

Horatio grinned. "Oh no, we can't do that. Your old man might come home and find us," he purred into Tim's ear and he continued to stroke him.

Tim felt his knees going weak and leaned his weight against Horatio. Then he felt himself being pulled back toward the shed in the corner of the yard. Horatio pulled them inside and let the door swing shut. The shed was dark except for a sliver of light let in through the slight gap between the door and the shed wall. Horatio quickly undid Tim's pants, giving him greater access. He leaned in and closed his mouth on Tim's neck. Tim moaned.

"Careful," he breathed. "Gonna… leave… a mark."

Horatio smiled into his neck. "That would be kind of hard to explain, wouldn't it?" he said into his neck before he continued suckling.

Tim drew in a breath and began rocking his hips. His rocking quickly turned to thrusting. Horatio reached his free hand around and fingered his balls. Tim cried out as he came and collapsed back onto Horatio breathing heavily. Horatio kept stroking him until he was soft then tucked him back in and closed his pants. He tightened his arms around Tim's waist.

"See what happens when you tease me like that," he said.

Tim chuckled breathlessly. "I'll have to do it more often," he said.